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  1. Idiotic fool! It's the legendary sith lord Jo Mama! But really... As a certain paranoid mandalorion war veteran with 2 extra long hairs drooping over his face and every one thinks he's an prick cause' he is to damn paranoid said "You cant trust anyone" (for idiots who couldent figure it out, Its Carth who said that dumbass)
  2. Do you think maybe, JUST maybe Darth Malak Is Crippled and in the form of darth Sion Or behind the Red and White Mask man? I doubt it. Just a thought though.
  3. Also I heard from a member of another forum that you will have a optional romance relationship. I hate game companies! They always arouse so much speculation and rumors and it makes me want to make like darth vader and choke em' unil they spit it out! Like I also wanna know what characters will return! I have a good feeling carth might be one though.
  4. There doing that guy with short black hair and a "soul patch" facial hair. So it looks good for other redo heads.
  5. Bioware seems to like the romance thing beacause Baldurs gate 2 had it, I believe you have a girlfreind in Jade Empire. And we all know that there is a romance in KotOR I. But a diffrent company is behind number 2 right? Obsidios I think there name is. But I think they will probably do that again. I bet you could have a romance with that Mira girl. Anybody know if there will be any? Beacause they add on well to the story! And beacause I am a perverted fat hairy sweaty man behind this computer. (Just kidding, I am eating a few too many twinkies though)
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