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  1. I'd like to know a better way to do this as well.
  2. How do you specifiy IP via command line? You can do it in BBO but what's the setting for command line?
  3. Do you server admins use BBO? I'm finding it difficult to setup the server properly. It's losing settings and user permissions.
  4. What does everyone have their host rate set to?
  5. =nsn= is a community "clan". We are just a bunch of players who enjoy playing games but not so much into competition. Most of our members are 18+ and are mature players. The formation of this clan grew out of the members of Ninjaserve.org gaming community. We have been around for several years and still going strong. If you are interested please visit us at http://www.ninjaserve.org and post in the Clans/guilds section of our forums. We are a group who enjoys playing Battlefield 1942 (and mods), Battlefield 2, BF2: Special Forces, and Star Wars: Battlefront. Feel free to check us out.
  6. I went with killerpings.com. They're setting up our 32 person server as I type this.
  7. Well I totally understand that but when 4 different sites quote $85 or less something is wrong.
  8. Thanks stooz I'll check them out. Here are some I found: http://www.Killerpings.com http://www.Fraggedservers.com http://www.Zeroservers.net Edit: Wow Stooz, I checked out AOWC and they're charging $124 for a 32 person server. I've been quoted $79 from one of the above sites. You might want to get a price match.
  9. Anyone have a list of the server companies that offer SWBF2 servers for rent? So far all I found was http://www.rapidgamer.com
  10. Well after talking back and forth with a Lucasarts Producer, it seems as though a Linux server is unlikely. I tried to express the importance to us as server admins, but they claim that Pandemic does not have the resources to devote to it right now. So here's to another Battlefront without Linux.
  11. I finally finished Yavin this morning, then Hoth. After that the SP is over!? What about the Endor maps, and such?
  12. Yeah that level is a PITA. I've gotten as far as planting the bomb but I never have enough tickets left to take out the Rebel leaders. There's just way too many tanks on that level.
  13. I'm working very hard to make sure that there is.
  14. Please revote and post comments in the new thread I created.
  15. I have modified my poll after talking with someone at Lucasarts. If you want to see Linux supported it is very important you vote in this poll, and also get anyone you know who needs this to vote.
  16. My friend is having a problem. He loses connection to the server during map changes. He can play fine throughout the map but once it switches it loses connection. Anyone have this problem?
  17. The server tool is included with the PC dedicated server.
  18. Our gaming community has finished an interview with Kevin Lockitt, the creator of the Battlefront 2 server manager. You can find the interview here: http://www.ninjaserve.org/
  19. There are those server admins/hosting companies (myself included) who only deal/rent with Linux based servers.
  20. I urge all of those who want to get a server up but only support linux to vote in this poll. I think it's a big mistake that Linux is once again not supported this time around.
  21. No you don't have to pay to play the beta if your already a sub. However you have to be a subscriber to get the beta (hence we were saying you have to pay to play).
  22. Now the bad news, it's for Fileplanet subs only: http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/battlefront2/swbf2_home.aspx
  23. Will there be a DVD version of the game? Will sniper rifles actually kill with a headshot this time?
  24. Just don't forget the little people who helped you get in. *cough*
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