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  1. OOC: Sorry to do an OOC post, you can delete it later, Redwing, but wasn't the First Sith War Sith vs Mandalrions, and Exar Kun was in the Hyperspace War, I think it was called...
  2. I wasn't trying to turn, just something in the meantime, and MasterJuhnKai has given up on these forums due to all the crashs and such, not trying to turn people, just trying to bring something to them in the meantime till their RPs return here.
  3. Yeah I don't think I can make threads like this, but is about Roleplaying. Anyway, you should join my forums in the meantime while Lucasforums are down so you don't have to gouge your eyes out while waiting. http://jojobinks.proboards42.com/index.cgi LukeKatarn is there and MasterJuhnKai some great RPs if you were in the Seven Kingdoms RP he is remaking, and we also starting The Jedi Civil Wars and Mandalrions Wars from where it was.
  4. Reaper closed his eyes as he lied there straped down. Once out of the crow'd sight, he started to struggle and try to get out. After several minutes of struggling Reaper broke the binds and got up. He looked around then started running down the only way he could, donw the long dark hallway which he came from. Reaper jumped on the ground, his arm and leg joints moved and he jumped on the ground and run like a cheetah down the hallway. Once at the end he had two options, go left or right, left leading to a heavey door and right leading to the lab which he came from. "Hmmm.." Reaper said as he thought a moment, he then went in the lab and looked around. "Ah!" Reaper said as he spotted something on a workbench, he grouped three double bladed red lightsabers, attatched them to his waist area and run st the door. He rammed into the blast door and took it down. It lead to a short hallway, then an elevator at the end, on the sides of the room their were cages of different creatures, mutated. "Sciene projects.." Reaper murmmered. He then stepped onto the elevator and it went down. Once at the bottom, there were two armed guards. They looked at Reaper in confusion, then readied their blasters, both shaking in the hands, one shot and missed. Reaper grabbed down with his left hand, then slammed him into the other one and went right. Reaper saw up ahead an airlock, and passing by was a small shuttle, going slow. Reaper went into his cheetah like state and ran down to the airlock and busted it open with one ram into it. Reaper flew and landed on the shuttle, he then forced the door open, walked on board, then forced it closed. Reaper looked around, dark dim red lights, only a few chairs. "A dropship?" Reaper asked himself. It didn't matter. Reaper turned to the dropship cockpit doors, forced those open, with a quick slash with his hand cut the pilot's neck. Reaper grabbed the man by his arm and threw him back. "Heh I suppose this new body is useful.." Reaper said, and he would've grinned if he could have. Reaper sat in the seat of the dropshop and set a new course, to Coursant, his home planet. Reaper watched through the cockpit as the stars looked as if they were smeering as he enter lightspeed....
  5. Okay here is mine, sense I played Reaper, it's going to be from his point of view, starting before the rp way back to his creation. Chapter I, The Beginning and End. I opened my eyes, as I looked through the glass tubo filled with some sort of liquid I was in, I could feel I was no longer what I use to be. As my vision unblurred I saw a man standing there, grinning at me, he was guarded by two armored guards. The man spoke: "Greetings project 115, codename: Reaper, you are going to be known as that. Now, Reaper, you were made for destroying all the sith and jedi, the end of the Force Age, into the Gavor Age." Then the man grinned, pressed a button, and left the room. I blinked a few more times. Before I knew it the tubo drained and it opened up. I walked up, I then realized I was huntched over, but that couldn't be right it seemed liek was I 5"10, which I was when I was before. I then stood up straight and I seemed to be a giant!....To be continued! I would continue but I gtg, so lol
  6. Joe and Bob took out all the ones inside the bank. They jumped over teh counter. They started to walk to the most guarded vault they coulkd find. They shot a few zombies that were still around. FInally they found the vault. Bob punched in 56-9TR, while Joe shot a zombie. "Come on!" Bob said then helped up the man in the vault. Joemade a hand signal to follow him. "We have to get to the van!" Joe said.
  7. JoJoBinks heard the alarm. He immedtaly drew his claws and ran to the battle. He started cutting down enemy soldiers. One did a stab out JoJoBinks, but he jumped and did a flip in the air over the enemy and then landed behinde him and cut his off. JoJoBinks then cupped one of his hands and got some blood in it. He then poored it on his armor. JoJoBinks then continued to cut down the enemies.
  8. Joe saw about 40 zombies ahead of them. "Hold on!" Joe shouted back. He floured it into the zombies, which satrted to crush them. They drove about 8 min until they reach the bank. Joe saw about 20 zombies inside the bank. Joe looked over at the other S.W.A.T member grimly. "Everyone wait in here!" Joe commanded. :And keep the doors locked" Bob said. Joe and Bob jumped out with their fully automatic silenced M-16 Rifles. They dove into the glass which broke it ovbiously. The class flew into some zombies' heads which took some of them out. Joe and Bob opened fire on the zombies. By shooting them in the head it was pretty easy to take them out. Joe got out his comlink while Bob was shooting. "We're near the vault hang on!" Joe said, then closed the cahnnel and satrted firing again.
  9. Name: Joe Fieldbinder Age: 36 Appearance: 6'3, S.W.A.T uniform, S.W.A.T Helmt. Weapon of choice: m-16 assualy rifle with silencer, p99 handgun. Bio: Joe is a member of the S.W.A.T of Fairfield. He is now one of the only S.W.A.T members left and is trying to gather surviviers and destroy as many zombies as he can. Joe was driving his armored S.W.A.T vehicle around town running over zombies. Another S.W.A.T member sat next to him. The back was filled with food, three survivors. There was still some space. Joe saw three young people talking. "WHAT THE ****! Why the hell are they just standing there!" Joe shouted. He pulled over by the three people. "Get on in!" Bob said (Swat next to joe). One of the people unlocked the door in the back and made a hand movment telling them to get in. There were also some guns and ammo in the back.
  10. Points to Outride. "Fill Guybroom in!" JoJoBinks said, then walked to his quaters.
  11. Beregond flew over kingdoms,forts,small villages, he was scouting out areas to attack. He flew over one fort that seem to own quite a bit of a land. Beregond grinned and started to fly back to teh orc encampment.
  12. JoJoBinks walks to all teh troops and shouts. "To make you fools work together better, Jaxu as come up with a plan. We divide the men into teams of three,tie them together and make the do the obstacle one,you know the 10,000 footer,and the team that gets there first gets to eat.Divide them into this A fighter a tactiton and a sniper.That should be enough friction between them.They will have to learn to work together to accomplish this task." JoJoBinks grinned under his mask, then walked away.
  13. "uhhh Sir!" Whisp shouted, the worthog was REALLY on fire now, Whsip ran for cover. He hide behinde the rock. "Ahhhh! What is that smell!" Whisp said, then he realized he jumped on his ****. "uhhh Sir!" Whisp shouted, the worthog was REALLY on fire now, Whsip ran for cover. He hide behinde the rock. "Ahhhh! What is that smell!" Whisp said, then he realized he jumped on his ****. "Son of a bitch!" Whisp said then started to rube his butt against the rock to get the **** off.
  14. "Yes sir" JoJoBinks said and followed Cyberninja.
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