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  1. This. Besides the BF fans got off easy. They got some games for the PSP. What did Jedi Knight fans get. A big peace of nothing.
  2. If by expanded you mean limited and nothing alike then yeah. Sure.
  3. Cool. Large communities of potential customers could influence LA to consider a HD remake or (if the numbers are high enough) a full sequel. It's wort a try.
  4. I already posted this in another thread but I see no harm in doing it again. Here's a FB page asking for a new Jedi Knight title. It's worth a shoot. A similar page for BF3 already has over 4000 likes. https://www.facebook.com/NewJediKnightGame
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing a HD remake. Would bring some new blood to the game. Also: https://www.facebook.com/NewJediKnightGame
  6. Pretty much what I was thinking. He just sounds like someone looking for a job. Besides he's an actor. He needs to make some buzz around himself from time to time.
  7. Your avatar shows what I feel looking at that game.
  8. Well the first one was the better game. But it was also a bad port with many bugs. They didn't even bother to add the mouse to the menus. That should tell you something. The second one was a better port, with better optimization... but the game it self is worse than the first. Still I'd say get the first one, update it, download the patch and enjoy. It should work fine.
  9. Really? I haven't seen that quote. Could you link it? Well anyway it's been 9 years since Jedi Academy, their policy could change. After the mixed reception of TFU and TFU 2, the clone war games and the terrible upcoming Kinect game, going back to one of their most beloved franchises and characters seems like a good move.
  10. Well a few million of us were suckered into buying these games so a few people ought to be happy with them But joking aside, if you enjoyed something you should just ignore what other people say. Otherwise you'll go nuts. I had the same feelings about "Singularity" developed by Raven. I thought that was the best shooter of 2010...and it bombed. That's just the way things roll.
  11. I must admit I'm hoping for JK much more than BF. So the project was worked on for 2/3 years, that's a decent time frame. We should hear more about it this year I suppose. We also know that Spark Unlimited never worked on a hi budget game before. They have some good ideas and concepts. Legendary wasn't that bad. Never played Fall of liberty though.
  12. From the other thread: So yeah. It's about time to bring Kyle back into action.
  13. I don't think that's that big of a problem. They managed to do that 2 times with Ezio in Assassins Creed. It is a totally different game but it just goes out to show that it is possible. He could be wounded or captured and tortured and so on. BTW: http://kotaku.com/spark-unlimited/ http://www.sparkunlimited.com/projects.html So what do you guys think? The description fits JK much more than BF3.
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