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  1. Here is my Mi2 canvas prin in a quick photo taken just now. spoiler - I'm standing on the table, wow my ceiling needs a bit of work eh? My house is insanely covered in lucas goodies including a massive hand painted purple tentacle - welll painted by me so it's not that great Ialso printed up a big Razputin at the same size as the MI2 thing, it's in the bedroom. I've just gained access to the insanely winner A1 printer at my old place of work via an old colleage, these new poster files will have their day, thank you sooooooooo much
  2. woot! I've been after that DOTT Star Wars art for almost a decade I've got the mi2 art on a 1m tall canvas above the fireplace, it looks awesome i highly recommend getting one made up!
  3. i voted for jake as he is king beard, but I'd like to clarify that i have beard powers too, not bum fluff
  4. http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20051221/carless_01.shtml I haven't read it though, but hey I thought of all you lovely mojo people happpy xmas
  5. Dude, We arent going to do that, pretend like people don't swear.. repress ourselves and become something we dont want to be. We may however build in a swear filter like VB has when we get the time so that when i say '****ing' it just has those polite lille ** and you dont weep about it... of course it would be defaulted to off. I am truly sorry to anyone that we may have offended by swearing but seriously guys... go and read something else if its that bad, cus it isnt going away. ohhhhh i didnt mean it like that, i cant be mean to you guys, you rule, Of course we would rather you read our site, just as we intended it to be read.... pretend like its bleeped out or soemthing. Also apetition isnt going to stop us... like a web petition ever worked.. heh. maybe we could be the first web petition success!!!! ¬ also - beocme an activist againse LEC? nah, too much effort, ill just slag them off whenever i can.
  6. Mojo wont die any more than it already has. Calm down about the swearing, we will create a swear filter for americans to use maybe later. ¬ We would love you to read our new site, and also continue to hang around mojo. Sadly I'm bored of it and must move on, also i can no longer pretend to be a lucasarts fan please dont be frightened and also please dont be offended. Just as mojo loves you, Idle Thumbs adores you.
  7. it's the best games mag ive seen in years there are another two pages that take you through the game but i didnt have time to scan them i'm afraid!
  8. these are large images so i'll only link to them instead of displaying them. its a feature about how sam and max is the best retro game ever. also it mentions samandmax.net in the far right hand little yellow box on page 2. page one page two
  9. p.s if anyone has one of these http://lucasarts.vintagegaming.org/images/dott/dott-shirt.jpg ill pay lots of money to you if you give it to me it rules.
  10. funny how the game sounded pretty cool until Sean had a go making it........
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