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  1. You need to provide some system details. CPU, RAM, OS, video card.
  2. With a bit of texture trickery you won't even notice the difference in-game. Now all you need is someone to do the conversion into a game-usable MDL for you. GMax is too arcane for me to figure out. If someone wants to do it then they can PM me and I'll send them the OBJ and texture (and the OBJ import MaxScript if needed).
  3. Hrmm...well T7nowhere's "A-Z of Modeling a new Lightsaber" tutorial shows that GMax can handle quads (it calls them n-gons - in C4D n-gons are polygons with 5 or more sides). Just doesn't seem to be able to import them. The 3DS format has always been limited to tris I know, but OBJ will handle quads. It seems GMax triangulates any mesh in an OBJ though when importing via one of those MaxScript importers - perhaps it's the script doing it? Regardless, looks like the meshes get triangulated when they are exported as MDLs anyway. Guess it will have to be the reduced poly version of that saber then. 1600-odd polys for the triangulated mesh of the original version would be way too dense.
  4. Yeah that was my thought as well. I personally stopped bothering with hilt mods as the details are all but unnoticeable. I doubt you'd spot the difference in-game between actual geometry and a decent texture. On the subject of polys, I should mention that C4D uses quads but exporting it to GMax presents a problem in that whatever format you try and use to get it in there ends up triangulating the mesh. Not sure if there is a workaround for that. Does GMax have some sort of untriangulate function?
  5. 838 polys with the recessed rings down the bottom, 384 polys without them. Reduced poly version -
  6. I've had a crack at the second one. Tried to keep it relatively low poly (at least compared to what I usually model), but high enough to try and give it some curvature. I'd probably cull the recessed rings on the bottom half of the saber though and just do them as a texture. That would cut out a fair few polys. Here's a pic (with some quickie textures thrown on just as a test) - It was modelled in C4D. GMax is a godawful pig of a program which I can't seem to get my head around, so if someone else is willing to do the conversion into a game mesh for you I'm happy to provide them with what I've done.
  7. Happened to me on XP so I doubt that is it.
  8. I had that problem in K1 the other day when testing out the Mission reskin mod I was doing. Revan would occasionally stop responding to movement via direct input (i.e. keyboard or both mouse buttons) but would still move if you clicked on a door or crate or initiated combat. Just like TheExile, to get around it I switched to another party member until transitioning to another module. Once in the new module direct input movement for Revan would be restored (until it screwed up again). That was on my laptop (2GHz Core2Duo, Geforce 7600, 1GB RAM, XP Pro). Interestingly, I didn't notice it when testing out a revision of the mod yesterday on a crappy old box I have laying around (Pentium 4, 768MB RAM, Radeon 9250, XP Pro), although in that test I only got as far as Taris Undercity, whereas on the laptop I played through until captured by the Leviathan. Possibly it only started appearing once I reached Dantooine, but I can't really remember for sure.
  9. Particle effects are things like smoke, sparks and the like. I know Shem released an FX removal mod for TSL, but that was more for other effects like screen blur and weapon glows. In the INIs for both K1 and TSL there is the Emitters line under [Graphics Options] that will let you turn off some particle effects when set to 0. Haven't tried it myself though, so I don't know exactly what it turns off (or if it works at all).
  10. I just ran K1 on a crappy old P4 with a Radeon 9250 in it. Ran fine at 1024x768, although it chugged when there were any explosions or particle effects. If it runs on that, it should run fine on just about any card from the last 3 or 4 years.
  11. I'm kind of cautious in recommending an ATI card seeing as KOTOR 1 won't run on my Radeon HD 4850. KOTOR 2 runs OK, although there are some graphical glitches with certain effects like Burst of Speed and the premonition/Kreia communication screen blurring. See this thread - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=192491 Seems like it must be a Catalyst driver issue to me, as both KOTORs ran perfectly fine on the same box with a Geforce 6800. Maybe some other users of the newer ATI cards can chime in with their experiences.
  12. MX cards of any flavour are pretty worthless. I seem to recall the Geforce 4 MX was basically just a Geforce 2. Not surprised it chokes even on something as ancient as KOTOR. You should be able to get a decent card locally, or at the very least somewhere in Europe. Can't really help you much with that seeing as I'm on the opposite side of the earth, but I'll enquire with a guy I know over there. EDIT: Here's a place in Germany that ships across Europe apparently - http://www.alternate.de/html/highlights.html?hgid=855&tgid=1002&tn=HARDWARE&l1=Grafik&l2=Karten+AGP& They have four AGP cards - 2 ATI (3850, 3650), 2 nVidia (7600, 6200). You could probably just get the 6200 seeing as your box is so old. Not worth blowing too much on a card you can't use in a shiny new machine.
  13. Is this your desktop? http://www.vprmatrix.com/products_desktop_FT5110.asp If so, you're stuck with older AGP cards. If you are in the USA, check here - http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048%201069609639&bop=And&Order=PRICED They make Radeon HD 3850s in AGP which is actually still a very nice card. Too bad ATI's drivers continue to suck (as they always have). You could get a quite decent card for around US$70. Certainly something more than powerful enough to handle KOTOR. You might also want to ask anyone you know that might have some laying around. I have a bunch of old ones - anyone that builds their own boxes probably will as well.
  14. I bought a Radeon HD 4850 a couple of months ago to replace my aging Geforce 6800. I installed TSL again last week and I noticed a couple of graphical issues with it. The first is that whenever I use Burst of Speed, the on-screen blur effect is completely messed up. Most of the time it ends up like a mosaic effect, although other times it looks different. [EDIT: Seems like there is a known bug with KOTOR's framebuffer effects and the newer ATI cards that causes graphical corruption.] While that is annoying, I can live with it. When I decided to install K1 tonight to test a mod however, I hit a real show stopper. During the character creation process, the whole screen will become corrupt. The first time it became almost a solid pink. The second time it became a series of brownish vertical stripes. Alt-tabbing out of the game doesn't fix it either - you have to do a hard reset. Seeing as both games ran fine on the exact same hardware with a Geforce 6800, I can only assume that the issue is driver related. Something to do with OGL perhaps? I've tried both Catalyst 8.8 and 8.9 (the latest), but the issues occur on both. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions? Especially as to why TSL doesn't get as badly affected as K1 does? EDIT: Tried turning off ATI AI which I saw suggested in a thread for someone having issues with a 4850 in Neverwinter Nights. Didn't make any difference. I ran K1 fine on my laptop (which has a Geforce 7600 mobile) to test a mod and I noticed in the specs listing that the OGL version is around 2.0. I wonder how significant that is. EDIT 2: Just tried to start a new game in TSL and ran into the same issue I was getting in K1. Got to the point of entering a name for a new character and boom. Looks like what is happening is the card stops responding. A hard reboot is the only way to get it to recover (the VPU Recover feature of the Catalyst Control Center is just an endless loop - never recovers). The weird thing about this is I have been playing TSL fine for the last couple of weeks, aside from the graphical corruption issues mentioned above. I guess something happens during character creation that causes the card to wig out. I'm going to try some saves I made on another machine for both K1 and TSL right after the intros and see if they work. EDIT 3: That worked. Can play both games starting from a save made on another machine without hitting the same sort of bug that's in the character creation menu. It's really just that bit that is causing me grief. It's a serious PITA, but at least there is a workaround. If anyone has some insight to what's causing the issue (and potential solutions), I'd appreciate hearing about it.
  15. If you are chasing Twi'lek Sith tattoos then you might want to check out nineball's Darth Talon mod for TSL - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=176078 As you'll see at the end of that thread, I successfully transplanted the textures to Mission in K1, so it shouldn't be a huge deal for you to put it on another NPC in either game.
  16. Yes. It would be highly dubious, if not illegal. In any event, it would likely be impossible anyway, even if TFU was on PC. I was merely suggesting it as a reference for an Assassin's Creed style outfit being used in the SW universe.
  17. For Qui-Gon's saber, try this - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Movie_Style_Replacement_Lightsaber_Hilts;72773 Malak's hilt you can get via a console command or save editor, although it's nothing special as I recall.
  18. In TSL you could could do it easily enough by leaving the second set of weapon inventory slots empty and then simply toggling between them for cutscenes and the like (assuming that is scriptable). Not sure how you'd do it for K1 though.
  19. The Force Unleashed has a very Assassin's Creed-esque costume. Tried to find some decent screenshots but haven't managed to find any yet. If needs be I can always do the old take a photo of the monitor trick (it's on 360/PS3). EDIT: Here we go. Sorry about the quality but taking a photo of a screen coupled with god-awful bloom is not a good combo.
  20. Unfortunately, changing the HQ 2.35:1 movies from 1600x680 to 1280x544 seems to make no difference when running the game at 1280x960. You still get the game changing resolution every time it plays a movie. Seriously annoys the hell out of me. Also, the game seems to have a hard-coded intro screen identical to Legal.bik (meaning it doesn't actually play Legal.bik at all). My guess is that it's 800x600. Anyway, just tested zbyl2's script for the Telos crash movie and it works fine.
  21. Hrmm...well like I said, I don't know the exact status of the legality of it. I guess we can operate under the assumption that it is legal for the moment and hope that someone will advise one way or the other in the meantime. I'll merge all 4 movies together into a single file. What do you want to call it? TelCrash.bik or something like that?
  22. Cool - thanks for the offer zbyl2. I'm experimenting with RAD Video Tools at the moment. I'm trying to stop the annoying resolution change that occurs during movie playback (I'd like to shoot the genius that coded that into the Odyssey engine) by resizing all the HQ movies (1600 wide) down to the max in-game res width of 1280, as well as increasing the few original Xbox res ones that weren't included in the HQ movie patch. It's a painful process though as RAD must be the slowest video encoder known to man. Don't suppose somebody knows a quick resize trick that bypasses re-encoding like a hex edit or something? Anyway, just started playing the game again. Once I get to the crash sequence on Telos, I'll see whether TelMov03 needs to be merged in as well or left separate. However, while I can merge the videos for my own use, I don't know if it would be exactly legal to distribute it to others or not. I suspect not, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable about such things can advise on that. Perhaps instructions on how to go about it would have to suffice.
  23. Not sure if this is feasible or not, but figured I'd ask. The sequence of 3 or 4 separate BIK movies shown back-to-back for the shuttle crash sequence on Telos has always annoyed me. I'm not exactly sure why Obsidian ever did it that way instead of as a single movie (there are much longer movies in the game, so it couldn't have been a filesize issue for the Xbox), but it's very jarring. I have no idea how the game calls movies, but I was hoping it might be possible to create a single merged movie in RAD Video Tools (I can manage that fine) and then edit the game files so that it just plays that single movie (something that is beyond me). The BIKs in question are - TelMov03.bik - Shuttle leaving orbital station TelMov04.bik - Shuttle entering recovery zone TelMov05.bik - Air defence tower guns firing TelMov06.bik - Shuttle gets hit and crashes Movies 04, 05 and 06 should definitely be a single file. I haven't played it for a while, so I can't recall if there is a cockpit cutscene between 03 and 04. If not, 03 should also be joined onto the beginning. Can someone chime in with whether this is even possible, and if so, whether they are willing to do the required script/level/game editing? I can merge the movies myself. Cheers. EDIT: Thanks to zbyl2, this mod has been made and submitted to KOTOR Files. It is now available for download here - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Telos_Shuttle_Crash_Movie_Fix;94444
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