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  1. Your Score Summary Overall, you scored as follows: 77% scored higher (more computer geeky), 0% scored the same, and 23% scored lower (less geeky). Compared to those in the same age group as you: 48% scored higher (more computer geeky), 1% scored the same, and 51% scored lower (less geeky). What does this mean? Your computer geekiness is: You are tech support's worst nightmare, you have no clue... Can't it be about games instead? Please?
  2. ^Eventually. <Not tired, the time is 12:16. vThe time is 19:32 or something withing 24 hours range of it.
  3. ^Where is K-Jos ram? <Bored like awgh, and is gonna buy psychonauts. Eventually. vLikes psychonauts.(?)
  4. Is there a version of that mod that doesn't need bloodmoon to work? It sounds really neat.
  5. Heh, merry year, everyone. Does anyone else think 2005 was really short?
  6. Your sig is fine, size matters not. Size 7 bolded red text which is impossible to read does, though.. Eh.. Oh, right. Don't delete the Geekcode. Edit: Oh, god! For 30 seconds, my sig actually said "The president buys PoM"! Holy...Wreeps!
  7. Why is santa fat? Because he eats so much! *BWahahaahahahah!!1* I'm too funny. Merry holidays.
  8. I'm innocent, it was my alter ego. Honestly. I don't get it.
  9. F.E.A.R, Darwinia, Prince of Persia 3:The two thrones, Star Wars episode 3: Return of the sith(Movie), and some money.
  10. Uh...Coruscant(sp?), I suppose. It's kinda cool there...I suppose.
  11. Did you join 3 years ago to tell us this now? I'll get you a crown...
  12. Well, since some of us have gotten our stuff already...Eh...Well, what the title says. What I got was... *Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (Dvd) *F.E.A.R *Darwinia *Prince of Persia 3: The two thrones *Speed *Robocop (Dvd) What about you?
  13. Same here. Same here. Although I might try it for the sake of wasting time...If there's a free trial.
  14. *Cough*http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=156797*Cough*
  15. Well, all the mods (And super mods) are doing a great job...But... Eh... *Votes D333* Reason: Well...Does a great job with her moderaterror duties and makes great mods...And...Well, is overall really evil.(Which is a good thing.)
  16. Your quote tags are broken. Congratulations and all that, live a happy life, lock bad threads, yadda yadda. (I thougt this was a happy birthday thread. Woah.)
  17. ^I don't get it. <Smart. vThinks I'm smart.
  18. ^Weird. <Perfect. vIs not allowed to use a verb in whatever they say.
  19. ...the man wearing short pants.
  20. PoM

    The rhyming game

    Note: When you've written a word that rhymes with the word the above person wrote, you're supposed to write a new word the the next person who replies should rhyme to, and to avoid interrupting, leet. NEW WORD: score
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