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  1. I just stumbled upon Lucasforums in the wild and thought I'd poke my nose in here for the first time in a few years. It's never pretty reading forum posts you made in your adolescence. Feeling pretty good about guessing my password after only 4 tries though. This place is like an abandoned warehouse that somebody still pays the upkeep for.
  2. I've wanted to read this book for years, but I never could. I recently got a copy of the new reissue (although the cover is different to the one Jason mentioned, and it seems like all of Powers' books have been given this same treatment recently, at least in the UK), and I'm just over halfway through. It's obvious that the movie isn't really going to be based on the book, aside from including the fountain of youth and Blackbeard, with integral characters such as Davies, Hurwood, Friend, etc., apparently left out of the movie. I'd have liked to see a straight adaptation of the book, though, if only to see how PoTC fans reacted to the In all seriousness, though, I honestly don't think a straight adaptation of the book would have worked very well for PoTC, which now has a perfectly good life of its own without having to guiltily pay its respects to On Stranger Tides or Monkey Island.
  3. He's hinting at you to make a poster. I think this is the highest resolution, though, but I guess you could ask Steve.
  4. "Error! Contact mail could not be sent." CURSES. Let it be known that I tried. I remember a banner ad a few years back that was really annoying, too. I can't quite remember what it was for, but it played and incessantly looped mosquito buzzing noise really loudly whenever the ad appeared on a page. It was all over the internet. Very rude indeed.
  5. Oh. How obnoxious :/ I assume this is beyond your control?
  6. So, what was with all the bubbles on the main site yesterday? Is my computer infected with some sort of Independence Day, Jurassic Park-like virus or what?
  7. Is there an opportunity to make a STFU joke somewhere in this thread?
  8. You did an amazing job with the lip syncing
  9. Awesome, my very own Manny doll! I mean, uh.. your very own Manny doll. Congrats. ¬¬
  10. I really like this artist's style, but it shouldn't have been applied to Monkey Island.
  11. yes christopher nolan left clues in the film such as for example how come u never see a computer in the film because psychonauts was only ever released on xbox 360 and also theres more such as why is leanardo de caprio in it because he's faverat game is psychonauts . there are more clues if u wana no email me at inceptionconspiracy@geocities.com
  12. Heh, I came up with an uncannily similar theory to that a while ago, only instead of it being a virtual reality game, the secret was the Monkey Island is a video game. I thought about the voodoo lady like you said and a few other things to back it up. This sort of thing would be pretty cool in my opinion. I do think that all the anachronisms and references are just jokes, though. The secret, like RemiO said, is just a plot device which, in my opinion, was largely making fun of stories that use such plot devices. That's why it was so in-your-face and silly. If you're looking for a secret that doesn't follow that trend and is really sixth-sensey then you'll probably be disappointed. ^Tentative speculation^
  13. I completely agree with this, but I'd still like to know what it is. People who are expecting something super serious and well-thought out might be disappointed, though. People often forget that the whole game was a bit of a joke and the use of such a blatant plot device was parody.
  14. I don't know... I know I'd love to see an alternative third game, though, and this is a great time for that.
  15. Cows don't wear sunglasses... that isn't appropriate... it isn't appropriate at all!
  16. Yeah, that's a really easy trap to fall into. It's difficult to tell the difference between "wow, this really looks like something you'd see in a finished game" and "wow, this really looks like something that would fit in my finished game" (or whatever the situation may be)
  17. Just out of interest, is this going to be a talkie? If so, I can supply some horribly poor quality voices, and I'm sure other members can too.
  18. This is just a rough, 30 minute concept sketch coloured in photoshop. I figured it would be simpler to do a rough sketch first so that you can easily share ideas and whatnot. The finished version will have a lot more detail to make it look messier (and some people too I guess... although I'm no sprite artist so maybe MonkeyMania can take care of that ). Remember that this is just a sketch... the proper version will have better colours and possibly chairs that are big enough for humans to sit on Also, does anybody know what size image I should be making for the final background? I'm pretty clueless
  19. I just have to get this out of the way first - the youtube video interface just changed before my eyes as I went from one video to the other... I feel like I've witnessed a MAJOR EVENT Anyway, Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder always reminded me of Monkey Island. Edit: It just changed back. At the risk of being disgustingly off-topic, here's a screenshot: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Ahem, anyway. Yeah, MI has a lot of reggae music. I think it's because it's set in the Caribbean. >.>
  20. What sample background were you after? I'll give it a go. I can also help with various other things such as writing, but no programming Also, I'd like to make a suggestion if I may. I think that you should focus your efforts on a smaller-scale game. Maybe just a few rooms long. If you try to make a game that's as big as SMI, it probably won't get finished. A good thing to do is to think of some objective your character needs to complete, and plan the story out around that. Looking up some things about story structure would help. I'd suggest something small like "Ron needs to mail his finished game to his boss but it's been accidentally sent upstairs to the obnoxious business man Jim LeWard and he has to get it back" (well, maybe not that, but you know )
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