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  1. Well...Then let us hope 4 the best
  2. I hate 3D homers...They NEVER capture the cartoon homer's stupidity...I just dont think 3D homers can ever be as good as the cartoon itself...Have u guys seen Hit & Run? Experienced guys try, but it still doenst look good... Do u get what i mean?
  3. How's he gonna do that ? btw, is the model going to be avaliable in SP?
  4. I dont have photoshop But its all rite, can u do that next time you upload a screenshot? Im a Pit Droid! XD
  5. Yeah, nice try editing ur message, zappa, but u cant edit ninja's quote XD Sorri...... Great model of yours, hope u can finish it
  6. Hey, could u take the screenshots in a level with more light? Its cuz im using a lap top, so it gets a little hard to see dark levels...
  7. Jurancor park is a map...I think its supposed to be some kind of parody of jurassic park...Wait 'n see Not realy, he could bite someones shoulder =P But i dont know if the game supports that animation... PS: is he gonna be a vehicle too?
  8. U love picking on zappa, dont ya? Btw, the model is looking goo..I mean, great!
  9. Looks just awesome!! I hope i can play with in in the jurancor park map... Now u have to skin it, rite? Btw, i just saw that ur JA is in spanish
  10. Errrrrr......Arent the pix too small?
  11. You mean Halo, rite? Good luck with your project!
  12. Emperors tomb?....Infernal machine?
  13. Try looking here: http://www.gamefaqs.com
  14. Can somebody take a screenshot? XPPPP
  15. U are making by cutscene or by media player? If by media player, u can try windows movie maker...Its not awesome, but it helps sometimes
  16. Yeah, i was talking about the curved movements... They could make some1 dizzy Just kiddin Thanks!!!
  17. Cool! I love it! I luv cutscenes! Hey, im not so sure about your cam movements...I think that was a bit much of moving in circles u know? Btw, what programs are u using?
  18. Me? Brazilian....Living in new zealand rite now... i have a bit of italian, portuguese, and brazilian indians... Am i the only brazilian in the forum? XD
  19. Y dont u try to upload on lucasfiles or jk3.com?
  20. Nice! Ur next project could be Alien... So we could play AVP
  21. Awesome!! Despite the fact that the legs r kinda weird... But keep up the good work, i would love to have 1 of these droids in the game! \o/
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