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  1. Genghis walks in the new bar, after losing his way from the last couple of bars (how many bars have you guys got though?), and picking up a conveniently placed missile launcher. Genghis aims the missile launcher at Zoric and fires. The missile hits Zoric pummelling him into the wall, Zoric is now putting his body back together for three posts. The recoil shoves Genghis back outside. Genghis is now looking for a map to get back to the bar, for two posts (or until the next time I come online)
  2. Genghis wake up, sees Beefy Boy - who's shadow is making the wall crumble. Genghis then picks up a bottle, and lobs it at Beefy Boy. The bottle narrowly misses his head and smashes into the wall. The bottle fragments then fly into Beefy Boy's back and give him him extreme pain, causing him to fall to the fall, causing an earthquake in Australia of 6.5 on the Richter scale, and also knocking him out for three posts
  3. Genghis gets back up, sees himself in a bew nar (sorry, new bar), picks up a nearby chair and whacks Yeab with it, knocking him out for two posts, and causing him to have an incredible headache when he wakes up, which will knock him out for a further post.
  4. EMI is my favourtie game of the series. CMI comes a close second. I can't wait for MI5 to come out.
  5. Genghis_Khan gets up, and rubs his neck. He looks around, and seeing Doomgiver, he runs up behind him, picks up a pole and shoves it in one ear though his head and out his butt. Thus knocking out for three posts.
  6. Final Fantasy X and X-2 Rules. Nothing more to say.
  7. (By the way Glaive, the bar is no more, it collapsed a couple of posts back. We're fighting outside the bar now) Genghis picks up the bar sign, creeps up behind Glaive, and smacks him around the head with it, knocking him out for three posts. Then he runs to find other people to whack
  8. Genghis_Khan wakes up, looks around and seeing very little of the bar remaining, gets up. He goes to what used to be the exit, and picks up a two bricks, and throws it in the direction of Tale Kanisaki, the first one hits him, and knocks him out for one post, the second one hits a nearby sign, which falls back on Genghis_Khan, and knock conks him out for another post.
  9. (This looks like fun) Genghis_Khan enters the bar, look around and decides that this lot are useless. He surprises LukeKatarn by picking him up, and chucking him at T10, knocking them both out for three posts and destroying three tables in the process. He then makes his way to the bar, and orders himself a Cola with Ice.
  10. "Missed!" *shouts sarcastically. * Anyway, you spelt my name wrong. "Creep" *Says quietly*
  11. Looking at the past posts, I can see what you mean. To the rest of the guys: "You Guys are CRAZY!!!!". Ahem, I now return you to your regular scheduled forum.
  12. Sadly I cannot access the web on my home PC. I wish I could though.
  13. Do you happen to know where I could go to find out? Because I haven't a clue.
  14. I don't know weather this is the right place to put this, but anyway, I would like to know how to get my stas to show something other than: 0 HP 0 MP 0 PP 0 AP I am at Level 2, and I have tried to update my stats, with no success. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks
  15. Hello. I'm new to the battle RPG on this site. A head start would be most appreciated. Thanks
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