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  1. No, in SMI the script is something like this: If costume *** 'walk to' object CD**.cda=true Play file**.cda use codec[...blah...blah...blah...blah] Get ScummRev ver 2 or Lucas Ripper from Scumm hacking
  2. Ja,/Si,/Oui,/Sì,/Sim,/Yes, Wer tat das artwok? Ich mag die Abbildungen. Die transparenten Hintergründe, der, den Sie nicht, was Programm sehen, wurden benutzt? War es ein freies Programm? Woher würde ich dieses Programm erhalten? Ist es eine große Akte? Ich denke, daß die letzte Anzeige das alot war, das netter als das erste ist. ¿Quién hizo el artwok? Tengo gusto de los cuadros. ¿Los fondos transparentes, de que que usted no ve, qué programa fueron utilizados? ¿Era un programa libre? ¿De dónde conseguiría este programa? ¿Es un archivo grande? Pienso que el mensaje pasado era alot más agradable que primer. Qui a fait l'artwok? J'aime les images. Les milieux transparents, cela que vous ne voyez pas, quel programme ont été employés? Était-ce un programme libre? D'où obtiendrais-je ce programme? Est-ce un grand dossier? Je pense que le dernier message était alot plus gentil que le premier. Chi ha fatto il artwok? Gradisco le immagini. Gli ambiti di provenienza trasparenti, quello che non vedete, che programma sono stati usati? Era un programma libero? Dove otterrei questo programma? È una grande lima? Penso che l'ultimo messaggio sia stato alot più piacevole di quello primo. Quem fêz o artwok? Eu gosto dos retratos. Os fundos transparentes, aquele que você não vê, que programa foram usados? Era um programa livre? De onde eu começaria este programa? É uma lima grande? Eu penso de que a última mensagem era alot mais agradável do que primeiro. Who did the artwok? I like the pictures. The transparent backgrounds, that you don't see, what program was used? Was it a free program? Where would I get this program? Is it a large file? I think that the last message from Lucasarts was alot nicer than the first one. I am sure you can understand something here.
  3. Fealicks spells his name fealicks not Felix, like it is supposed to be. He is also a cool guy, for the youngest one here.
  4. That is right, You should BUY the game!!! Hold on, I have it for you... Click HERE, But SHHHH........ Don't tell anyone.
  5. First off, I loved CMI, and I loved the first and second MI's, but I have to tell you that if Ron Gilbert doesn't want tot get into legal trouble, well that is his buisiness, but I for one don't stand for trademarks. For two years, I have been working my tail off, trying to remake SMI and MI2 like CMI, but I don't care if LucasArts comes to my house, and steals my computer, kills everyone I love, I will still work on these game titles! Why? Because I am a TRUE fan. If you love something, you cannot let it go no matter what. Even through death, Hell, and grave, I'll defeat it, to do what I love. If Ron doesn't want trouble, then we'll just have to make MI5!
  6. Actually, if it is a GIF, just open it in any GIF image editor, and click SAVE AS... and it should have a quality marker, from 1 to 100, just choose like 80. My avatar is simple, but it comes from an avatar that I have had for a long time on other forums, but it was too big for the specs. or For those of you who think that is a pink man. and for those of you who don't check links in sigs,...
  7. OK, I don't have enough patience to read all of this, but who did the artwork? I am looking for a good program, that is cheap, that I can download to a DIAL-UP computer. Yeah 28.8 is really Hell. So I was told of this one fox something, but it was almost a gig, so I said, "yeah right." Can someone burn it, and send it to me, I'll pay for the CD or DVD via cash, because I don't have a bank account. Please, CD's are cheeper, but I have a DVD burner if it has to be that way. But, the artwork is really great, I like the transparencies, like the Outlaws, I hope no one minds, but I used that picture somewhere else, but I didn't alter it. And I ave the site name, where I found it. But how do you do it? Also, yeah, I think that this last time was fairly nice, not like the other message, that used the term, "terminate." I litteraly hate that word.
  8. Well, you see, MI2 has a MIDI sound interface, the only way you can rip to .ogg or .mp3, is because either the original files are monster.sou, or they are.CDA, with MI2, the files are burried in the game files, like CMI, only CMI files are digital, MI2 is MIDI. So if you really want to alter the sound files, you are going to have to do some serious hacking. Also, you will have to split the tracks up, into little tiny bits and pieces, to match the various cues. I think that CMI used cues also, but in the hot sand sequence, it doesn't work very well.
  9. I think I'll get both. Don't tell the big guys, but I am going to do some hacking. I will sparse them together like photoshop layers!
  10. FM Towns? I don't think that it is the best graphically and musically, is it? Besides, there were only two on ebay, but there were several of the other types.
  11. That's odd, I did it my own way, and I only have one problem, the tracks are off about half a second, which only makes a differance on the theme, because it is not in synchronization with the sparkles.
  12. Yes, Drowned in SMI, Then he fell into the green goo in MI2[if you don't believe me, in the dungeon where he hangs with wally, save the game, and wait for thirty minutes] And, in CMI, when he drinks the "Poison" Never played EMI...
  13. Now, I have been playing video games for a VERY long time, and one constantly reacuring problem that I have is a known WinXP/DirectX error. You go to install a game, or to play it, and a warning dialogue pops-up saying that the file Autoexec.nt is corrupt or cannot be found, it cannot support this game. Well, I say stuff you Microsoft, I have a way around it. Well, there are actually many ways around it. The problem is that you have some sort of ADware, Spyware, Cookie Tracking System, FireWall, or virus protection software, that is corrupting it. You could spent waking hours trying to find the root of the problem, or you could hack the registry not to ask for it. Although I won't explain that one, because ot causes more problems than fixes. The solution. Go into C:\windows\repair, and copy the file autoexec.nt [do NOT cut or drag the file, because you WILL need it in the future.] Now go to the System 32 foler, and paste it in there. You may notice that it didn't say anything about replacing the file. Oh well, at least it DOES work. This SHOULD be fixed by the time service pack 2 comes out. I thought it was supposed to be out a long time ago. Just like the 64bit processor support files. Well...
  14. No, I am looking around the net for Loom, yeah I know legal mumbo jumbo, but I wanted the CD version, not the floppy, when I found this at anEbay auction. Now for those of you who don't want to cluck the link, it is a very very very rare Turbo Duo edition of the classic PC game, which means that it is supposedly the best version ever made. And it is in very good working condition[according to the seller]. And it is an ever so ridiculous starting bid of $3.50 US. And the shipping is only an additional 3 bucks, so I'd say, hurry on this one. Oh, wait, why am I telling you, I want it. At least I think I do. Could someone tell me if this is something that I would want.
  15. Actually, I google for hours till I found a very simple OGG compressor, it was called OggDropXPd, all I did was opened it, and chose quality as 5, then drag-n-droped the files into the interface. Also, if you have windows, you can find a very simple dos-based wma to wav converter, in the downloads search at microsoft.com. In fact, it may seem like alot, but if you are like me, and you have all of the MI songs in lossless WMA anyway... OK, here's the deal, if you have windows 2000 with service pack 2, or XP [any version], and Windows Media Player 9.x or 10.x. Also, I have taken the liberty of providing a link for the programs that I have found both easy and reliable. WMA to Wav converter OggDropXPd Here is how you do this. Insert the SMI or Monkey Madness CD into your CD-ROM drive, and open up Windows Media Player, go to tools>options>copy music>format, and select Windows Media Audio Lossless. Now go to Copy from CD. Click burn and make sure that you say NO to the copyright notice, otherwise this WILL NOT WORK. Once you have imported(ripped) all of the songs in WMA lossles format, open the WMA to WAV program, for those of you who don't know much about dos based programs, go to run and type command. The DOS interface will POP-UP, and it will have a directory [usually C:\documents and settings\owner>] put all of the UNZIPPED converter files in THIS directory. Now, in the command window type"wma2pcm <C:\documents and settings\owner\my documents\my music\monkey(or whatever the file is where the WMA's are)> <C:\documents and settings\owner\my documents\my music\monkey1(or any empty file)>" without the quotes. DO NOT TYPE "-ext" following this prompt. After about a minute, open the newly created folder containing the .WAV files. Open OggDropXPd and drag the files in. Now move them to the directory where your game is. Make sure that they are labeled Track1.ogg Track2.ogg etc... DON'T PUT SPACES.
  16. I hope this works. AHAAA... It worked!!! OK, so is there an OGG editor, because the track starts a little bit late, and it is really quiet, just asking. But so far, I am really satisfied. Thank you so much Ben Gorman aka. BGBENNYBOY. Thanks.
  17. I have the monkey madness version on this computer, but I have it uploaded into a certain file, like this... C:\program files\lucasarts> Curse Curse Demo Revenge Revenge Demo Secret Secret Demo C:\program files\lucasarts\secret> Adlib.IMS Monkey.DOS Monkey.000 Monkey.001 Monkey.exe Monkey.ini Roland.ims Soundblas.ims Speaker.ims Track 1.ogg Track 2.ogg Track 3.ogg Track 4.ogg Track 5.ogg Track 6.ogg Etc. etc. etc... I am running ScummVM 0.6.1, the latest stable build, and the on-line readme states that all ScummVM versions over 0.3 support ogg vorbis. Also, it is ogg vorbis at quality 5, made with oggxpd, The XP drop window, the files seem to play in winAMP, but not here, are they named incorrectly or something? Do they need to be Track1, without the space, or Track01, Track 01, still cannot figure it out.
  18. Ok, I have converted all the files from monkey madness to .ogg files, now what do I do? I have them named track 1, track 2, track 3,... They are located in the same folder as SMI, and it does not work, is there something else I have to do???
  19. Hello, I am a noobie to the Lucas Forums webring, but I am NO noobie to the Monkey Island series. I really love the MI2 soundtracks, they are my favorite. Now, I love the fact that the tracks are revamped, so-to-speak from the originals, well since the original sound bytes were MIDI, and since when you rip them, they are in tiny pieces, I want to give you major props for compiling, or finding the completed versions, and putting them all in one place. I also noticed that the SMI tracks, are differant than what I have. I have the original CD version, and the Monkey Madness, and they both have the same tracks, but on the site, I didn't notice them. Are they the same as the Amigas? Also, I love the high quality MP3's, but I have dial-up, and it takes about ten minutes to download one song, will this be differant in the future, like I was reading the forum, and there was a forementioned ZIP file archive coming soon(maybe) and so I was just wanting to know when this will be up. Thank you SO much for updating my daydreams that I've been having since 1993. --MD PS, I love the artwork, especially the cd covers, you could put them in the ZIP also.
  20. I don't like it. I Like having to figure out how to die in each SCUMM game. In RPG's, you walk around a 2d overview map, and walk around and play in real-time hack and slash, or sometimes the spell/attack select. Still, not the MI I know and love. But, I don't like change. I refuse to play EMI, and when I play CMI, I used to turn the voices off, just because it was too different. Want on-line monkey fun??? In msn messenger plus, type insults from the series. A preset diologe box will appear, just like the games. And you even have to here a comeback before you can use it. You fight like a dairy farmer! First you'd better stop waving it around like a feather duster! How appropriate, you fight like a cow. I look that much like your Fiancee'? Although I like that you are an animal charmer.
  21. Casper died from a very harsh case of what I thought was polio, or something similar. Also, that caveman picture looks like one of the founders of telltale. The one all the way to the right of the picture.
  22. How do I get it, and how do I unlock it? I have a great amount of friends who have played the Monkey Island games.
  23. I have to say I never played it, because of all of the dissapointed people who played EMI. I do know that I have friends who played CMI, and never played any other Monkey Island title and loved it. It happens to be my best friends favorite game (other than Unreal). I also know people who have only played EMI and they didn't want to give the others a chance. So in a word, I guess I really need to play the game before I can trully coment on it's successes and failures. --MD
  24. Thanks, I would, but I have dial-up. I'll burn to a CD when I get to work on Tuesday.
  25. Why though does the last Akos say not available on this disk, when I in fact have the game stored on my computer. Does this mean that it is an issue with Akosview, or with CMI??? Will we truly ever know?
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