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  1. For the script to work, be sure the folder that you place these in from the c:\ don't have any spaces in the folder name. For example, having your folder in C:\Documents and Settings\etc...won't work. I was having this problem and it took me a while to figure out why I couldn't get the script to work.
  2. any hopes for getting monkey island special edition songs up somewhere?
  3. I'm currently playing through this one right now. No kidding! Every time I carelessly fall down a pit it ends up costing me another 10 minutes of playing the level over again. I end up just getting bored enought to stop and tell myself I'll play that level again later. Also Emperors Tomb is ridiculously slow in quitting out of the game because it has to load that main room. If there is a new installment of Indy games there has to be better navigation for the game menus!
  4. That's a good point, and I didn't even think of it. But I've got that cd, and I sure could use a cover for Monkey Madness too!
  5. ramy

    Using .ogg with MI2

    Yeah, it'll take more time than I thought. I'll have to locate each of the midis, and take the remixed ogg/mp3's and convert them back to the same format/length/and location as the original MI2 midi files. The iMUSE system in MI2 is alot more complex than MI1. I don't think MI1 even uses iMUSE for the CD version....we'll see.
  6. They asked to take the one's that they don't own (sw/i.j.) off because they don't want to get into trouble with other companies. I can understand that. They allowed the ones that they owned to stay online. So be thankful.
  7. Did you try using VdmSound before running DOTT? Some of the old games don't work in newer windows environments, but VDMS emulates the sound characteristics of old-school DOS. Be sure after installing vdms, when you run the DOTT.exe file, right click and choose the vdms run option. If this doesn't work, you can try using ScummVM with DOTT.
  8. I look forward to seeing the rest of the covers. I'm sure they'll look as good as the ones that are already up. I'll put them to good printing too!
  9. ramy

    Using .ogg with MI2

    Does anyone know how to get MI2 to run with remixed music in scummVM? I'm trying to get the ogg files from soundfont to work with MI2 in scummVM .7, but it just keeps running the default sound. Any clues? Maybe I'm using the wrong audio files. I got MI1 to work with the .ogg's ripped from the original CD. But that's why it works.
  10. I got it to work!!! MI works beautifully on my hd. That is strange, I tried it your way and it worked fine. I think for scummVM to recognize the file names in the right order they have to be OGG files. As long as they're ogg's the track names stay the same as they are on the cd, and somehow it knows which one's to play when. When I ripped them as mp3's it ran it, but all out of order. With scummVM .7 be sure that they're ogg's. Still no luck on MI2 w/ ogg's. I'll keep trying.
  11. way cool. Love the covers. They look really professional. Do you want scans of all LucasArts game box-covers? I would scan some of mine, but I'm currently in GA and not going back to Texas until the end of November. I can scan them when I get back home.
  12. As a 3D texture artist, I've never liked cell shading. It always still acts and moves 3d even if a still image "looks" 2d. In my opinion CMI was great. I really enjoy the 2d point and click aspect. It's very fun and entertaining. 3D for puzzle adventure games such EMI are just too cumbersome. Although there are advantages to 3d, it really changes the gameplay.
  13. Ok, i ripped all of the tracks from the monkey madness cd, and it works. I'm actually using mp3's for the tracks and it works great. It plays the tracks in MI with scummVM, but they're all out of order. Plus for some reason it doesn't play any track when I go to the scumm bar. Guess I just have to manually change the track names until it matches to the right spot in the game. If I'm right, the first track is number 17. That's the one that it plays on my computer first. There's got to be a better way!
  14. ramy

    New Scumm utility

    Cool ripper. I got it to work on samNmax disk version, and the first room didn't work for me either.
  15. MD, thanks for the very thorough explination! I'll try that out and see how it works. I'm also trying to get MI2 to work with the ogg files from Soundfont to work in the game. We'll see how that works. I'm guessing you just put the ogg files in the same directory as your MI2 files and run it.
  16. how did you create ogg files from the monkey madness cd. I'd like to do the same thing. Can tell me the steps you used to make it worK? That would be super helpful!
  17. That's pretty interesting to know. I wonder which company LucasArts has this relationship with. I wonder if that also includes the in-house, classic LucasArts music (not starwars/indiana jones). Hopefully this company will be cool in future situations for everyone's sake. Plus if they have the rights to publish the soundtracks, why don't they? Wouldn't that be great if it were in the works to get these songs out on the shelves? I would buy them all!
  18. man it was a tough choice between Guybrush and Murray. Guybrush has always been there and I loved him. But when Murray came along and kept popping up at random times throughout CMI, he was hilarious.....so I picked Murray.
  19. MI all began for me with MI2 unfortunately. But I happily moved onto MI1 afterwards. -MI2: 1 day (unfortunately I had a friend who had already played it, go through the whole thing with me. But he introduced me to MI so for that I'm greatful to him!) -MI1: 1.5 months -CMI: 1 month. -EFMI: 2 months. No thanks to the 3D interface (yuck).
  20. That did the trick! I didn't have the patch, and now it works great! Thanks. These mods definitely rock.
  21. I can't get any of the mods to work with JO. When I try to run SP mode, when I click on setup and MODS it doesn't show the folders for the mods even though they're in the GameData folder. However the mod folders did show up when I ran the MP.exe file. But that's kinda useless for SP mods. The only thing I think it could be is the "Patched to version 1.4" thing, which I don't really understand what that meant....any clues?
  22. I think we should be thankful to LucasArts that they allow THEIR content on the web, and it's not their fault that they asked you to do what you had to do.
  23. Thanks, I'll definitely have to check those out, and I look forward to seeing the DF MOD's for JA.
  24. Way cool. It brought me back to the times when I saw those games on the shelves in stores. I'm very jealous of your collection. But good job!
  25. Does anyone know if someone has made a MOD to work for Jedi Outcast. I may be ignorant about this topic, but why is the Dark Forces MOD that is under the works being made for Jedi Academy and not Outcast? Also what are your favorite MOD's for Jedi Outcast?
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