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  1. Thank you very much StormHammer. You seem to be a respectable person. Thank you again for you time and efforts. Sincerely, Haus
  2. First of all i'd like to be honest and apologize. This is my second account created here on swbattlefront.net. This account was created after i was banned from my first one. BUT! Please if you would hear me out i have reason for my actions. I am sorry for making another account. When i was banned i had no warning and was not told why i was banned. I made this second account to get in contact with the forum mods (Jed and Stormhammer). I had no other way to get ther contact information. I PM'ed them asking for a reason as to why i was banned. That is the reason for my actions. I have contacted the Mods and i assume sooner or later this account will be banned along with my IP address. But hopefully the mods and i can resolve this problem. If not, i know that i respectfully and quietly tried to solve this without flaming, spamming or being a nuissance on the forums here. Now since this is a Feedback section on the forum i am going to give some feedback in the form of a suggestion. My suggestion is: Please when you are going to ban someone, somehow tell them why are you going to do so. Whether it be a post below the one that they made breaking a rule, a PM to the person who is going to be banned, an e-mail, or an Instant Message. There could even be a Thread made somewhere on the forum naming people who have been banned and for what reason it was. Maybe i don't realize the work it takes to be a forum moderator, but it can't be much more to send out one e-mail, or to make one post telling them they will be banned for a certain reason. I'm not sure how many bans happen on average, but it can't be too many. And somehow contacting the person and telling them shows respect on your part, even if the perpetraitor was banned for not having any. Please here me out..., please let others read this..., and please know that all i wanted to be was a member in the Battlefront community. Respectfully, Haus
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