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  1. I must say that the best games ive played is..... SW:KOTOR Riddick : Escape From Butcher Bay (Highly Recommended) Monkey Island 1 and 2 (Amiga) = ownz SW:SOTE Joint Operations Typhoon Rising with exp Escalation (cool game) Dune 2 (Amiga)
  2. I have experienced same crap with TK'ers .... one thing that they could do is to make the amount of TK's a serversetting ... like this: Set the number of max TK's / player to 5 and when he TK's his 6th guy hes autopunted from the server.Thats the way it is in Delta Force Black Hawk Down wich i also play .... some servers have it like max 3 "murders" and your punted out of the server, tho your not banned but still it prevents TK'ers since thay have to rejoin every 3:rd murder ... im not sure this would work in SWBF but it might!
  3. agreed .... i hope they implement that in the next patch, its all to easy as it is now for the TK'ers to rant around slaying fellow soldiers
  4. Nopes, i never played Star Wars : Demolition .... check it out and its only for Dreamcast and PSX :/
  5. if the patch actually would have fixed stuff that would have made the game playable....ok, the serverbroswer is more or less ok now than it was before BUT the game itself....laggy as hell (might have been the server tho only at 150ping wixh isnt that much) the VOTE system is a total failure, had a guy named Team Killer and TK421 that TK'd all the time thru like 7-10 maps in a row and there was no freakin way to boot the ******* with the votesystem.The Spawnarmor that was supposed to be implemented wansnt something i experienced(perhaps its a serversetting wich it shouldt be, it should be olbigatory or however you spell that shiat)...other than this its still a great game but for Gods sakes implement a WORKING VOTESYSTEM to boot TK's....it shouldnt take half a map to boot a TK'er please do this little thingy before i go Jedi on yah a$$!! *EDIT* and fix the gawd damn ingame chat that has a delay that is out of this world....type something in reg speed and it register about 35% of the keystrokes.....
  6. I dont mind if there was 1 limited map that excluded the snipers/orbital strikes .... just as long they make the Rancor as an "drivable" vehichle.....hahahaahaha... and dont forget...Mara Jade was in Jabba's sent out by Palpatine to slay Luke.....so watch out!!! Tales From Jabba's Palace is great!!!! tho i prefer Tales Of The Bounty Hunters myself....
  7. Im not interessted in Halo 2 since the first Halo game sucked royal (_|_) and didnt offer much .... so ill stick with SW:BF, there i can enjoy being surrounded by lasers and growling wookies. and not to mention i get to drive the *klompetty klomp* woohooo!!!
  8. ยจ Perhaps he wants to learn, or just like the game .... you dont have to be a Star Wars freak to like the game you know! Always nice when new ppl discover Star Wars so rather than pick on them, encourage them!
  9. And as i said before, i rather have it like this: Spawnarmor for 5sec but as soon you fire first shot/place mine or throw nade your spawnarmor will vanish. Rather that than a "locked" weapon for a short period of time!
  10. I am one of those who is getting more and more bored out with this crap ... put more effort into finding a server to stay on then playing ... This server/serverbrowser issue is starting to grow more and more irritating and if no patch SOON i will trash this game. too bad tho cuz i do like it when i do get to play.... maby i should have stayed with the "liberated" version of the game.... *sigh*
  11. 1. Get real....not moving!!! *LOL* "ill just stand here and die then" 2.Yes....agreed, first shot should eliminate the spawnarmor 3.Get a clue dude! 4.Look above. 5.Wich one? Muhahahhaw 1 out of 5 .... i think you should rethink this for awhile....no wait....DONT!
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