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  1. looking for 1 more or 2 if you are exceptionally good.
  2. we are filling up fast people only 2 more spots left.
  3. hmm i'll talk to tysoft i'm sure he can help me out.but thx for the update.
  4. we are a ps2 clan.we could use a 5 player match tomorrow saturday at 7est.if you can field this many people i have the format all set up all we have to do is pick the maps.we will play with gamerplug rules.You can't find them since only a few people have them.IM me if you can my info is below.we can host on a T1 line.
  5. our first match is october 9th don't miss out on all the fun
  6. the anwser is having an organized clan with a website.for example all TOL's members meet on http://tol-hq.fragism.com then we challenge other clans to matches over AIM usually.then we just play.Match format will be coming shortly.please do not post here unless you are a free agent.
  7. i'd also like to welcome caine to the clan
  8. Note:please you the format that i provided above to make it easier for clans to get all your info and to make the thread neater.also please edit your post once you have been recruited so clans do not keep sending you free agent spam. you may also add your online rank to your post. thats all carry on.
  9. we are filling up fast and are joining leagues so we are gonna open a few extra spots.post here if you want to join up.
  10. it looks like TOL and ZG may be splitting servers and last time we rented them to people for matches and practices for free.
  11. ur probably thinking of a different lionheart.please do not post in our recruitment thread.thx
  12. i'd like to welcome lazergraze2 to the team
  13. My contact info has changed AIM: dasmoenator YIM: dasmoentaor e-mail: admin@p2padventure.com
  14. heres our roster joe smoe man scram zieth zen lionheart mercury masterclone cos7000 whammy don't miss out be a part of the team.
  15. JOE $MOE


    i'm with TOL sorry but whenever they put the swb ladder up we'll be there.
  16. This is a thread for free agents. if you need a clan post in here and clans will PM you or contaact you using your contact info.heres a good example of what it could look like. Name on site: Name in game: platform(s): Position(s) you want to play: Contact info: extra info:
  17. please only post if you want to join.thanks o ya btw if you decide to join us you get cool custom sigs like this
  18. ya thats if they ever get it off the ground.TOL will compete in all tournys and cash tournys are up to me since i will usually pay for them myself. hopefully i get to help run this thing if they want me to host the domain.but boron does not seem to acknowledge my presence of the fact i can host the domain.if he has the domain thats another story.anyways i'm here if ya need me.
  19. its always nice to have backups and i like 15 people.we probably won't get 15 but probably 13 actives and i'm ok with that. so people join the team.if you have any questions at all contact me AIM=josesmoe YIM=dasmoentaor e-mail=josesmoe@aol.com right now guys we are taking people from any where in the world as long as u can play in the US/canadian servers.i know there is a chip on the market that lets you do that so if u wanna play with us lemme know.
  20. hey man join up with TOL we'd love to have you.you can e-mail me at josesmoe@aol.com idk when i'll get back to you cause of the hurricane but i will survive it and get bak to you.if you decide to join or need more info goto our website http://tol-hq.fragism.com hope you join up.
  21. aight well like i said if u need me you know where to contact me.i got some ideas if u wanna hear.
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