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  1. Name-Matt Huffman Species-human Sex- male Age- 19 Height- 6'6'' Side- sith Allegiance-kalens Occupation/rank-body guard Type-well a big one Weapons-a double bladed war sword that only i can pick up Equipment-custom armor can wiht stand a few lightsaber hits Apperance- big musclar build shaved head bar code tattooed to the back of his neck Ship: what ever his employer drives Bio: former convict
  2. thank u thank u i sm here...well for a while. I mean seriously what is up with those guys yelling and screaming like they're constapated(sp) or something and so begins teh roast of dbz
  3. this is defintely party worthy maybe we should invite the tubbies or the powerpuff girls over it would be better then hanging out with the db dorks ROFL
  4. (kicks jedi goku in the nuts then walks away from this thread) tellitubbies>dbz
  5. i know i am at the stupidity of the character that is goku i think vegeta doesn't show off he is just over confident
  6. i hate goku i wish vegeta could have killed him or anyone at that
  7. the man thing i didn't like about dbz was the long ass battles like goku vs. freiza i don't mind battles being 2 or 3 episodes long but around 15 is just dumb i was begining to lose interest in the show
  8. dbz is way better than powerpuff girls i know that it isn't the best anime but it is better than powerpuff girls hands down
  9. Los Illuminados has prevailed in sending ashley back to the U. S. and now the country is in pieces Osmund Saddler has complete control now of the country but there are many factions trying to take him out of power so trying to restore the U. S. others to conquer it... Char layout Name- code name- age- sex- faction-umblera(pm for permission),civil,swat,newly formed stars,or your one rebel faction,Los Illuminados rank- weapons- appearance- bio- _______________ Name-Matt Huffman code name-Spade age-28 sex-male faction-umblera rank-commander of the new U. B. C. S. weapons-custom tmp and kukrai knife appearance-like HUNK from re4 bio-highly trained genetically altered soilder he and his unit is umbleras trump card to regain control. He is higly trained in all froms of combat inculding martial arts. ________________________ hq-"this is hq to spade do u read over" spade-"yes i copy over" hq-"we are picking up large amounts of las plagas in the ware house in front of u...kill all of them and burn the ware house" spade-"10-4 over and out"
  10. yes there is also random crap anime to but not fooly cooly
  11. sometimes u think that an anime is kiddish but most people fail to relize the deeper plot of the matter like fooly cooly people think it is just a bunch of random crap but in actuality it is about growing up if u get past all the chaos
  12. 1. Fooly Cooly 2. Rurouni Kenshin 3. Dbz 4. Samurai Deeper 5. Full metal Alchemist 6. Naurto 7. One piece 8. Ghost in the shell 9. ANimatrix(if u count it) 10. Inu.
  13. naruto is okay it isn't the best but it is still good it is about these kids training to become ninjas
  14. FOOLY COOLY i love it belive or not it has a really deep story line about growing up i thought i benefited from it other ones i like are -trigun -ruroni kenshin -gundam (wing and g) -naruto -samurai deeper -fullmetal alchemist -outlaw star -dbz
  15. WHERe:eek: where are our rps OMG are they gone
  16. arrgh(brushes away jubus) stupid minor demons
  17. (starts to twirl gun) well zaiden are u ready to leave this hell hole of a planet
  18. (blocks an arrow and dashs forward and cuts a spartan in half rite in front of him while confedrate soilders pile into the fort) ha ha we shall win
  19. (matt scales up the wall with another battilion of troops and confronts krow) Face it u lose trying to protect this fort is a waste of human life move on this one is ours(draws sword and slashes 3 oncoming guards in half)
  20. ooc-so long chains one less pain in my side now if only i could find chris
  21. u got it (dips arrows in a near by torch) U best duck josh (fires a burning arrow and and hits another archer who immdeitly catchs fire) ooc-nice rping guys keep it up
  22. Man do i love u zarbarks(moves arm around)
  23. (a scout comes to matt and josh)dremount is scaling the wall excellent lets go take that fort (cannons redirect fire towards the middle of the castle allowing us to advance to the inside of the castle) lets go josh it is our time now (pulls the arrow out of his back and fires it at krow before they take off)
  24. (jumps on joshes horse then gives the signal to the men to fall back and the cannons to proceed to plumlbe there wall) Dremount is relible i trust him he will pull threw (picks up a long bow and fires and kills an archer rite next to krow) that man(points to krow) he is one of their leaders (hands josh a bow focus on him)
  25. IGNITE YOUR TORCHES MEN THIS BASE WILL BE ASHES(men begin lighting the the fort a flame) SPARE NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN(beheads a guard to the front door when matt gets hit by an arrow in the back)AAHHHHHHH(matt falls off horse but contiunes to fight)d*mn u house of high (cuts another royal guard down) JOSH GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME OR I WILL BE KILLED(BLOCKS a sword but then gets hit in the chest with a club)AAAAHHHHH(implaes the guy who hit him) *matt thought to himself i might die here hopefully that battilon gets threw*
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