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  1. I don't think Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic III will be only available for Windows Vista, since this O.S. does not present many interests, compared to XP... That's why there won't be few migrations once it'll be released...
  2. Are you sure this new API will keep the name "DirectX" ?
  3. As far as I know, DirectX won't be used anymore in further Vista releases... And I guess it is an additional argument not to be able to run Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series' games on such systems... Now, I think I do not have other questions... But if somebody owns interesting informations regarding KotOR I and II's compatibility with recent technologies, please post them in this thread... Thanks in advance !...
  4. Finally, I'd wish to know if KotOR I / II can run with Windows Vista's releases, available for download on MSDN...
  5. Well, I think you've answered to all "hardware"-related questions I had... However, do you know if both KotOR I and II work properly with Windows XP SP2, or with any other major updates for this O.S. ?
  6. Well, according to this web-page, KotOR I / II would be optimized on SLI-based platforms... Also, do you know whether some KotOR series games' owners have already encountered major problems while playing to these games on computers equipped with 64-bits processors, graphic cards in SLI mode, Quadro or GeForce 7 GPU's, etc... ? PS : I've not got so many replies on both BioWare and Obsidian bulletin-boards... Thanks again !...
  7. Dear LucasForums community, it's been a while since my last visit here, and I start posting here again, since I think none other messages boards could provide me answers to such questions... (Which might cost me a lot of money and time spent uselessly...) So, here they're : - Can KotOR I and II handle properly nVidia's Scalable Link Interface technology ? - Can KotOR I and II be used with two (Or only one) nVidia GeForce 7 series' video card(s) ? (GeForce 7800GTX, 7800GT, 7800GS, etc...) - Does this game support AMD Athlon 64 processors ? (Such as the Athlon 64 FX-57, 4000+, etc...) - What about multi-core ones ? (Like the Athlon X2 4800+ and all others, without forgetting the quad-core processors scheduled for 2007) - Which nVidia driver(s) is (are) the most adapted for playing at KotOR I and II ? - Can KotOR series games be run on a computer owning nVidia Quadro products, either in SLI mode or not ? Maybe all these questions have been already asked there, but I'm not here for spamming, just to get answers to them... In fact, this thread could almost be used as a F.A.Q., in order to gather all "Questions and Answers" regarding KotOR I / II and all new technologies... (Quad-cores, A.T.I. Crossfire, etc...) Thanks in advance !... With my best regards... PS : Please do not point me to the threads I've also posted on BioWare and Obsidian message boards... I've processed like that in order to get many more advices, not redirection links...
  8. That's strange, but the HUD we can see on the available screenies looks like to Jedi Academy's...
  9. Why would LucasForums use a RSS feed ? It is simply useless...
  10. Do you know this link ? http://www.fileplanet.com/156923/150000/fileinfo/Star-Wars-Battlefront-II-Closed-Beta-[subscriber-Only]
  11. Actually, I think that Pandemic won't replace the first-person view (If it is really cut off) with other stuffs...
  12. I'm not here to promote Creative Labs products, but have you seen their brand-new X-Fi sound cards ?
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