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  1. One thing that bugged me with the standing animations in JO/JA is that the character doesn't breathe! Just motionless, as if able to absorb air through the skin or something.
  2. There's no help about it. The NoCD crack/hack/ect ect fudges with its functionability and causes MP to bugger out like that. The only fix is to have the CD in a drive.
  3. So I don't play anything for a month or two, decide to load up JA SP and every 5 minutes or so the game will freeze for about 30 seconds, then run fine. I got FarCry and it pauses for 15 seconds every minute! I did a search and all I could find was "Install earlier drivers" which I did, and now it doesn't even un-freeze. =\ I'm running with a GeForce4 Ti4600 and didn't have any problems a few months ago.
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