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  1. I wouldn't be suprised to see Rhen Var in Episode 3 as well, it was in the Clone Wars cartoon series
  2. But that still doesn't take into account: We have already listed 4 programs people have. Everyone would have to have all four. Getting anyone who has it to actually minimize and join, after they write down the IP address because you can't copy/paste it.
  3. Gian speeder, to my knowledge, is only for Naboo police in historic campaign. The combat speeder is on a few maps... yavin arena, for example.
  4. admit it, you really didn't read the post the whole way through. Think about it: The round switches. You used to be rebel, but now are forced imperial. You can hear everything the rebels say. With in-game voicechat, it would make sense to only allow your teammates to hear what you say(or have that as an option - again, something that would take TIME) However, with third party, you have to minimize the game, go into Team Speak, and hope EVERYONE on your team actually has it, and those with it actually join the server. How likely is that? What about folks with only Roger Wilco?
  5. That's because game developers are becoming increasingly reliant on a third party to make their multiplayer browser. I much prefer in-game browsers that are made by the company itself.
  6. I'm suprised I haven't seen a call for this yet. It's almost impossible to make any sort of strategy to capture CPs in this game. Limited character messages and a lack of voice chat... seriously, 3rd party programs are NOT an option. We can't except to make a server, have everyone on the team join it, and not have the "wrong" people listening after rounds and teams have changed.
  7. I remember reading an article where the developers said they removed voice chat for the PC due to the fact there were options out already such as TeamSpeak and Roger Wilco... This bothers me, as they show a lack of knowledge of how either of these works, OR they're just liars. Heres the problem: First, you have to have a third-party program...no big deal. Then you have to have EVERYONE on your team have it. THEN you need to give everyone the IP for the server and hope everyone joins. However, after one round, its pointless, because teams change, and well, then the enemy can hear everything you say. So many times has voice chat been needed to cooridnate strategy of capturing CPs... I'm so very dissapointed with the decision to remove it... most likely to rush the game out the door for DVD release day... To make matters worse, they limited the length of messages...so coordination of anything is just about out of the question. I'm not one to normally criticize devs...but... this is just painful.
  8. For some reason the "search" has been disabled...so does anyone know how to switch teams? In single player instant action, I want to be able to play as the Rebels on Hoth, the imperials on Endor, the clones on Kamino, and the droids on Geonosis. Am I just missing something here, or is this just another feature lacking due to a rushed development?
  9. I got the strat guide cause it was free with game (after rebate) It really does me no good except to find out PS2 and X-box users get to unlock some free stuff by winning missions that we don't get.
  10. You right click. I've been doing it all day. You wait 3 seconds, and don't let your droid get blown up before those 3 seconds are up. You won't see the oribtal strike (it destorys the droid) unless you look at it when you swtich back.
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