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  1. The only reason I suggested the IRQ was that 9 is not an option in the game sound settings. I'll check with the folks over at XWAU.
  2. Here is my DirectX info for my audio. ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description: SB Live! Audio [10E0] Device ID: PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0002&SUBSYS_80311102&REV_07 Manufacturer ID: 1 Product ID: 100 Type: WDM Driver Name: ctaud2k.sys Driver Version: (English) Driver Attributes: Final Retail Driver Signed: Yes Date and Size: 7/19/2002 10:47:52, 837548 bytes Other Files: Driver Provider: Creative HW Accel Level: Full Registry: OK Sound Test Result: All tests were successful. Only thing I can think of is that the sound card is on IRQ 9.
  3. I can get sound from within Windows fine. I'll check my dxdiag when u get home. I also did upgrade Win 2000 to SP4.
  4. I found my old collector's discs for XW and TF. The games work fine but I cannot get any sound. I'm running these on an old P3 with Windows 2000. I have a Sound Blaster Live card installed. Any suggestions?
  5. I tried very hard to get Kevin to fix a few minor issues and he wanted no part of it.
  6. Use the black bag ops software for your servers. You shouldn't get anything with that.
  7. That's why I came here to ask I need one much bigger than Google is offering.
  8. Does anyone have the SWBF2 logo in a rather larged sized jpg or png?
  9. I installed a few ships from XWA upgrade and the font fix for my nvidia card. Now when I play the laser color/friendly radar contact colors are switched. The Star Destroyers fire red lasers and TIEs show up as green (when I'm rebel). Anyone ever have this?
  10. How do you configure this? I want to use the keyboard to move but the mouse to fire.
  11. There's no option for that in the manager, is there a setting in one of the config files on the server?
  12. They're on PC, and play on my server. Info in my sig.
  13. Is there a way to disable voting on a server?
  14. Has anyone been able to do this in a dedicated server environment?
  15. Name changed but the IP is the same. Here's more info: [OSF]Ninjaserve Dark Force Rising http://www.ninjaserve.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6682
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