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    I'm a Star Wars lover, like the rest of you guys and gals
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    Yavin Jedi Academy Council
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    Star Wars / Strategy
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    Kiosk Assistant
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  1. You are a steroid. You're a special kind of inter-nuclear hormone and have direct, immediate effects on the near future; you are pumped up, ready to go, and excite the people around you into action. You can also cause cancer. Hey! I'm a Steroid! cool! ..... wait a minute.... I CAN CAUSE CANCER?!?!? hmmmmm, this could work to my advantage. so, hows annoyed me recently? just kidding ppl MattCole
  2. Okay, i was going to start a new thread, but this thread basicly the place to go. I've Recently noticed that the forums haven't been updating themselves. ie. ( i posted on a thread in Holowan Labs and it shows the thread as 0 posts.) i was just wondering if it was related to this "Database error" ? MattCole EDIT: i've just noticed that its the same with this thread as well btw.
  3. If your telling the truth, thats full dedication to the forums right there! I Myself would exort to those extremes, i've got too many important files on my little computer MattCole
  4. He has a point Emporer_Devon. So Basicly chains, your requesting a mod that skips Peragus and Telos but with all the gainable characters from those planets. have a look in the Scripting Tutorial, it may be in there, and you could release this as your own maybe? MattCole
  5. Option 4 - PC / Mac well, i USED to think Consoles were better than PC's but that was before the age of 5 I Love my PC, its high specs, we've been through thick and.... well thick really, whenever my computer really messed up i formatted it thats wats better than Consoles: PC's are a hell of a lot easier to fix and if they are irepairable, they dont cost that much. Consoles, they get damaged you have to send them off to som repair ppl to fix, coz if you break the void sticker your fluffed for trying to sell it. PC's All the Way! FOREVER! .... (until something better comes out ) MattCole
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!!! :rhett: That one had your name on it Have a Good one!!! MattCole
  7. This COULD be in the Dantooine Theatre Company Forum Great to have you back chains! good story but if i were you i'd think about changing the way you start your chapters. Your Introduction is perfect, but it should lead onto Chapter 1 thus Chapter 1 leading to Chapter 2 etc. This could turn out to be a great read. <whisper> Just dont forget to copyright it, someone will nick it from ya ! Great to see you round again! MattCole
  8. PERFECT! Sep, if you could do that for me, i'd Love you. i'd also be very grateful, becoz, its not very often we get ppl playing KotOR II as Female, so i believe this is just another incentive to play Female ........ NAH!!! I Just want this really cool looking Armour ready for when i play Female MattCole
  9. OH DEAR LORD HE QUOTED HIMSELF!!! (saddo) Anyway, seeing as this is a new Mod Request Thread i thought i'd bring this to ppl's attention, becoz in the last thread it just got ' oh that looks nice' and 'WOW' I'm after a Capable modeller who has the time and patience to model the above screenie. It Would make a nice addition to the Stormtrooper Armour i have in the Ebon Hawk. Please could someone model this for me? MattCole
  10. OMFG! That person must've felt like a right idiot! I feel sorry for him / her. Why would anyone do that?!?!?! its crazy MattCole
  11. Okay, heres my View, Coolest at top: Juhani - Her Accent and the whole way she looks make her the supreme coolest. (ON MY LIST) Jolee - Just a good Laugh, doesnt really care for Light or Dark side. but not better than Juhani!! HK-47 - Loved having him in my party Good or Bad, hes still an excellent droid! Carth Moans too much, Republic this, Revan That Bastila - Shes too head-strong, but she does have a lot of uses, shes a Jedi with a lot of knowledge. Canderous - Too Darkside for my liking, he likes Destruction too much. Mission - Too Young, Too stupid. but i do like Twi'Leks so shes not arse end of the chart. Zaalbar - To be honest too much like Chewbacca, i'm not a fan of him. and i never will. T3-M4 - as i said before, this droid, is absolutly USELESS without the modders of the Holowan Forums. GO JUHANI!!!!!! <FORCE DOMINATE> YOU WILL VOTE FOR JUHANI MattCole
  12. Posted by Emperor Devon: I only post at Lucasforums. Posted by Lion54: What Emperor Devon said. Most forums are just silly. Lucasforums is the only one thats keeps my interest. You Two, said EXCATLY what i was going to say. LucasForums is just better then the rest! 100% LucasForums Supporter MattCole
  13. If i could have any 5 powers or abilites from any programme, it would have to be the same as you've written down. and for the excate same reasons. MattCole
  14. Maybe some Experimenting with KOtOR Savegame Editor (KSE) Can jump a certain quest so its possible to finish the Quest, i'm not sure, but i do love KSE, so when i get to Nar Shaddaa i've got two things i need to try out. MattCole
  15. Ditto! I'll have to look into this bith Scientist, i remember meeting him, but my save game was currupted so i had to start again, but i'll remember to keep my eyes and ears out for it. Have a Good B-Day Bud MattCole
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