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  1. Of course no self respekting Imp builds them, we get 'em free. Thats our benefitt. They are the second most cost effective ship in the game, only after the bomber.
  2. I sill think the empire will be fun, maybe not for my enemys though... But we are getting some new toys, so fun is garantied...
  3. When you have alot of artillary that fires at one AT-AT (that probably was modded), it's going down.
  4. I feel with you. It's not really how the rebels work, finding there bases is no problem at all. BTW: Using that quote was a smart way to get the point through.
  5. I have a serius problem if they don't stay the same. But I hope the make it better for low end machines.
  6. I'm all in for several off the above mentioned things, the more options the better.
  7. Until I can pronunce his name right, I don't care. It's so great to be safe from them...
  8. If they added the senate building on couruscant, it might work...
  9. Because some people don't mod there games. I didn't before this one.
  10. Hope so, infantry has problems against vehicles.
  11. Seems good, I hope they do them right though...
  12. I have given up, it's a shame really, for fighting online could have been the best point of the game. Gamespy really sucks.
  13. the acclamator massakres the neb-b, but only if you use the bombers right. If not, it''s a pretty close match.
  14. I rarely have problems with that, but I usually just block the planet and blow it up later.
  15. I like the idea of criminals biding for galactik power, and a chick with a lightwhip...
  16. It's way to big to by a real unit. Even the executor seems a little to big.
  17. I only play it every other week, although 5-30 hours a week then...
  18. And that means that you will kill about 3-4 troops per fireing round...
  19. For the sake of balance, if it can't kill bombers, the bombers kill it.
  20. But anyway... Bigger cap limits and map sizes right from the beginning, and more use for the fighter.
  21. As an imperial, I use my (free) fighters to soak up the first burst(s) of enemy fire. Thus allowing me to fokus fire before my enemy. and they are annoying to my enemy, just being there is good, and if caps fire at them, even better.
  22. Start with the 10 planet campaign, it is very beginner freindly. And only build mines on certain planets, others can act as military bases.
  23. Don't diss the SSD... It will probably only be matched by the Eclipse and B-wings.
  24. I still prefer the Executor anyway..... Stupid palpantine wanneby pirate...
  25. It is deserted... Only some bug like creatures live there.
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