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  1. Sure, but we know as a kid he was irritating. As a teen he was worse, and as an adult I wanted him to die. It's only when he became Darth Vader from Ep IV to VI that he was awesome. Revan has been awesome since the day he was born. And I think he could kick Darth Vader's ass in a fight. He has the ability for force Lightning, something Vader didn't have, and what he succumbed to. Anyway, when is this game coming out?
  2. I think they probably just rendered that for the fans as an homage to the two greatest Sith Lords to ever live.
  3. It was definitely Revan's mask, or a replica of some sorts. I'm thinking his story will be expanded upon in this game. We'll find out what happened out there in the outer rim with him. Could he be the Sith Lord who comes back to attack? Or did they take his teachings and use them for themselves? Did he fall when he went back out there? The trailer raises those questions. I think we see T3-M4 at some point too, them showing the T3 droid was no accident.
  4. It's the Knights MMO. After all that time, the rumor turns out to be true. Thanks Lucas Arts, thanks a lot. ****ing amateurs. I'm not going to play an MMO, warcraft and stuff like that just doesn't appeal to me. I'm not happy about this at all, but hey to those who like MMO's and Star Wars, congrats on getting a new game to enjoy!
  5. You know I think that's what is going to happen. The wait is over? No one was waiting for KOTOR MMO because there never was one. But all KOTOR fans were WAITING, PRAYING for KOTOR SPRPG. They said we haven't forgot about the KOTOR franchise, and I'm sure they saw that KOTOR I was far superior from BioWare compared to KOTOR II from Obsidian, at least according to the reviews. I'm betting it's SPRPG of KOTOR.
  6. Could be like GTA IV, has a huge MMO component to it but is a single player game. Seeing that picture gives me goosebumps. I love the Force Unleashed story line and the graphical technology. We saw what BioWare did with Mass Effect. KOTOR III WOOOOO
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