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  1. Of course. I obviously tried them both. I said the in-game browser didn't work. And yes, I've updated to 1.01. But mainly I'd like recommendations for the best servers, especially CtF. Thank you.
  2. Yes, of course. I'm not stupid. Could have been that I set it to only list basejka servers (though I certainly hope they still exist!) or just my university's firewall. So, any specific server recommendations?
  3. Greetings. So after a long break of playing other games, and doing other things, I'm back to Jedi Academy. After playing through singleplayer a couple more times to refresh my feel of the game, I went to try multiplayer again. The in-game browser returned no servers at all. Qtracker returned about 30, pretty much all empty. Where are all the servers? D= Please tell me this isn't all of them. Hopefully the nice OJP server is still up (any details on that, a site or anything?). But I do prefer base JKA. If not base, then basic OJP. So, any good servers still around? Specifically CTF, but all gametypes are fun. Thank you in advance, it's much appreciated. -F
  4. The 'honour system' is silly. This is an FPS, the idea is to kill. However, I do give others a chance by not attacking them until they're ready sometimes, but I don't get upset when others do the opposite with me - the point of the game is to kill, not stand around and chat or whatever. ;o
  5. ZeroX2


    1. Hard or medium style mostly when using single saber, both styles when using Saberstaff. 2. Yellow. 3. Saberstaff usually in CtF etc., single saber in duels.
  6. It might be helpful to give more information about the help you require and what the mod does. It might also be helpful to post one of in the 'Editing Central' boards.
  7. Pakscape? Google finds that easily. http://www.fileplanet.com/50620/50000/fileinfo/PakScape
  8. Nah, it's been buzzing for about a year or more, I believe. I was just connected to one of my other PCs until now. ...Actually, I think it only buzzes in this spot. I don't actually remember it buzzing at all when my other PC used it.
  9. The monitor I'm using now has started buzzing loudly. Very, very annoying. I think I may just smash the damn thing up.
  10. I could see a slight difference when I increased the refresh rate. When I tried decreasing it back to 60 Hz, though, I noticed a huge difference. >_> Anyway, they say 60 Hz is terrible for the eyes, so that's reason alone to increase it.
  11. I uh, did. I didn't set it any higher than it was supposed to be. ^^
  12. You've been missing out! You don't need a subscription, just an Internet connection. Some people use dial-up, so you should be fine. I suggest you download QTracker, though, rather than use the in-game browser. That way you can set up a filter so that it only lists basejka games (possibly with other settings you like, such as full force or something). You definately want to avoid the JA+ servers.
  13. Nevermind. It started flickering again earlier, so I turned it off. Ten minutes later I noticed a burning-like smell. >_> I'm using my other monitor now.
  14. Yeah, it didn't help. =/ I can adjust the value, but it doesn't affect the image at all. I tried unplugging it - didn't help. And there isn't a reset option. =/
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