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  1. 1. This is how the costumes are stored for Maniac Mansion, Zak & others: legs, torsi, head as separate animations so disk space is saved. Animations are a combination of several these elements. 2. The are no plans for updates. 3. The site is down, but current version can be downloaded from here: http://tobybear.phreque.com/files/lucasripper.zip Cheers, Toby
  2. Because it says in the program that CMI is not supported! CMI has its own codecs and file structure that I haven't decyphered yet. Toby
  3. Hi everyone! A new version of LucasRipper is out, fixing a multitude of bugs and supporting more games (especially demos). Download is on my site: http://www.tobybear.de Cheers Toby
  4. @Alros: What version of Sam N' Max do you have (language, platform, CD/disk, Talkie, ...)? I tested with English and German, Demo and Full, Disk and Talkie, all worked fine, except for the first room, which always seems to be garbled. @thpublic: The code for accessing the audio blocks is already in the code (not for extracting file though), but I decided to leave it out as there are much better utilities for that (ScummRev & Scumm16 for example). Cheers Toby http://www.tobybear.de
  5. Hi! A new version is up, supporting more games, demos and platforms. Download location is the same. @bgbennyboy: The color of the font is set in the scripts, so that each actor can have a different color. Early Scumm games used monochrome fonts, so only one color. In later Scumm games, a font consists of multiple colors. The script sets the main color for the next line to speak, all other fonts colors are derived from this color (shading). As far as I remember, I just read the bytes and shift them like it is done in the ScummVM source code, so basically the palette defines the color. Cheers Toby
  6. Hi! I wrote a little utility to view and extract all background images, room objects, costumes, animations and fonts from most of the LucasFilm/LucasArts games. It is still in beta version, but maybe someone is interested. Some stuff can of course also be achieved using the various editions of ScummRev, but I wanted to have one handy tool just for this purpose. You can download my LucasRipper from this page: http://www.tobybear.de/stuff.htm Cheers Toby http://www.tobybear.de
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