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  1. You should just need to have the .gob file in a known folder, and then open Jedi Knight Patch Commander and do the following. 1. File>Add Patch, browse to the .gob file and load it. It'll appear in the main window. 2. Double-click the SBX patch, and the light bulb icon will light, indicating that the patch is active. 3. Load Jedi Knight from within Patch Commander via File>Launch Jedi Knight.
  2. Yes, you can get it for free. Copy it yourself, or download it. However, that is illegal - it's your choice! I'd recommend that you buy it, though - it's very cheap, you'll be sure not to get a virus, it should work right away, and you might get the instruction manual and box with it! ...Which is always nice.
  3. It sounds interesting. Though I'd just be happy playing JA with some sort of JK1-style Force Jump mod. I do love that Force Jump.
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