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  1. what is the best/usefull power in the game netral counts and no absorbe/grip (cause they are already so good)
  2. ok im sorry but i think spawing ruins the game
  3. which side of the force do you use and why
  4. Doesnt any one think its cheap and ruins the game play with things like "I put 4 yoda's on screen to help me" or mess with the games program. i mean regular cheats are ok but "hacking" progs
  5. Blue is definitely old skool cool.....unmistakeably SW yah id have to agree blue saber staff is bitching
  6. oh thx btw, can you choose red as a saber color or only get it if you go to the dark side
  7. If you have a saber staff or dual saber, is it possibl to turn one end/saber off and go back to single medium style
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