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  1. Err nightFox why don't you open a thread with your skins? xD
  2. Yea, they are very cool... I might use those prefabs =D
  3. LOL it would be sure weird to try to spawn a Star Destroyer in a map
  4. Very Nice! One thing i though it was weird in the robed version was that he seemed too hunchbacked =op Anyways good work on the face skin
  5. Very nice... Way better than the ships in the BoC Map... So this is a map, prefab or what?
  6. There i would have to disagree with you.
  7. Where are the SSs Marz? O.o Edit: Oh i see them now =p
  8. The face is very good, I just feel that the hair needs working... It looks weird from the screenshot...
  9. Well, is it released somewhere then?
  10. Stake Black

    Final WIP

    Another legend like Duncan...Going away... Hey i just wanted to say that i loved ur work and if you want to come back to the jka community, you will be welcome
  11. How cool, lets hope this model comes out this year
  12. Wow! Its so... Realistic! It looks so real! Good job, mate!
  13. I hope u can really finish it, otherwise we can suspect of some kind of plague or hex ppl threw at the geonosian arena
  14. 6? Which ones? Where can I get them? Sorry, kinda off-topic
  15. By sonic charges u mean those blue plasma bombs Jango used against Obiwan? Btw, u have a awesome-lookin' model there... Hope u can finish it...
  16. I cant see the screenshot...But i can see the ostritch
  17. Uh...Can I ask something kinda off-topic? Why didn the thread author just write "Yuna WIP"?
  18. Oh, those guys are just jealous! Hatrus never said himself that he is better than duncan, I think only me and Lil Killa
  19. Different colours too C'mon, dont be so negative..I bet LightNinja can do it, if he is not too busy...What do ya say LightNinja?
  20. Cool! I think with that I can duplicate the movie's pod racer scene and put it on jedimoves XD Cant wait to see the screens!
  21. Well, I care if it is PS2 or Xbox, cuz i only have PS2 Agree Agree!
  22. Spongebob's tie is weird...And hey, he is smaller than an ordinary playermodel, right? After this model, im thinking even about patrick, sandy....
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