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  1. I've neveer seen it and I spend lotsa time playing the Geo Spire map. I think it's just the Geo Starfighters that people are seeing.
  2. Pebbles sounds like one of the many people from SWG who complained about the lack of Jedi in the game. Now SWG is Jedi wars and is a total grind-fest game. One of the 1000's of reasons I quit SWG. Battlefront is the first game in a long time that you can play everything but Jedi, and I am thankful for that. Just my 2 pennies.
  3. The server has to have the "Heroes" option turned on. I've always seen one on both sides with the option on.
  4. The MTT isn't in the game, according to the official Battlefront website. They list all the vehicles in the game. I don't see why it would be in anyway as it's a Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) designed only for carrying large numbers of droids into battle (see EP:I, end battle on Naboo). You'll never see that many droids in the game at one time.
  5. Ah I see now. Thanks for the input ihiktacos.
  6. Hmm, well taht doesn't make sense. I thought auto kept things even. I'm confused now too lol
  7. Some servers are set up by the creator so that you are automatically joined to a team. I think this is so the teams stay somewhat even and aren't one-sided. Before you select a server, look at the options at the bottom of the server screen to see whether you can choose sides or if auto-join is enabled for that server.
  8. Not sure if anyone else has realized this or not, so I'll say anyway. When you are in the character select screen, before hitting "spawn", look at the map on the right. Any spawn points that your team currently controls can be selected and you will spawn in that location. I've found this helpful when the opposing team is camping a spawn point and you want to start farther away to avoid being killed when loading into the battle. Hope this helps some of you!
  9. I've also noticed the lack of teamwork in MP. I think it may just be the fact that there is no voice chat and text chat is hard to do when you are in the heat of battle. I try to say hello to my team before I enter the battle and try to get some info on their plans, if any. You can type "t" for team chat while you are in the character select menu and talk to people before your first spawn. It's getting better for me as I've been trying to stick with the same server, so I'm meeting the same people each time for the most part.
  10. I'm at work and not near my PC, but I believe it's a FX5600? I'm not much of a PC guru, I just play games lol.
  11. I'm running fine in MP. Only played SP for like 15 minutes, didn't notice any problems though.
  12. Hey I was writing down my stats after each game last night due to the Gamespy bug. Here they are: Kills= 87 Deaths= 224 Yeah I am uber suckness!!!
  13. Yeah, that would sure be a sight to see! Loved him in Clone Wars cartoon. Can't wait for EP:III.
  14. Have you tried changing the sound options? You have options for multiple surround, stereo and mono I believe. I noticed the game seems quieter than most as well.
  15. Broadband is required for online multiplayer for PC. Says on box and in game manual. Sorry.
  16. You would need to bump up your RAM and maybe upgrade your graphics card. Would really make a huge difference. Your card looks like it's at min. specs.
  17. I play on PC and have had no problems. No lag or choppy FR. Here's specs: P4 1.8G processor 1024 RAM GeForce FX5 128MB 1024x768 res w/full graphics on Love the game. Instant addiction lol!
  18. Is it possible to have 3rd person view when operating vehicles? I know I can switch from 1st to 3rd when running infantry, but can't seem to find an option for vehicles. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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