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  1. Hey! Keep up the good work! I cant wait to ride a raptor But hey, tell more about the JP maps that are being made too or just put the link of the thread.....
  2. Hey, isnt anyone gonna take the model to finish?? C´mon people!!! btw, its looking awesome!
  3. Whoa man, looks awesome!!! i hope u get help.... Ive been serarching for male twileks for a long time...Best wishes Hey, here´s a photo of a fat male twi'lek guy: http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/ornfreetaa/img/movie_bg.jpg its Orn Free Taa Also, another shot from bib fortuna http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/bibfortuna/img/movie_bg.jpg Hope it helps!
  4. Looks cool! Hey, hav you guys thought about making a skin of these robots??
  5. Yeah, it would be a bit spoiler, but it would be a expansion pack, you gotta have finished to start playing for Dark/Light Sides. Kyle is kinda boring to me...[pliz dont kill me ]
  6. I was thinkin...maybe lucasarts and ravensoft could do 2 expansion packs for JA...Light Side or Dark side..If u chose light side in the last game, u continue now as a jedi member of the order...if u went to the dark side, u would complete your total chaos in the galaxy Of course, it would use more than half of your pc, but i think it would be worth it....
  7. maybe most of gameboy pocket and some of color ones too...They totaly suck!
  8. Whoa! Looks awesome! When are you gonna start texturing?
  9. hey, if this rancor is bothering you so much, use the cheat notarget Well, its a temporary solution;)
  10. So, it is true, you've found pants? You know I did. Last night, one of your boys tried to get pants without paying. Wow, holy pants! Crash landing! You cheat, Dr Jones. You take four pants. I'm going home, where they never feed you snakes and rip your pants.
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