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  1. Sry Been busy, I didnt know they released the patch, It seems the old tool works with the new patch... cool less work I'll try to add the kick ,ban stuff this weekend I'll post links here when its been tested
  2. I have a release that displayes Players and scores and other real time Info but I'm waiting for the next server patch to be released I want the ability to kick/ban and change maps either way when they release the next update for the server I will release the next version for SWBFRAW32 If you have some Info that might help me or just some comments Please visit http://nolimitclan.com/cgi-bin/enuke/forum.php and post in the public star wars forum
  3. Server is up now the description is wrong the client description is with the server sry make sure you install the server in the same folder as battlefront.exe server you have to sign up to access the download section If it still won't let you you might have to wait for your account to be approved my next release will have a ton of more options thanks to this site and many others
  4. Evil Coder LOL My name is Brian Linder Owner and operator of Candlestick Computing in Western Ohio My company has been around for a little over 5 years In my spare time I like to play games. Joint Operations Being my favorite, I hooked up with the No Limit gamming clan About a year ago! Great bunch of guys. Nolimit started back in the battle Zone days so they have acquired a lot of members over the years. I have not picked up Starwars Battlefront yet but several have in our clan. To give them Remote access to the server is not an option so I created SWBFRAW32 The Beta version of the server will give you easy access to some of the extra commands. One feature I really like is if Auto restart is selected And the game crashes SWBFRAW32 will auto recover and restart the server I wanted to share with this group after all I got a lot of my information from this site and its my way of saying thank you!
  5. Client has been released waiting on our web site admin to add the server to our downloads the client has no special instructions the server must be installed in the starwarsbattlefrontPCserver folder where the battlefront.exe is kept here is the client http://nolimitclan.com/cgi-bin/enuke/download.php?list.5 I hope to see the server added today I apologize for the size of the install The software was made with Visual Basic 6 Stupid package and deployment wizard You can delete the extracted folder after install The program itself is small and light weight under 1mb
  6. http://nolimitclan.com/cgi-bin/enuke/forum_viewtopic.php?21.465 beta testing starts today
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