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  1. Could anybody please send me the movie Manderlorians mod for TSL please.
  2. Can anybody point me in the direction of a working link for this mod http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Carths_Secret;83998x#1408666 which is by Allronix. I have pm's him left a message on the mod itself about the links not working but have yet to get a response. Can anybody help me as I was planning to finish K1 (again) before I go back to work and would need this mod before I get to Koribaan which will have to be my next planet.
  3. I would like to see Emerald Lightning/Judgement , either as a separate force power to normal sith lightning or the same where the effects would vary depending on your force alignment. For example it would appear a green/yellow colour when LS but would have effects such as sapping will, Strength or force saves but not so destructive but when on DS its normal lightning but is more destructive but looses the 'sapping' effect of being LS.
  4. To be honest I am not even sure a 'Grey Jedi' is even possible, Although I am drawn to the possibility that the Force is one and its nature is deceided by the user. However if you think about it the only 'Greysiders' have been from the KOTOR games in Jolee and kreia but although classed as neutral they favoured one side over the other Jolee was still a good honest guy clearly on the LS dispite what he may say to the contary, As for Kreia it clear which side she favoured since she was the final boss in TSL and she was quite manipulative through out the game. So typically I think neutral would be impossible for the user to maintain as they will always favour one side to the other and remember a wise frogs words: "Once you start down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny"
  5. Sorry yes it will affect your character, it will aslo however affect the other jedi in your party. As for the other columns they refer to the normal classes however they are as follows: sol_reg = Soldier sct_reg = Scout scd_reg = scoundrel
  6. To change either of the .2da files mentioned above download KOTOR Tool from here (please note you may also need to install Microsoft.NET Framework) Next run KOTOR Tool and under KOTOR 1 click BIFs --> 2da.bif -->2D Array and double click one of the files you want to amend, you will see a table with numbers in. The label column represents the NPC level jcn is for consular jsn is sentinal jgd is for guardian, so from there it is a simple matter of altering the numbers to what would suit you 1 is for one force power every level 2 is for 2 etc. As for featgain.2da it is very similar to above though there are more columns, however I am unsure which of the dr columns you should use Stoffe or Redhawke should know. I hope this helps. Edit. I think the columns for the droids are drx is for expert droid (T3) and drc is for combat droid (HK) someone put me right if I am wrong.
  7. The only NPC dialogues that I have seen are: 1 between Mission & Bastila (the using force for fun one) 2 between Carth & Mission 2 between Carth & Bastila (the lightsaber one & asking whether she wanted to fight in the madaloren wars) The bastila & Canderous one mentioned above 1 between Carth & Canderous 1 between Bastila & Jolee 1 between Carth & Jolee 1 or 2 between Mission & Zalbaar ( I can't quite remember I don't use this combo often) I think they are the only scenes like that I have seen, though certain NPC will mention someting through out the game but thats mainly been on the sith world (can't remember how to spell it) where you meet the three sith in the main lobby. If there are any more please feel free to mention as I may not have seen then all myself.
  8. NPC dialogue appears in certain places like upper city on taris, I usually get the scene you mention there. There are not many places where T3 and HK talk to one and another, the first that I know of is when you buy HK and have T3 in your party and when you ask one of the questions T3 chimes in. There is another at the sith academy though I am not sure how to get it.
  9. Actually I believe the styles go: Form I Shi-Cho Form II Makashi Form III Soresu Form IV Ataru Form V Shien also the Djem So Varient can both be classed as Form V Form VI Niman Form VII Juyo/Vaapad
  10. I mainly use Sentinal on both games and I always go LS, The main reason for that choice is that I base the character on my own strenghts and I would judge myself to be somewhere in the middle. I am not agressive enough to be a guadian and not philosophical enough to be a consular.
  11. I always went with getting him off scott free since it would have been best for the repuplic i.e. no reducion of kolto supplies, I think thats how a LS revan would be. Sometime you have to do a 'dark side' act for the greater good.
  12. Why don't you use the cheat console and take a look yourself in the cheat console type giveitem g_a_armrdfsuit
  13. Personally I would like an all new PC, however I would like to be the apprentice (Jolee would be my prefered choice), I liked the interaction between the exile and Kreia even if I did not like Kreia as a character. AS for other NPC you have to have the droids otherwise its not KOTOR. Other old NPC to make cameos as I don't like the fact that old characters join on level 5 and having to build them up again, this is also another reason I prefer being the apprentice as they would be new and still learning.
  14. Thats probably why I have never seen any 'new feat' mods about.
  15. I don't know I would have thought it to be a .2da file amendment, but if so I cannot find any table like that. But since I am no modder I may be barking up the wrong tree.
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