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  1. SWBF2 Server Manager 1.10 is now publicly released! It went through three separate builds during beta testing. One of the popular servers out there has been running it since early evening Friday the 4th, without any bad reports. Let's all hope whatever was ailing the 1.09 alpha build, has been resolved! SWBF2 Server Manager 1.10 Public Release Jet
  2. Which version of SWBF2 is the pc dedicated server? If it's the latest patched 1.1 version... you will need to download patch 1.1 for your own game! We are also waiting for new server tools from blackbagops.com... several admins have spoken directly with the programmer Kevin Lockitt concerning some much needed support... including custom map support. But, it will be about 2 weeks before he is able to work on swbf2 tools, due to University studies. Good luck! Jet
  3. Omg... I just saw another Lucas game demo (EaW) advertising "Mods already coming in." We've had to wait 3 months for any pc patch or mod tools. I'm about to the point of calling Pandemic Studios. Better yet, visiting them! Pandemic Studios 1100 Glendon Avenue 19th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone: 310-450-5199 For goodness sakes, I don't know what I'll do if I hear someone advertising the release of SWBF3 before our first pc patch of SWBF2. I fear many modders/mappers will just move on to bigger and better things. Jet
  4. Anyone know if the pc version has been released in Japan? I'm going to meet friends there in February !! Thanks!! Jet
  5. if anyone still uses this... i'm LtJetset
  6. I am hearing of some Europeans installing English version now... since this is "English" version rather than "U.S." version only. Jet
  7. Oh, I used to hate being the aft gunner in AT-TE... I hope that is much better! And the respawn timer... getting a brief view of other CPs is fine by me. I still respawn at the CP I selected. I think this occured in previous versions and not just this patch. Jet
  8. Ok... after waiting three Jedi patient months for a patch--and of all the numerous things I'd love to see fixed before full release--here's what I've found to be must fixes, (please!): - Game still crashes to desktop at random. There's no windows error reporting box to close anymore. And, I don't have to reboot my win xp machine in order to restart game and join multiplayer. "Almost there!" - Autoaim is still on! Hey, I love using my controllers (mouse and Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D ---> lotsa buttons ) Please take this out of multiplayer! - 1st person/3rd person view changes frequently without user input. Very prevalent in the snow speeder and starships. Badness... nothing more dangerous then tow roping an ATAT and all the sudden my view is switched. I have my change view set to Joy button 10... which is on my second Hat... so I'm not accidently hitting it. And, it probably won't ever happen... but, I wish someone would go ahead and add voice chat some day. There's nothing more frustrating for me as a gunner in an ATAT/ATST, than having a human pilot turn away from the action! It doesn't help at all to send a text chat message. And for anyone mentioning "But, you can use teamspeak or other 3rd party program..." No regular players are going to do that on a wide scale. They will "If" you put it in the game. Jet
  9. Nice job Rends! I noticed something minor though. Where we select what team to play on... it appears that both Green & Red Icons don't show up together. This must be due to the fact that Pandemic only hard coded 2 different factions and 2 eras. I hope "someone" has forwarded all your known (hard coded) issues to Pandemic! Thanks! Jet
  10. Feedback: Please keep 1st and 3rd person view like it is. I use 3rd person a lot for vehicles/starships/recon droid. If an admin is allowed to limit me to 1st person only, I won't be able to see out of certain vehicles/starships. Thus, I won't be playing on that server. I could see 1st person only as infantry though. I switch to 3rd after I fire a recon droid... but when taken back to my sniper, I left in 1st person view, I am now in 3rd person. If I want to jump up and run like you know what, I have to switch back !! Improvements: 1. Downloadable Custom Content! If we don't have a custom map installed, please let us download it when we join! Would probably want a "Redirection" for the downloads, so we don't put the load on the current users in game. 2. Did we mention "No FPS Cap?" There, I feel better. 3. Let's have the option of seeing an FPS counter in HUD, instead of relying on a 3rd party program like teamspeak overlay. 4. Let's have the option of seeing network stats in HUD. Like: our ping, packet loss, server name, current number of human/AI players per team. 5. Get rid of the autoaim for pc joystick users, completely! Not enough admins using /noaim option. Sounds like we need a new patch please! 6. Voice Taunts. Already mentioned, but let me add. Give us the option of muting auto-taunts please! If we hear an auto-taunt after each kill, we won't be able to hear anything else. And, of course, don't forget to put a wait time on each manual voice taunt... wouldn't want someone spamming voice taunts like "Your lack of faith disturbs me!" throughout the whole game. I bet mod authors would love the ability to mix their own voice taunt packages. Let's get voice taunts added first! 7. Voice Chat. All of us regular (non-clan) public users won't have any form of voice in game without the devs or mod authors putting it back in. The devs said there are plenty of 3rd party voice chat programs you can use, like: Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Roger Wilco. But, did they take a survey? How do I know regular players won't be using voice chat programs? Look at this thread... no one else has replied at this time to my call for "public teamspeak:" http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=147238 And, of course, any in game voice would not be complete without some extra options like: - option to ignore voice chat - internet/LAN codec options so servers won't lag online from high demand - default option to automatically join a specific channel when first connecting or at the start of a new level. Then, if you left yourself on the "Public" channel at the end of a match, you'll be switched back to "Team" on the next level. If that's the default you prefer. - option for servers to allow/disallow private voice channels. If private chat is allowed, a friend could highlight your name in the player list and select private voice chat. Players could also leave the "use private voice" option blank. But, in any case, make us enter a password for each users private channel, after we select a user to go private voice with. Otherwise, someone will join your private channel and spam you! In theory, everyone playing could join one player's private voice channel. - onscreen display to show which channel you're transmitting on... to help forgettable users! Otherwise, we'll need to tell our teammates to switch to the public channel if they want to bad mouth the other team hehe !! Whew! That's it for me... for now!! Jet
  11. Yes, you have to extract files. Extract means "remove," just like removing a letter from an envelope. You should extract files to a \test directory to get a feel for this. In several cases you will need to extract files with the "Use folder names" box checked. You will see sub-directory paths in this case when you first view the open archive in winzip... or other archival program. Fly safe now!! Jet
  12. If you're playing against a whole bunch of real life humans... check your 6 o'clock! They're probably firing 20 missiles your way... and if you slow down you're in for an unwelcome treat! If you take heavy damage you best fly full speed back to the hangar where R5 droids can heal you. This is much quicker than trying to heal the speeder by just being inside as a pilot (pilots heal vehicles they are inside, but much slower than the R5 droids, or pilots using the fusion cutter to repair you from outside). Fly safe now!! Jet
  13. Just went to wolfgaming.net and of course they don't even have a battlefront channel there... that doesn't surprise me though. Would hate for this thread to turn into another "I can't believe we don't have in game chat," so: Here's one public teamspeak server, with a registered channel named "Star Wars Battlefront" Ace's Public Server (no password required) Channel: Star Wars Battlefront Sub-channels: Good Guys & Bad Guys This is a public server, so I can't guarantee it will be up 24/7... I don't own this server either... and, no one has deleted these channels I posted in the past few days... so enjoy! Tip #1: bookmark this server... and in your local address book you'll be able to set "Star Wars Battlefront" as your default channel to join when you connect. Tip #2: want to chat private? meet here and then you or your friend(s) can make a new passworded channel Tip #3: bind some keys to switch between channels if you're automatically forced to join the other team. example: I'm using Ctrl + Shift + B and Ctrl + Shift + G to switch between the bad/good guys... and Ctrl + Shift + L to switch back to the main SWB channel. Also remember this is public chat... so it shouldn't matter which channel you're talking on, unless you're the only one connected lol!! Fly well now!! Jet
  14. Hey... pardon me if I'm mistaken, but are we still lacking public teamspeak servers/channels for battlefront? If not, can someone please direct me to that thread, or tell me the server name/channel? I wouldn't want to blatenly advertise a public ts server I'm registered on (self-registration) without there being a real need for this. So... should we setup a meeting place? A public server with a Battlefront channel plus a few sub-channels, for us Padawans who can't listen to everyone in the main channel while we're blasting opponents into the next Galaxy. What do you think? There has to be someone else who's tired of typing... ha! Jet
  15. I saw this just last night! The ATAT backed up all the way to that tank spawn point. But, I was playing pc online and it was an idiot human pilot driving that pig! Jet
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