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  1. Well, I don't know too much about JA editing and in what ways those could be cinporporated into a map, but generally I'd guess from their format you could use them as both - prefabs, map objects, theoretically even vehicles.


    In XWA you simply place the models in a mission, give them flightpaths and certain orders and that's it.


    LOL it would be sure weird to try to spawn a Star Destroyer in a map :vsd:

  2. [V][<']Most probably.

    That's caused through lazyness, don't blame him.

    English is one of the hardest languages in the world.

    Erm,..no, I'm not being ironic, not at all,...


    There i would have to disagree with you.

  3. Another legend like Duncan...Going away...:( Hey i just wanted to say that i loved ur work and if you want to come back to the jka community, you will be welcome :)

  4. Originally posted by Cosmos Jack

    Hmm Skinning the head would be nice. I guess if I get around to it I can make different variations of the head for different characters in SP.


    All of that doesn't really matter if there is nobody to put it in the game.:o


    Different colours too :D


    C'mon, dont be so negative..I bet LightNinja can do it, if he is not too busy...What do ya say LightNinja?

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