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  1. ok i am playing tsl and i can't get hk to give me the voice print id thing and i vaguely remember there being a bug of some sort but i cant remember how to get past it, can anybody help me please
  2. ok playing through all the levels took me about 6 hours ish on both lsw1 n 2 however to unlock everything took a fair bit longer i couldnt honestly tell you how long it took me on lsw1 as i put it down and didnt go back to it for months then started playing it again and unlocked everything as for lsw2 i put that away after completing all the levels i still have to go back to it at some point to unlock everything
  3. i think i know the ledge your on about and that is the only minikit on that level i havent got lol if u figure it out let me know i also suspect that on the opposite ledge is where you will find the power birck for that level i have tried jumpin off the flowers and canisters, i also suspect ( but i could be completely wrong) that part of the answer to the problem is by the ledge there are the rocks and by them are three piles of can things now if u us the force on the cans it puts them into three piles of cans on the three rocks i am not sure but i think that u just need to find something to put on top of them as a sort of ledge but that is just a theory and i can't find anything to use lol
  4. I don't honestly beleive they will make a lsw3 but i hope they do but there is something of the 'use the old save' extra that got me thinking of what lsw3 could be LEGO STAR WARS : SAGA EDITION this would have all 6 episodes to play through and u could customise characters from bits and bobs from all characters throughout the saga, maybe even customise your own ships lol, but they would have to add a few new tricks to coz if it just lgsw2 with a few new levels it will get boring pretty quick, one addition i would have is have a booths on each level to allow u to use a vehicle you have created/ bought i.e. zooming around tattooine on a speeder bike i too am anciously waiting for kotor 3
  5. ok i had heard 2 rumours one was that it was going to be based on luke between eps3-4 but the other one had been that it was going to be based on the jedi academy set up on yavin 4 by luke wich is after eps6 and would have a fair bit of info via the many many books written within the sw universe i had hoped it would be based on the jedi academy but i wait and hope they dont mess this up movies to tv series have a history of getting mucked up i hope sw will be different so i will wait and see
  6. Hi I bought Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks the day it came out but due to guild wars and kotor i havent really played it until recently and i'm stuck now normally when i'm stuck i just waltz over to the ign site and find a walkthrough unfortunately this time it doesnt seem to be helping now i know that this isnt a mk forum but i know that many of you like me are avid gamers and was wondering if anyone could help me in the living forest just after you've dispatched some foes by feeding them to snakes and fed some zombie thingys to a living tree theres a ledge u can get to that gives u the option to interact when i do it tells me that i have to find all 3 hints to be able to enter reptiles lair can anyone tell me what these 3 hints are and where i can find them pls pls help me
  7. well actually i believe your half right obsidian said in their posts in their forum that their deadline for kotor2 never changed and the change of release date had nothing to do with them. So the blame in my opinion is shared between 3 parties as i half already said in a previous post on this very thread, but that just my opinion
  8. well im gonna watch this space and i'll be even happier if they take guild wars approach to mmorpg where you just pay for the game and regular expansions but dont have to worry about monthly fee's however that said a bioware mmorpg requires some serious thought i might just get it even with monthly fee's
  9. ok i'll be honest i read the 1st few message boards of this thread and a few others in it so if the points i am about to make are just meer echos of other people i apologise ok as to where blame should lie for k2 i believe 3 groups are to blame 1) bioware for not continuing there great work with kotor 2) LA for putting such a tight deadline on obsidian 3) Obsidian for accepting this deadline and as to obsidian working k3 i have heard they are and they are creating there own games angine for it wich is probably why it taking so long and they are trying not to make the same mistake twice as for bioware refusing to do k2, this is not hard to believe it doesnt take much homework to notice that bioware are good at create games but i have yet to see them make a sequal game they always pass the buck and it seems they pass the buck a fair bit to obsidian 'never winter nights' is a good example of this and i suspect the reason they passed the buck to obsidian is because some of the obsidian team are ex-bioware team worers but as there werent many complaints about nwn2 and there was as far as im aware a lot of people looking forward to nwn3 i dont think that obsidian are completely to blame about how bad k2 was
  10. ok the end of tsl had a 'to be continued' feel about it so imo there is a possibility that you'll be playing as the exile again wich will upset the people wanting to play as revan but imo if you are the exile i suspect revan in a hood'n'mask will be a npc and gender will be decided via an early discussion now saying that choosing your face for the character in k1&2 as a 'daft' idea is like saying having a game with different endings depending if you choose to go ls or ds is a 'daft' idea the whole kotor experience is about making choices and the outcome of those choices the only snag is when making a sequal it makes it difficult to inlude previous characters but that doesnt make it 'daft' imo now i believe that you will not be exile or revan and you will only get to hear about them but not see them if kotor was to stick to its current method you will be some random new jedi who has to start from scratch woth force powers and will have to wait a bit for his/her lightsabre and you will somehow have access to the ship ebon hawke and the 2 droids t3 and hk and naturally there will be some sith assasins throughout the game you will have to kill and some sith masters aswell and you have the choice of destroying the sith or taking them over add a few side missions some pazaak and swoop racing and you have a game that will take 35hrs+ to complete
  11. ok ok i get the point but i would not have posted if i had heard this rumour from just one friend it was 2 and i asure you neither of them know each other, i only put the post up to see if anyone could confirm it with a bit of proof i am sorry if i have annoyed you all
  12. ok i own the toon series clone wars and in the extrea George Lucas says that after episode 3 there will be no more star wars films, however i have heard from 2 sources (2 friends who dont even know each other) that there are some more star wars films in the works set before all the star wars films and based mainly around yoda has anyone else heard anything on this and if so can we please see some proof rather than salivating at just the idea lol
  13. ok if they make kotor then end of this paricular trilogy so be it, but you never know they may make a prequal trilogy making the first game the fourth game etc or they might start a new trilogy called knights of the new republic, or just plain knights of the republic, they might even do a 3rd/1st person shooter based on the mandolorian wars my point is even if they end this trilogy, the name probably wont die like all things star wars if theres money in it they'll probably find a way to flog it that have nothing to do with the original idea
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