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  1. Ha, never heard of Godwin's Law till now. Had to Google it. I don' tthink that would apply though. I was stating that if the government starts telling us what we can see/hear/play than it could get to a point like in Nazi Germany. I was not compairing present America to Nazi Germany.
  2. I think the government has more problem to worry about, like...um...I don't know.... war, economy, foreign policies, homeland security, the list goes on.... It is not the job or right of the government to censor anything. If they do than we might as well start burning books like in Nazi Germany. I don't want the government in anything I do or like except running the country. Just look at the video game industry. It's just plain censorship and it is wrong and unconstitutional. If we let the government start with the small things than they will take more and more rights from us. That's the problem with this country. One person does not like say GTA:SA so he/she campaigns to take it off the shelves because he/she does not like the content. If you don't like something don't listen, watch it. That is not freedom. Why must people, even though I am a Christian, mostly religious people, try to make everyone conform to what "they" think is right. That is not the way this country was formed to be. That is not Democracy.
  3. What? I am a Christian along with you( at least I think you are), but I don't see your point. I don't celebrate the dead. I create a haunted house, dress up, and then scare the hell out of the public. And they pay me to do it. To me Halloween is a time of good 'ol fashion fun, as ET Warrior put it, not a reason to celebrate the dead. Tell me where you see people out in a cemetery on Halloween singing and celebrating on Halloween? I see people and there kids going door-to-door dress up and getting candy. Or a teenage couple coming to my haunt and having a great time. Halloween has nothing to do with the dead on any plain. It is just a day to dress up and have fun. There is no since in looking into it any more. Most "religious" people make a big deal out of nothing. All these holidays are Christian holidays. Just some people added eggs on Easter and such. I don't see how you can take the religion out of a religious holiday.
  4. It's just another reason for the two parties to argue, instead of working together to solve this problem.
  5. That is the truth. Most people are like cattle. Well put, I agree 100%. In the begining I was a Bush supporter, but the more I look at it, he is just as bad as the rest of them.
  6. Are you trying to make a funny, or is that some new party I have not heard of?
  7. I was not talking about obese people. I have read and have seen documentaries on The Discovery Channel stating that tribal men from Africa and South America find a women with larger hips and rear to be more attractive than a skinny woman in that she can bare more children. I am not talking about how men like big butts. Although I like a bigger butt like J'Lo's. LOL
  8. I say all politicians are lier's and corrupt. Both major parties, I would like to see a independent win. I may vote independent in '08. I am tired of both major parties with the lies and scandals and all of that other crap.
  9. I think it's more of a scare tactic. When I was a kid I was told by my Biology Teacher that big guns detour wars, while small guns promote wars. It makes since if you think about it, but in my opinion all nuclear weapons are a abomination, and should be destroyed. They will be the destruction of our civilization. If a hurricane (Katrina) can cripple us like it did, just imagine a nuclear bomb. I shutter just thinking about it. I watched a documentary on the Hiroshima bomb, real accounts and video footage from the survivors along with dramatizations. It was very disturbing to say the least. And to think WMDs nowadays a way more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.
  10. I would say it's more societal than humanistic. It all depends on where you are in the world. I mean in African Tribes a woman with large hips and a large butt is considered attractive, but not here in America. I do agree media plays a huge role. Personally I think some plastic surgery makes some women look ugly. Especially lip injections.
  11. True, but started off as a pagan holiday. No Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus The Christ. Has nothig to do with honoring a saint.
  12. I have to say that I love Halloween! Even more than Christmas in some ways. But I am addicted to haunting. I am a professional haunter and make a nice chunk of change in the month of October. It may be ironic, but I am a Christian, and if you look at the holiday from the past it is a pagan holiday. But I would have to say that it is now a cultural holiday. People love to get the sh** scared out of them, and they pay me and my crew to do it. I can't believe the banning of Halloween happened first in a Colorado school rather in the south where I live. But I guess historically Halloween is a "religious" holiday. Even if it is not a common religion. And if people want separation of church and state you have to have it from all stand points, not just Christianity. But I am a Christian and I absolutely love Halloween, not as a religious day, but as a "fun" day. Nothing more than that. Some people are so up tight.
  13. I know I posted all the hero info, but it just don't make any sense. I mean why would Mace Windu be on the Death Star? I typed up as it is in the article, but it must be wrong. It does not list Vader being in the Death Star, but I put it in there anyway. I mean come on, Vader not in the Death Star but Mace Windu, who died a good 10 Years or so before it was completed. I think that list is not perfect so don't write it in stone guys.
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