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  1. I was given detention once for scratching myself in class. I did not attend the detention. ^_^.
  2. DarthBuzzard gets back up, angrily scratching his balls. He looks for anything to attack with...Aha! There is a speeder bike outside the door. DarthBuzzard jumps on the speeder and flies in, trying to run over something. He hits WildJedi, crushing him for 2 posts, and then DarthBuzzard runs into the wall. The explosion knocks out WildJedi for one more post, and incapacitates DarthBuzzard fior two.
  3. Name: Khan Wolfe Homeworld: Alderann, he was vacationing with his parents when it was destroyed. Age: 22 Gender: Male Species: Human Allegiance: Light Secondary Allegiance: Rogue Squadronn New Republic Star Fleet. Class: Jedi Guardian Rank: Jedi Knight Secondary Rank: New Republic Star Captain, Rogue 9. Personal Ship: Durgund's Folly, A-wing class (used for fighting in Rogue squadron). Capitol Ship: Child of the Mind, a New Republic Heavy Crusier Class ship. Weapons: *Durgands Follies lasers *Child of the Mind's turbolasers. *Single lightsaber, blue. *Jedi Knight robes, with cape attatched. Biography: Khan Wolfe was something special. Very special. He was found Force Sensitive at the age of five, but Darth Vader was in the process of purging the Jedi, and Khan did not want the same to happen to him. He went on a "vacation" with his parents to the Republic Stronghold (and later Rebellion base site) of Dantooine, where he could sense the spirits and Force markings and trails of both the Sith Lords that walked its surface, and the wise Jedi masters whos academies and training sites had been here long ago. Not long after they had arrived, Alderann was destroyed. With nowhere to go, his family built a home; they were lonely, but content with their new life. Except for Khan. He missed Alderann, with the peaceful plains and old artifacts. He decided that someday, he would get revenge. He got a chance to deal out a little revenge to the Empire when the Rebellion and the remnants of the Old Republic met on Dantooine and formed a base. His now-farming family was able to supply food to the growing war effort. This happened for many years, until the Rebellion was forced to move to Yavin Four. By then, Khan was 14. He went with the troops to their new base, and trained in Space and ground combat. He was fifteen when the Death Star moved in on Yavin. Even though he was young, he participated in that battle, helping to destroy the Death Star. Khan helped in other battles, and in all of the crucuial battles, like Hoth, Endor, and Tanaab. After the battle of Yavin, he was offered both a Captain rank in the New Republic Capitol ships fleet, and a rank in Rogue Squadron. Khan took them all, and also undertook Jedi training. Many years later, Khan is still in one piece, and has achieved the rank of Jedi Knight. Now however, he is put to the ultimate test of defending against the now-on-the-offensive Imperial Remnant... ----------------------------------------------- Khan had been ready for any action that mightve happened, any place he needed to go. He was growing impatient, waiting for something, anything to do. Finally, he felt it. A dying Jedi, signaling for help. Luke was running towards him, signaling that he needed to talk. "There's a Jedi in need of assistance on..." "I felt it Luke, im on my way." Khan continued towards his ship, finally coming upon his A-wing. HE climbed in, and signaled to Trent with the force, saying, "Hold on just a little longer, Jedi. I'm coming for you..."
  4. (ooc - should work now) PT looked at the lightsaber indifferently. His armor had a cortosis weave; like he told Ja'han, only the best. He saw the Mandalorian, and his systems immediately began analyzing his DNA strands. Info popped up on his display: LODAING DATA...PLEASE WAIT. DATA LOADED. INFORMATION RECIEVED: NAME: TU'UNE. SPECIES: MANDALORIAN HOMEWORLD: DATA RESTRICTED. UNACCESSIBLE. CORRUPTED DATA. TRANSMISSION ENDED. Even though he had lost the signal, he knew what he needed to know. "Ja'han has said that I may let you pass to see his father. You may enter." PT stepped out of the way, letting the Mandalorian into the cavernous room. ~
  5. Happy birthday! May it be filled with many beers and chicks.
  6. Ja'han ran down the corridor, pistol in hand. PT's metallic footsteps clunked behind him. Ja'hans pace picked up to a run, and he tripped over his cape, a new aquisition that actually served as an energy sheild. He balanced himself and ran on, coming to a hallway. Ja'han activated his infrared sensor implants and could see the mines and detonators. He was about to suggest a new way when all of a sudden, the mines turned off and the door at the end of the corridor opened. Suspiciously, Ja'han kept his implant on and inched through the hallway, but the mines and traps suddenly deactivated, and the door opened at the end of the hallway. Ja'han glared suspiciously at it, and decided it was safe. He sprinted to the corridor and went through the door. He took in his breath sharply, glanding at the cavernous room. In the middle of the room sat a man, who looked exactly like Ja'han...yellow headband, brown hair, armor and cape, scarred skin, even the implants. He wheezed and wheeled around. He glared at Ja'han and said, "So...you have returned at last, boy..."
  7. DarthBuzzard grabs his Mobile Porn Device from his pocket, and displays it to the bar. Shade catches sight of it, and is out for 2 posts drooling.
  8. I am a virtually anonomous Buzzard, picking the flesh off of dead threads, and I am never mentioned once. *Sigh.* I'll post later, after I rise out of depression.
  9. I was doing the same thing... I'm also hoping for better enemy & party AI, and more variety so I don't say... "Didn't I gut you on Tatooine...?"
  10. Hello Nemesis If your referencing the moving avatars, talk to SamuelDravis or Siv, they've done it. I would tell you, but at this precise moment I have forgotten what program it is...
  11. I'm 12, and I get some acne, and proactive is the BEST STUFF EVAR. Well, except that I've had the Zit from Hell on my left cheek now for three months...I've popped in 9 times and counting ^_^. Looking forwards to episode three....
  12. Ja'han sprinted to the front doors of the company. Too late. They were locked. Ja'han was stumped, and on the verge of crying out when his droid tapped him on the shoulder. "What?" "Master, all is not lost. Grab on, sir." "What are you talking about!?" "Grab onto my back, Master." Ja'han complied, and the droid used both of his foot jump-jets to fly. With a great effort, he flew them on top. It was solid metal. "Now what?" The droid didn't answer, but simply revealed another of his features; energy claws. They were better for getting into buildings that disintegration lasers. Ja'han grinned wildly. "Good work, PT." "Always come prepared." PT used his energy claws to rip open a large hole in the roof. He dropped in, followed by Ja'han. They landed in some sort of office. A security office. PT had already realized the threat. "Drop the guns, meatbag!" he said to the security officer. "I can't do that. Prepare to..." PT had jumped across the room in lightning speed, smacking the officer with an armored foot. PT put both guns to the back of the officers head. "Open the doors, sniveling meatbag!" The officer, recognizing superior firepower when he saw it, complied with a shaky, "Yy...yes sir. Y...you may p...proceed."
  13. I read the Hobbit and the trilogy right before LOTR movies etc. came out, and I loved them all. 'Tis makes me want to cry with the overmarketing that must be haunting Tolkien's soul...
  14. Ja'han heard the whole conversation; Tu'une had left his comlink on. Ja'han decided to get there ASAP; he hopped on his speeder and began flying towards the cantina. Then something caught his eye...a droid shop he had visited as a kid. He knew the owner, who would make him good deals. He parked his speeder and walked in. The man managing the store was one of Corellia's many gangsters. Odd. A Twi'lek was usually in charge of the store. "Excuse me sir, where is Bobar Tikwalno?" "Tikwalno died yee-uhs ago, yo! I da new manager o' dis house!" "Okay sir, thank you." "No problem dawg! Any time, yo!" God I hate gangster slang thought Ja'han. Wait a minute, what's that!? Ja'han saw a shiny grey droid; its label was PT-94. He had read about them; smarter, faster, and stronger than an HK-47, they shared the same programming. However, the PT model had foot jump-thrusters and near-human thinking patterns; sadistic thinking patterns. It would serve its master to the end. This model was holding two Correllian heavy repeaters; some of the heaviest weaponry in the galaxy. Jahan saw the price tag; 10,000! That was too much. Ja'han had an idea and initiated conversation with the droid. "Hello." "Greeings prospective purchaser! I am PT-94, a fully functional assassin droid." "Interesting. You have your first targert." "Ooh, goody. I am always ready for bloodshed!" "Excellent. Kill the shopkeeper." Quickly, Ja'han severed the restraining cable. "I cannot kill my...yes sir!" The droid opened fire; even with those two heavy guns and six shots fired from each gun, all hit. Deadly accurate. "Does that satisfy you...master?" Ja'han was amazed. "Yes...it does." "Excellent, master. What shall I kill next?" "Sadistic killing machine, eh? Nothing for now...I've got to be somewhere soon, but first loot the shop..." Ja'han left the building with 50,000 credits, droid upgrades, and his new companion - the sadistic, twisted droid - in tow.
  15. Whoa. February is becoming a long time to wait...thanks for the info man, get an admin to change your title to TSL infonater. P.S. 10 mil? Holy...this is gonna be great!
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