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  1. I don't think there is any way to implement that in K1. There's a mod that allows you to holster and retrieve your weapons via scripting, but I don't think there is enough flexibility to allow for a second set of weapons. And modifying the UI in the manner of TSL isn't possible.
  2. It's possible a couple of ways, but not entirely straight forward. If you want it as a disguise, as you noted it will also use the original version's head. You can create a new row in appearance.2da which specifies the head ID your character is using, and then create a disguise that points at that. There are script-based ways to get around the issue, perhaps try this mod - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/808-kks-disguise-armband/ The other option is to create a standard armour item, but you'll need to replace one of the existing body models in order to do so. The logical candidate is the clothing model, PFXBB (where X is race). Interestingly, TSL by default uses the commoner bodies as the clothing model, and still includes the N_CommFC01 texture, so it's much simpler in that case.
  3. It's row ID 426 in K1's appearance.2da, the "Czerka_Protcol_OfficerF". It uses model N_CommF with texture N_CommFC01.
  4. There's no practical way to make the torso look like skintight clothing. Too much modelled on detail (not something you accuse KOTOR meshes of too often).
  5. I took a crack at it, scaled the belt to fit the new waist, moved the UVs around to fit on a single map, but it seems the MDLOps curse has struck me again. The compiled mesh was exploded/mangled and turned intermittently invisible in-game, even though seemingly fine in Max: Here are the files if anyone wants to have a play around with it: http://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/misc/TSL_Female_AV_Robe.7z Note that I just did a simple skin wrap, so the elbows and wrists could do with some weight adjustment.
  6. Does the transition involve changing to a new server/CDN? The hamster in the old girl has clearly been on its last legs for a while now.
  7. Line 29974: <string id="28332" sound="nm17ae04ce02086_">*ahem* Do as we say, scoundrel! You don't want to anger a shortempered Jedi!</string> Line 29997: <string id="28355" sound="nm17ae04ce02057_">*ahem* Do as we say, scoundrel! You don't want to anger a shortempered Jedi!</string>
  8. You'd have to replace an entire class of models for the Bandon armour. That would be easy in TSL, because they added an armoured robes model category (and the Bandon armour model is included in the TSL files), so you could just swap that out and add in some retextures for the other items that share the model. For K1 you'd have to sacrifice one group of models just to use the Bandon armour for a single item. Although the medium/heavy armour models are mostly just minor variants of the same thing with extra pockets or whatever, so that probably wouldn't be that big a deal. Would require a lot of UTI edits though.
  9. I did a bearded Mullet Man the last time someone asked for a TOR Revan head - http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2847501&postcount=13 As for other heads on KOTOR Files, not all of them will be gone. Some are still archived: http://www.gamefront.com/files/listing/pub2/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic http://www.gamefront.com/files/listing/pub2/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-ii-the-sith-lords If one you want is not, ask in the request thread. That's what it is for.
  10. OK, managed to get a couple of days to do a playthrough of TSL and test things out properly. I didn't find any problems specific to the mod, aside from the need for some texture tweaks, but I figured it was sufficient to cobble together a release - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=220359 Edit: As per my post in that thread, I figured out the issue of the missing sounds. Unlike what I first thought, it may actually be NWMax at fault, not MDLOps. Some sounds, like footsteps, have to be flagged as events that occur at a specified point during an animation. MDLOps does seem to read this information when decompiling. For example, the start of the walk cycle animation for HK, from the decompiled vanilla model: newanim walk P_HK47 length 1 transtime 0.25 animroot P_HK47 eventlist 0.200000002980232 snd_footstep 0.699999988079071 snd_footstep endlist node dummy P_HK47 Note there the eventlist block, which calls out 2 footstep sound events. Now compare it to the equivalent section from the exported model: newanim walk DP_HK47 length 1.0 transtime 0.25 animroot P_HK47 node dummy DP_HK47 There is no eventlist block with the footstep sound events. They don't show up when inspecting the model base of a freshly decompiled vanilla model in Max, so I am guessing NWMax is either ignoring them or otherwise not applying them. Other missing sound events: snd_hitground, draw_weapon, Hit.
  11. You won't be able to do anything with .MAX files without Max, as it's a proprietary format. I can export some FBX versions that Blender can import if you just want the meshes for texturing, but you aren't going to be able to export any game versions without using the NWMax script in either Max or GMax. FBX versions won't be rigged, as Aurora uses its own weird Aurora Trimesh system, with meshes as bones, not a standard bone system. Edit: OK, added FBX and ASCII MDL version links to the post on the previous page.
  12. OK, due to various circumstances with work and other stuff, I haven't had the time or inclination to finish off the HK project as I had originally planned, so seeing as people keep hassling me about it, I'm releasing what I have as a modder's resource for others to continue with. If you use any of this content in a public release, please credit me. Here are the files: Edit: Depreciated. Check the mod on Nexus - http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/52/ I'm not including any of my high poly texture bakes or meshes, because I may still choose to release my own finished mod/s in the future, not to mention that the maps and models combined are something in the order of 500MB or more. People wanting to make new textures from scratch can either generate their own or hand paint them.
  13. I haven't had time to get back to this, and won't have any in the future either, so here are the files as-is: http://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Sabine_Wren_Helmet_Blasters_WIP.7z Includes: Helmet and two blaster models, set up in 3DS Max 2010 .MAX format (requires NWMax I/O script) ASCII MDLs if you only have GMax Binary MDLs as they currently stand for in-game testing purposes Some basic UTIs and icons for in-game testing purposes Notes: The helmet still needs island boundary polys detached to prevent the UVs being screwed up by MDLOps. I think the blasters do as well, but I can't remember whether I already did them or not. I did some quick and dirty positioning of the blasters, one a little off to try and counteract the gimped offhand weapon positioning, but that will need some experimentation and fine tuning. All three models share a single 2K texture, but the supplied one is just the UV map, you'll have to do your own texturing. Also note that the helmet was specifically sized to fit PFHA03, so you will almost certainly get clipping issues with some other heads. You are free to release a public mod of your own using modified versions of these files, but you must credit me as the original creator of the models.
  14. Can you do that in the tutorial though? I gather that is where MsFicwriter is stuck.
  15. Heh, yeah it's a pretty poor excuse for quitting. After a couple of playthroughs I went the EMP route myself. Once you get a couple of missions in, you can get gear with plenty of slots to carry enough to see you through any mission (with enough room for a few extra gadgets like grenades, flashbangs, noise makers, etc.).
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