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  1. The only problem with this is that the transport ships go down after only 2 missiles. After picking up an AT-TE and getting it instantly destroyed a couple of times, the whole thing would get pretty lame and nobody would do it anymore.
  2. This is interesting. As a rocket trooper, I've found that it's incredibly difficult to dodge a ship strafing ground targets. You roll and dodge to the side, and they can just slow down and turn ever so slightly to hit you. From this perspective, it seems like ships are too maneuverable.
  3. There is an option for invert y-axis for vehicles and star fighters as well as infantry. In the controls screen, click on the appropriate tab at the top.
  4. Yeah, this bothers me too. Add it to the fact that it takes so many missiles to destroy a ship... I put it in my missile launcher issues post in the game feedback forum.
  5. Err, I was talking about the Jet Trooper. Sorry
  6. If you look up while using the jet trooper's jet pack, you will fly higher. Also, I can't seem to ever kill anything with the dark trooper's gun, while I can with the jet trooper's.
  7. Yes, the Vanguard's launcher is supposed to shoot 2 missiles at a time, but I have seen it shoot both 1 and 3 missiles sometimes. This would be a bug. Edit: Now, the 1 missile could be attributed to 2 missiles being shot close enough together that they just look like 1 missile. However, most of the times I've seen the 3 missile shot occur was right after a 1 missile shot, so it seems like the game is getting the numbers confused.
  8. Except that in SWBF, waiting 5 mins to kill 1 tank won't help your side very much at all
  9. Wilhuf: I don't think most of the Vanguards think the regular trooper's guns (or whatever kills them) are cheap. So far, I've only seen people complaining about rockets. (And vehicles I suppose)
  10. I've pretty much been exclusively playing Vanguards/Shock Troopers lately, and I've noticed a few things about the missile launchers: 1. Sometimes, a direct rocket hit won't kill someone. I'll shoot them in the chest with a rocket, they'll fall down, and then get back up. I thought it might have been some sort of cheat, but I've noticed it happen with bots now as well. I haven't noticed any pattern to when this happens. 2. Sometimes the Vanguard shoots only 1 missile, while other times I've had him shoot 3! Not only is this pretty weird, it completely screws with infantry target leading. 3. After reloading and bringing the launcher back up, there's a delay before you can shoot. This isn't all that big of a deal, but IMO if you have the rocket launcher back up in position, you should be able to shoot. 4. Against ships: Barring obstacles, if a rocket is locked on, it should hit the ship. The rocket shouldn't loop all around the ship or follow it for a minute -- it should hit the ship within a few seconds. Ships probably need to be tweaked in any case. It takes a ridiculous number of rockets to take ships down (except for the Republic gunship; they only take 2, which makes them pretty useless IMO) but the ships seem to fall apart at the slightest touch from other ship's guns or the Yavin AA guns. Ships also seem to be much too maneuverable. 5. Lock on: I'm starting to think this is less broken than I previously thought. With more practice, I can lock on to most things without too much trouble. There are still a few issues though: -The range could stand to be increased. -Again, once locked on, the rocket should hit within a reasonable amount of time. -Sometimes, the lock on sound will get "stuck". When this happens, the lock on sound plays when the reticle moves over droids, friendly vehicles, and sometimes just whenever it feels like playing apparently. While mostly annoying, it can make you think there is an enemy vehicle in the vicinity when there really isn't. -Why can't we lock on to jet troopers? Their jetpacks surely have some sort of signature that could be locked onto, and could help to balance things a bit. -It's counter-intuitive to have the lock on indicator bar with your ammo. For weeks I was locking on with only the indicator sound because I simply didn't notice the bar. (this seems to be the case with many things in the game) It might be nice to have the indicator on the reticle so you don't have to split your attention to different parts of the screen.
  11. That's nothing. A couple days ago, I killed Dick Cheney in an online game. (I can't seem to run over the Jedi in tanks though... what am I doing wrong?)
  12. The different pistols have different rates of fire. (and damage?) For example, the Jet Trooper's pistols can shoot quite a bit faster than any of the rocket/heavy trooper's.
  13. The Vanguards can take down vehicles more quickly and are a bit better at closer range fighting because of the dual-rocket shot. But yeah, it's really annoying.
  14. Also keep in mind that a single mine will destroy a speeder bike.
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