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  1. You have to save it as png, because jpegs don't support transparency.
  2. For hosting the OJP forums for so long; you guys are and have been awesome. Thanks.
  3. ojpenhancedstuff.pk3\gfx\effects\sabers flash02.png flash03.png THey seem to be alpha files though, as they lack color. Maybe it's code-related? I think razorace made them so you'll have to ask here: http://ojp.filepanther.com/board/index.php
  4. Also, we have a perfectly good other forum you can visit and post this question on. ojp.filepanther.com
  5. We can code in what happens when what anim is played, at what location. All you have to do is make the anim.
  6. Good thread. User was helped out and a link to the new forum was provided.
  7. That would be cool. I asked Tanq but he seemed to have some account/password trouble. Please go ahead and activate the forums. Contact me on MSN if you have questions.
  8. Hosting = Kouen Programming = Thord Johanssen General Design = Tanqexe Did nothing at all = Maxstate credit where credit is due
  9. It's not finished completely yet, but you guys go ahead and check it out. Tell us what you think, and be sure to register on the forums. http://ojp.filepanther.com/
  10. Quijohn who forget to disable he own firewall; shameful quijohn
  11. Vehicles are mostly fixed. They wouldn't spawn because we reached some kind of nPC/model limit. The credit system isn't a bad idea, I like its general direction. No further comment on it, though. We have a different kind of "prop" spawning system in mind that'll hopefully be less of an RP drag and more an actual gameplay ability, stay tuned.
  12. chile vs argentina hooooooooooo
  13. Right. I can't keep track of all my bars and don't want to. A minor visual aid can't really break anything.
  14. We have a new board up and running, courtesy of Thord and his craftsmanship. Though I think it'd be a better idea to wait it out, at least until v1.3's release before we make it "official". What does the team/ the community think?
  15. Hey, you play Gunz The Duel which is ten times worse than RP'ing.
  16. In V1.3, there's a very cinematic charge up delay (with animation) before the player casts the lightning. It's also more of an offensive push than a damaging tool.
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