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  1. That's fine, I just wanted to show a dissenting opinion because we are out here. As far as the Geneva Convention goes... you can't play by the rules and beat someone who isn't. Google up some video of people being beheaded, then imagine it's your Dad, or your little brother. Watch them cutting some one's head off with a friggin' steak knife, and listen to their gurgled screams while it takes the terrorist up to a minute to cut all the way through. Times have changed. Cool story btw.
  2. LOL. no I meant actual game play felt different in xmod from base settings in saber-only duel gametype. It either wasn't there or not noticeable in in full out weapons/force play. btw USA hasn't run an FFA circle-jerk-on-bespin-streets server in a LOOOONG time... maybe over a year We usually run a saber/duel server and second server rotating. It has been running Warsow for the past month or 2 but recently I decided to bring back [uSA] - DISRUPTION Instagib -
  3. I would hazard there are few to none servers running xmod these days. I loved it personally but my clan did more dueling then ctf or FFA etc... and it just seemed to "feel" wrong in duel gametype. Also as I recall there some crash issues when being killed my environment things... lava, etc. Although I've never used it, JA+ pretty much rules the realm these days. I'd be glad to put up a competitive settings xmod server (FF/FW FFA and FF/FW CTF) now that it's being actively developed again.
  4. I haven't tried it but open the console and type /devmap siege_destroyer (or whatever the map name is). Otherwise start your game with a single bot.
  5. I downloaded it... but I found it essentially worthless as the animation is totally messed up. Looks nice though.
  6. I don't know the exact syntax so I'll let someone else chime in here but it doesn't go in a cfg. The server would have to be running to read a cfg and the MOD execution needs to go in the line that STARTS up the server. On linux would be something like this: ./linuxjampded +set dedicated 1 +set fs_game YOURMOD +exec server.cfg
  7. You can't. The server has to be restarted to that mod from the command line.
  8. Page 33-34 of the instruction booklet that came with the game. If you mean a dedicated server... it's not something that can be covered in 500 words or less. You need to download the dedicated server app for your platform. Do a search.
  9. Online. lol http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=file&id=109
  10. I don't do Windows but... isn't there a dedicated server app that won't check for ANYTHING? There is for linux and Mac. I say "isn't there" but I know there is. Do a search for one. Good luck.
  11. Wow. Just......... ..... wow.
  12. Reinstall the game from the original CD. If you don't own one... BUY IT... because THAT IS THE PROBLEM.
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