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  1. I think the SE uses a fancy hash of the original text to map each line to a speech file. So, if you change the original text, it will no longer find the speech. That would explain the "speechless" problem.
  2. A few years ago I wrote an image encode/decoder for Simon 1 (Floppy disk version only), to help someone working on a translation project. Hopefully it will be useful to you. To use: Copy the *.VGA files into the same directory as simonimg Create a sub-directory called "dumps" Run e.g. "agos_dump_image.exe 0", to decode files 0001.VGA and 0002.VGA The argument is a "zone", representing the first three digits of the VGA files. A zone has two files, ending in "1" or "2". So, zone "0" has files "0001.VGA" and "0002.VGA". Each zone can contain multiple images. (I guess a zone is equivalent to an in-game scene.) If you wanted to decode all zones, you might need to write a batch script to loop through all the zones. Sorry. There's also an encoder if that's useful to you. Win32 binaries: http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/simonimg_bin_20110605.zip Python source: http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/simonimg_src_20110605.zip
  3. You're welcome Matheus! I'm glad you released your tool, I think it has some great features, and I hope others find it useful.
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  5. I managed to finish up the V1 image encoder in late September. Unfortunately, while it seems to decode and encode images okay, it doesn't seem to produce files useable by "scummrp", so you can't insert the images back into the game resources. (attempting to do so will give an error about an unexpected object image offset) I have a feeling this is a shortcoming in scummrp. Unfortunately, I don't know how to resolve this issue, short of writing my own V1 resource packer, and I don't want to work on that at the moment. Anyway, I'm posting the binaries and source of the image encoder. The V1 image format is quite interesting, since it was developed for the Commodore 64. It's kind of a tiled format, which shares some data between backgrounds and objects. I'd like to post more details but lack motivation, however the ReadMe file should explain the ins and outs. Win32 Binaries http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/scummimg_bin_20110924.zip Python Sources http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/scummimg_src_20110924.zip
  6. I spoke with a.borque a while ago and resolved the issue, here's what I found. MONSTER.SOU files contain two chunks per sound: VCTL - contains lip synch data (also sometimes VTTL) SOU - contains the Creative VOC file data The German Sam & Max MONSTER.SOU seems to have a VCTL without an associated SOU entry. I wrote a small tool to fix the MONSTER.SOU file - it will create a new MONSTER.SOU file and only copy data for each VCTL chunk that has a matching SOU chunk. Perhaps a better solution would be to update the ScummVM tools to skip invalid sound entries. Win32 Binaries http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/fix_sam_de_bin_20111001.zip Python source code http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/fix_sam_de_src_20111001.zip
  7. If you are trying to manipulate the game resources (such as to load an unofficial translation), you can use scummtr to extract/insert/replace text from the .000 or .001 game files. No idea if these are the actual files used in the special editions. http://hibernatus34.free.fr/scumm/ However, if you can't get the official translations working, you're better off asking LucasArts for support. (I think you can choose the game language within Steam somewhere.)
  8. Just a status update, I've got a decoder and partial encoder working for V1 images (I still need to implement RLE encoding, but I have some of the data converted to the V1 format). However, it looks like the background and objects share the same bitmap data. I'll try and work out a way to support this, it may be that the image encoder will need to decode & encode all objects at the same time that it does the background image, though this won't work if objects can be loaded via scripts. I'll see how I go.
  9. I stumbled across a blog comment by Ron Gilbert, with some more information. I'm going to copy it here. http://www.pagetable.com/?p=603 (it was also reposted as a separate article: http://www.pagetable.com/?p=614) Interestingly, SCUMM was originally supposed to be Lisp-like; and early versions didn't support complex arithmetic expressions (such as, say, subtracting two numbers and assigning the result to a variable)!
  10. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to look at this yet (working on the image encoder and some bug fixes for Scummbler).
  11. Here you go, I've updated my (poor) SCUMM Image Encoder to support V2 images. http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/scummimg_bin_20110707.zip (Source code (Python, requires PIL): http://www.jestarjokin.net/sw/scummimg_src_20110707.zip) How to use: Extract game blocks with ScummRp Call scummimg to decode a room's background: scummimg -v 2 -d d:\temp\zak_out\LFv2_0001 out.png Edit your image (don't change the colour palette, or you'll get weird results!) Call scummimg to encode the background (will write files in the LFLF\RO directory): scummimg -v 2 -e d:\temp\zak_out\LFv2_0001 in.png Import game blocks with ScummRp Some notes on the format, for anyone interested: Compressed with column-based RLE. Uses a "dither table" of the 128 colours used in the last column. Favours using colours from the "dither table", even if it breaks the run of a colour. Dither table is reset every 8 columns (presumably to keep the data in "strips"). Next task: V1. (Sorry a.borque, I thought it's easier to work with formats from later versions of SCUMM, so I'm working backwards.)
  12. I've made some progress with a V2 image decoder, I'll work on an encoder. Note that I'm only adding support for backgrounds for now, not objects.
  13. I believe ScummRp (by the author of ScummTr) will let you extract and re-insert any game resource, this should let you extract the image data. Unfortunately I think you'll need to then convert it into a useable format with another tool. http://hibernatus34.free.fr/scumm/scummrp.exe If there isn't any other tool out there that can convert the image format, I might be able to help out (I'd need time to work out the old EGA format though). You can contact me at public@jestarjokin.net
  14. Can you open the file in SCUMM Revisited? http://goblin.cx/scumm/scummrev/
  15. I'm the developer of ScummSpeaks, what troubles are you having? ScummSpeaks v3 doesn't support original VOC files (partially because the specific VOC format used has poor support in modern tools), so you need to compress the MONSTER.SOU file with the ScummVM tools. Here's what I suggest you try. Compress the "MONSTER.SOU" file in your Atlantis directory. In ScummSpeaks, extract the text from Atlantis (there's an option under "Tools") Create a new "Speech Map". Point to the new MONSTER.SO3/SOG/SOF file you created in the first step, and the text file you created in the second step. Save the speech map XML file somewhere Export all the game sounds to a directory Replace each exported sound file as you like When finished replacing files, go back to ScummSpeaks, and do "Import Sounds" Save the speech map again Do "Export to Game Resources" Import the new text file back into the game (again, there's an option under "tools") Feel free to contact me for any further help with ScummSpeaks. But I won't be offended if you decide to use something else EDIT: Sorry, just realised this is completely unrelated to the topic.
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