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  1. I think its really funny that XBOX users have to pay for their new content and PC users get all the content (minus Kit) and more for free.
  2. Well we already have AnakinEp2 and Bespin Luke.
  3. Wow, thats lots more detailed than the current JA one.
  4. The developers said Pandemic was not interested in making a SWBFIII, but that does not mean it wont happen but its likely it wont.
  5. http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/3681/atte4tj.jpg Just thought id show this incase you wanted to use it with your at-ap.
  6. If you want an AT-RT style clone then i have a skin of one on Marz' Bacara model. http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/9743/shot00129rv.jpg http://img376.imageshack.us/img376/655/untitled1copy7ud.jpg
  7. I prefer NeoMarz' Assaj better anyway, Yavin arena is so much better with Marz' Ventress in it.
  8. Well what you do is: run a Non-dedicated server and use the usual code for adding maps (/admin /addmap), but instead of putting the ending, _con, _1ctf, or _ass, put _c and you will get the campain mode of the map, ex: in cor1c_c you will be able to play the jedi vs clones on Coruscant as u did campaign but u play it ONLINE and you can play on BOTH sides. You can do this for everymap as long as it existed in campaign mode. Credit for this discovery currently goes to ~GCU~GENRUDEDOG. here is the list of maps that can be played cor1c_c (Coruscant) dea1g_c (Death Star) fel1c_c (Felucia) geo1c_c (Geonosis) hot1g_c (Hoth) kas2c_c (Kashyyyk) mus1c_c (Mustafar) myg1c_c (Mygeeto) nab2c_c (Naboo) pol1g_c (Polis Massa) tan1g_c (Tantive IV) uta1c_c (Utapau) yav1g_c (Yavin) spa1g_c (Space Yavin) spa2c_c (Space Coruscant) spa3c_c (Space Kashyyyk) spa4g_c (Space Mustafar) spa6c_c (Space Mygeeto) spa7c_c (Space Felucia) spa8c_c (Space Hoth)
  9. I doubt the xbox content will be available for pc but if not then we can still mod most things.
  10. alex533

    Jaden Reskin

    I suppose so seeing as it was just a test, well what most people do is ask the author of the skin or model if they can use it for a skin and if the author says yes then you can release it. you have to give credit also, like saying Thanks to ______ for letting me use his skin/model etc.
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