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  1. Really??? So there's not gonna be any MOD support? Wow, no wonder theres only a couple populated servers out there.. Lookin like SWBF1 all over again.. I usually buy a game, see if its any good, and talk 5 other friends into getting it, but as much as i like this game i guess we're gonna just have to be satisfied with Battlefield2 at this point.. I mean, andrew with your link, I dont really see any information on it other than negative.. Why would they even mention MOD tools if they wont even allow modding? It sounds too nonsensical even for Lucas Arts!!
  2. Yeah, I had my dirty little hands on the box the other day and something told me to wait.. So i'll wait til its cheap and fixed and direct connect option is implemented... I haven't used gamespy since about 97' and i dont plan on using it again.. It's a pile of crap, always has been, always will be.. If these companies can't figure this out in the year 2006, they do not deserve my money... If they dont implement another way of connecting other than gamespy, i will never be buying the game..
  3. Yeah, but lets not forget Tribes2 launch..ROFL Just messin round... Even though Tribes2's launch and first couple months were abismal, it turned out to be one of my favorites of all time..
  4. if you do settle on the Nvidia, get the 6600GT version, it is LITERALLY TWICE the card the 6600 regular... Don't have specs right now but just went through this whole video card thing... The 6600GT is a great performer for the $$.. It is real close to an ATI X700 in performance..
  5. its been my experience that most RTS games lag a little even when playing LAN once you have so many units built and moving around.. Most likey even a 56K is going to lag like crazy and possibly drop the connection because of such a bad sync.. But thats just my guess, maybe EAW is different than all the rest of the RTS games... Hell, Battlefront 2 surprised me, maybe EAW will also...
  6. Why do people use gamespy.. Yes it is the most useless pile ever invented.. Makes steam look like perfection.. Anyways, I have this game running on 3 different computers.. The only problems i've had were solved in the tech forum... I get tired of hearing how a game is crap and no real explaination is made... This game runs way smoother than battlefield2, and uses way less resources... If you wanna give up go ahead, but you'll be missing out...
  7. The progname i'm talking about is grxp4exe.exe which turns out to be just what someone said it was before.. My gravis game controller drivers.. I've had to do this on a number of occasion throught time..
  8. I usually let the impatient ones beta test the client versions when it comes to patches before i switch.. Has served me well in the past....
  9. Nice to meet ya zerted... Win2K, 2.8GHz P4, 9800 Pro, onboard AC97 sound.. Teamspeak, im not at home right now but, I think i got it on Speex16, push to talk... If you figured it out at least i know it can be done thats half the battle... Thanks..
  10. I know teamspeak wont.. Will ventrillo or anything else?
  11. http://www.m3fe.com/760 Follow the directions.. I had to do this on 2 PC's running win2K.. Worked perfectly after that on both..
  12. Take it from someone who isnt a huge starwars fan... Im a bigtime battlefield2 COD fan, and i find myself hooked on Battlefront2 in a major way.. It runs smooth lnline and with everything turned and is extremely immersive.. I did a review on my COD community website and gave it a 91/2 outta 10... Superbly done.. A must buy! Waaaayyy more polished than SWBF1..
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