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  1. How about a "classic" style torso: Not sure I'll bother making new legs. Might just stick with my existing ones I think.
  2. Still playing with textures, but here's where I'm at presently: Went with a SWTOR style texture for 51, but stuck with the blue photoreceptors he has in TSL. 50 is a blueish/greenish metal colour, as in TSL. Struggling with the envmap at the moment. It really is a piss poor substitute for proper specular. It's difficult trying to find the right level to get some sort of pseudo-reflection/specular without it completely overpowering the base diffuse map. It seems to be very much an all or nothing proposition, with little room for finescale adjustment. I may have to try some of the other envmaps (using cm_baremetal atm). I did try adding my own, but it didn't seem to like that much.
  3. I wasn't planning on bothering with them, since they would need to be skinned meshes rather than trimeshes, and would take a lot of finagling to ensure they didn't clip through the spine when animating. That's not my bag.
  4. As I said earlier, I may model the TOR head for 51. Not sure yet. Would be a nice break from dealing with textures though. As to the envmap issue, I sorted it out. It's useful for picking up all the scratches, but it's not really something you can see in a screenshot. It probably needs a video to demonstrate.
  5. Yes, in K1 he uses an environmental map (i.e. cube map) with the texture to fake reflections, in TSL he doesn't. As I said above, my attempt to apply an envmap to him in TSL resulted in it ignoring my alpha. Looks like I will have to play around with appearance.2da and see what they changed. Now that I look at some freshly extracted versions of the textures, it seems they did add some discolouration/wear to the TSL texture. I must have accidentally overwritten the K1 version when I was extracting the models, so I thought they were the same.
  6. You can adjust the colour of the self-illumination, but I'm not sure if that changes intensity, or just washes out the texture. The colour used by the vanilla model is a mid-grey. I'll have a play with it, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Don't expect emissive on the order of a modern engine. Yes, the eyes, vocabulator lights, and chest lights all flash when he talks, as per the eyes in the original model. There's no seam. There is purposely a gap in the vocabulator grill. Look at the original texture and the TOR texture. Apparently not. I tried, but it doesn't seem to want to work properly, as I mentioned earlier. For whatever reason it ignores the alpha mask and applies the envmap to the whole model at 100%. I'll give it a final try before releasing it. Not by me. If someone else wants to retexture it at some point to do that, that's fine, but I'm moving on. That was the plan. The vanilla model uses the same texture in both games. While there is allusion to him being more beaten up in TSL, it's not actually represented on either the model or texture. As for K1, I figured he would be slightly less damaged, but he will still have a worn look.
  7. I redid 47's texture. I think it is pretty much done now, aside from a couple of minor tweaks. Some pics: Now on to the 50/51 textures.
  8. Got a first pass on 47's texture done: Still need to fix a few spots, maybe tweak the colour a bit. In lieu of any provision for spec maps (man, you really notice it coming back to KOTOR after working with modern engines), I was hoping I could mix in a bit of envmap to shine up a few spots, but it ignored my alpha channel for some reason.
  9. Yes, I always figured it would be a replacement for all 3 HK variants, with just a texture swap as appropriate. Possibly I may even model the SWTOR head for HK-51, or just as an optional extra all round.
  10. Ugh. Now I remember why I stopped modding KOTOR last time. Damn MDLOps. Bane of my freaking existence. Anyway, after about 20 or 30 attempts, I finally managed to get a model in-game without a mangled UV map (if you look at my earlier posts, you'll see grey "stripes" on various parts on his body - that's where MDLOps screwed up the UVs). Also got the chest lights hooked up: Now I just need to figure out some textures....
  11. Yes, aside from the head and the hands, which are from the original HK model, as I mentioned. Although the head had some extensive reworking: If you crack open HK's head and peer inside, you'll see some typical early Bioware half-assery in action. You could argue that the internal intersections are out of sight, so it was probably done to keep things light for the Xbox, except doing it properly takes less polys. I just put it down to laziness. It uses HK's existing animations. There are a couple of simple melee ones in there, but there's nothing new. This is just a simple model swap. When I mentioned animations, it was only in the context of fixing the model to work properly with the animations without distortion/breaking, not adding new ones.
  12. So I took a crack at a new model. Went for a body that more or less imitates the SWTOR version (although added some gubbins to the forearms and reused the original HK hands because I'm lazy). I don't like the look of the head of the TOR version though, so I took the original HK head and gave it a a bit of a facelift, adding some edge loops to smooth out the bumps, adding in some geometry for the vocabulator, and generally cleaning up the typical horribleness of Bioware meshes. My model actually ended up more detailed than the TOR version, as they use normal maps to fake everything and keep the models low poly, whereas I used actual geometry seeing as KOTOR lacks any normal mapping ability. I've done a brief test in-game and it seems to work ok, flashing eyes included (going to see if I can co-opt the effect for the chest light as well). I did notice when running through his animset in Max that he gets a bit of hip dysplasia in certain extreme animations though. I'll have to see what I can do about that (might have to move the hip socket geometry over to the pelvis trimesh, or perhaps add them in as meshes weighted to both the pelvis and upper legs). No texture as yet, as that's not really my thing. I might have to do something basic and leave the proper job to one of the skinning pros.
  13. I'm not sure how practical a straight reskin is, at least not with the level of detail you want. The texture layout is not super conducive to straying from simple blocks of colour. Ideally you'd remap the HK model, but unfortunately, like most of the KOTOR models, it's a mess. It's made up of about 35 individual meshes, many of which themselves comprise multiple separate poly groups. I have to wonder if you wouldn't be better off just making a new model from scratch. Leaving that aside, simulating the emissive would be difficult. You can't get that sort of effect even with an engine that supports emissive textures (the actual TOR in-game model is nothing like that). You could maybe try and bake some lighting into the texture, but I can't see it being possible with the mapping of the vanilla HK model, as there would be too much bleed/overrun onto other parts of the model.
  14. That was just a half-assed hack in Max for a laugh. Could someone do everything you want? Possibly. Will I? No. I don't have the time, nor the inclination, not to mention that it would require scripting and dialogue changes, etc. that are outside my ballpark. However, if someone else wants to mess around with the idea (dancing or not), I will provide some files to get started on allowing visible armour on Kreia. Because the head was never designed to work with anything other than the Kreia body mesh, it doesn't line up properly with the necks of armour/clothes/robes like normal player/NPC heads do. Additionally, the hair on the back is only a single plane of polys, meaning it suffers from backface issues when seen from the front. It requires some additional polys with normals facing the front (probably easiest to mirror and offset the existing ones). At the moment the 2DA is set to just use the existing body models, so gimped Kreia gets her hand back (although I left the equip restriction in place). Ideally you'd want to create a full set of new body models with the hand chopped off, plus underwear models would require custom skin tones. Finally, I only did a quick test to prove the concept works and take some screenshots, so I have no idea what sort of issues doing this might cause. it would require pretty thorough testing throughout the game. WARNING! The following is intended as a modder's resource, not for use by end-users. It is experimental and untested. Use at your own risk. You have been warned. <DEPRECIATED - RELEASED ON DEADLY STREAM, SEE LINK BELOW> It includes the following: A modified version of p_kreiah which I gather is unused in the vanilla game. It only has the pony tails and the front of the hair, no top or back. I deleted the existing partial hair and then added in a full set of hair excised from the standard full body Kreia model. A modified version of p_kreiabb which has the included head deleted. This can act as the standard clothes model. Put together as a TSLPatcher setup with appropriately modified 2DA entries. Appearance.2da switches the two main party appearances (gimped and non-gimped) from full body model to using the custom head with standard body models. Heads.2da adds in a row for the new head. Note that the gimped row in appearance.2da will need to be changed if using modified 1-handed body models, as I suggested above. Now released in a (hopefully) player-friendly version at DS - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/857-kreia-visible-body-models/
  15. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  16. Chewie as a chimp is bizarre. Must have somehow got it confused with Planet of the Apes.
  17. There are no Hispanic heads in K1, only White, Asian, and Black. If the head you are referring to is the one in the bottom right-hand corner, that is PFHC05. A cursory glance at the TSL head meshes would suggest that it was not repurposed, unlike the other 4 female Caucasian heads. As such, you aren't going to get a direct copy of it. The best you could hope for is a reskin of one of the other TSL heads. For reference:
  18. Overrides of the original textures won't be compatible obviously. You'll need to pick one in that case. If you are using a custom hilt mod that uses a custom blade texture and you want to replace that, you'll need to rename the blade texture I supplied (w_lsabreturq01.tga in the case of MOTF) to the appropriate filename the mod in question uses. I'm not familiar with Sabers of the Republic, so I can't give you specifics.
  19. There are a couple of different ways to tackle this, but the easiest is a simple texture override. Try these: _Saber_Crystal_HOTG_Cyan.7z"]HOTG _Saber_Crystal_MOTF_Viridian.7z"]MOTF I wasn't really sure what you wanted for the viridian. I know there have been a few different mods for viridian of varying hues over the years, but I just tried to approximate the colour of the TSL one.
  20. Here we go. There are 3 versions; the default brown hair, black hair, and TOR Revan (black hair with face scars). Includes portraits and DS transitions. Preview pics (click to embiggen): I'm not a big fan of the TOR Revan scars one, both in terms of the canonicity of using it in KOTOR and the sloppy execution of the texture itself, but it's there for those that want it. http://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Bearded_Mullet_Man_PMHC04.7z (10MB)
  21. No, the underlying face texture is untouched. Most likely it's just an artefact of the GI/AO render. I can bake out an AO pass and overlay that, see what it looks like. Haven't looked at the DS transitions yet, or the TOR scars.
  22. Textures aren't really my thing, but I did a quick and dirty beardification of Mullet Man if you want, with either the original brown hair or more blackish like TOR Revan seems to be:
  23. It's basically just a mullet man (PMHC04) texture edit, no? Added a beard and an additional version with the TOR scars?
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