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  1. That was my first thought too. However, this is only during the diving sequence. It is white again when swimming around. Also I took a look at the game resources, and it looks like a bug to me. While the game has colors 192 - 207 reserved for Guybrush so light effects can be applied without affecting background or other actors. This particular gray though is color 63. Also the colors 192 - 207 are already adjusted to give him a wet look.
  2. I took a look at this. There's nothing wrong with the ScummVM version. It's in the boot script. There is this variable initialized which tells ScummVM to turn subtitles on, thus overriding the scummvm.ini setting. It was probably a remainder from older SCUMM versions and no longer required. Just removed it, and the problem is fixed.
  3. I noticed those samples. Are you sure, they are actually used in game? The scripts simply pick a random number between 1 and 32.
  4. Sounds more like a combing issue to me. Like some last minute recordings at an inappropriate location. Something like that. I kept variations where adequately available. You'll love begging for the bucket.
  5. I'll do it like I did with MI1. You can choose between keeping the original dialog or matching the voice acting just by pressing CTRL-q. When keeping the original text, I still use the voice file if the difference is minor. For instance, "ghost busting stud" vs. "LeChuck busting stud". For the helium lyrics (and looking into the mirror at Rum Rogers too), they are completely different. Those would be silent in original text mode. For the "nice object", I use the existing samples, obviously. Some objects do have named samples. For the remaining, I think, I'll stay with one nice variation, as the others are of low quality. I'm not sure how the SE handles this. I got the samples sorted though. I've already got a working classic game. Now I have to write the installer, so it can be released. There is a system variable probably meant for this, but it doesn't seem to work in the interpreter version I use. I don't need it anyways. Like I said, CTRL-q should do what you need here.
  6. This game has the most confusing voice acting credits I've ever seen. I analyzed the voice filenames, and found some which are never mentioned in the game. I sorted them so far: - Frank, Fred and Fin are the Men of Low Moral Fiber, credited as Franklin, Freddy and Phineas in MI1SE. - Larry, Crutch and Windy are the spitting contest audience. - Greg is the fellow working with Rich. - Skeleton and Moose are the party guests at the window. - Fairy is one of the party guests to the left. The other one uses filenames with ZUL. - Potman is one of the party guests at the table. The other one uses filenames with DUD. - Clown is one of the party guests to the right. The other one uses filenames with PIG. - Grillcook is the cook in Elaine's mansion. - Sentry is Augustus DeWaat. - Dealer is the roulette dealer. Actually, the roulette dealer is names Fred, too. But due to a script bug, this is never revealed. And I have no clue what ZUL and DUD might stand for. I guess, those, the pig and Guybrush's dad are the "additional voices" then.
  7. A new version with some minor upgrades I forgot to include in the RC1: http://www.mediafire.com/?ujyh1hxc9w9igz9 v1.0 RC2: - Environment sounds mixed into Scumm Bar music. - No Charles Atlas, but Guybrush now says: "He's pretty creepy." (a voiced line) which makes more sense than "No thanks. I'd rather not touch any of this creepy voodoo stuff." when you just look at it. (enhanced CD) - Swordmaster invisible after showing the kidnapper's note. (v0.5 beta) - Wrong colors with some boot params. (v1.0 RC1) - Walking off path after visiting Sword Master's (enhanced CD)
  8. It's not only the iMuse data. You also would need to play multiple tracks simultaneously, which is impossible with CD audio.
  9. This is yet to be discussed with the ScummVM team. Unfortunately, they give very little priority to fan patches. So don't expect it to be there in the near future. Of course, anyone able to compile ScummVM for further systems is welcomed to post it here. Of course, you might try official builds. Sometimes, older versions might work. If it does, you would only miss on those two things mentioned above. The game should still run fine otherwise. In case you're thinking of tricking ScummVM to believe it is running Indy4 by renaming the files (yes, the game does start then), this has one catch: Savegames don't work this way.
  10. Version v1.0 release candidate 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?6oo543u1tyb85hj Improvements in this version: - "Raff." with a Guybrush sample when the dog is talking. (v0.5 beta) - Low volume in DOS. Now it starts with the same default volume the original game had. In addition to that, your adjusted volume can be saved to monkey.cfg. (v0.5 beta) - Subtitle mode toggle added. - Title sequence now uses iMuse for beat matching instead of inaccurate timers. (v0.5 beta) - Dialog option "You say you got a key from the locals?" did appear only if Guybrush did NOT learn about the key. Now it is the other way around. (all versions) - Dialog option "You're the only one on the island?" was availabe instead of "So you're not the only one on the island?" under some circumstances, even when he just told about the key he got from the locals. (all versions) - Stan did say "Inflation works in the other direction, you know." when you offer the same amount twice, even if your previous offer was less. (all versions) - Stan had no voice for many possible values. This is now fixed for anything up to 10950 pieces of eight. (Special Edition) - The porthole defogger now is actually worth something. (all versions) - It was possible to burn the feather pen and get stuck. (all versions) The modified ScummVM source: http://www.mediafire.com/?1u6cpr1ki0q3a8q This minor modification was required for two reasons: - Better support the options menu, since orignal ScummVM assumes that the enhanced CD has neither MIDI nor voice acting. - Even worse, original ScummVM refuses to use the string save feature, unless it is an Indiana Jones game. I use this feature to save the preferences (Spiffy mode, narator mode and subtitle mode).
  11. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Ultimate Talkie Edition Projekt (Monkey2 Classic with Special Edition Voices) *Help wanted!* Known Problems: Sometimes, the wrong sample plays right after opening/closing Stan's coffin. The game may hang if trying to open the coffin after nailed shut. Feel free to be a beta tester: The Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder: MI2_Ultimate_Talkie_Edition_Builder_0.2.zip F.A.Q.: Q: What is the aim of this project? A: The aim is to put the voices from the Special Edition into the original PC version of the game, like a classic talkie release (like DotT, Fate, etc.). Q: Will you be able to make it so the music files can be replaced by the special edition versions? A: No. This is impossible to do with SCUMM V5 as it is. This would require a complete rewrite of the music engine, which is not in the scope of this project. Q: Are you including the narrator's lines? A: The narrator will be available, but you can turn him off, if you don't like him. Q: What help is needed? A: Beta testing. Feel free to download, play and report any issues. Q: Will this work for people who don't have the Special Edition? A: No. You will need the Special Edition game in order to access the voice files. For legal reasons we cannot distribute the voice files (or any other game files). Q: Will this work for people who don't have the DOS version? A: Yes. There is a complete copy of the required game data files inside the SE files, which can be easily extracted. Q: If I use the game files embedded in the Special Edition, will the SE bugs be present? A: No. The bugs in the Special Edition Classic Mode come from the new interpreter, not the actual data files. Q: Since it's for the DOS version, will it actually run in DOS? A: You can play it on a DOS machine, with DOSBox or with ScummVM. Q: Do you have any other features planned (like "fixing" the VGA version, etc.)? A: Of course. Like it was done in the MI1 Ultimate Talkie Edition too. Fortunately, MI2 has much less bugs, though, since it wasn't ported so much.
  12. Eventually. I guess, I should start a new thread for it.
  13. Is it just me, or can someone reproduce this one problem? It's the CTRL-p shortcut. It works fine in ScummVM and in DOSBox. On my old PC however, it doesn't. Neither in native DOS nor with Windows 95 running. The keyboard is fine, as other shortcuts work as ususal. Also the p-key invokes the "pick up"-verb as expected. All of you with a true DOS machine capable of natively running SCUMM V5, could you please check, if CTRL-p works for you? Just start the game and skip all cutscenes until you arrive at the dock and press CTRL-p. I want to know, if this is some issue I should fix in the game, or if my old PC is just playing some strange tricks on me.
  14. And now, real-time sample splicing: Now, Stan can say any possible value up to 10950 pieces of eight. The existing samples are still use of course. The splicing script is only called for those cases where no pre-recorded sample exists. And I think, it is a bug that the porthole defogger has no price. I set it to 450, like all the other extras. Not only are some samples recorded under the assumptions that each extra costs 450, there is also this line by Stan in every version of the game: "TWO THOUSAND LOUSY PIECES OF EIGHT!?!". With the ability to reduce the price a further 450 by not taking the porthole defogger, it is actually possible to get the ship for 2000. The existence of that line make me think, that it was the actual intention to begin with. Plus, it doesn't seem like Stan to give that for free. The only restriction I have still in place when voice-only-mode is used: Your first offer can not be higher then 3000. Once you said your first offer, all options are available again, like it was in the original game. Although this splicing script requires a bunch of print instructions to be executed in order to form the sentence, I managed to have the '.'-key usable to skip the line in its entirety.
  15. Which is what those sub-folders contain respectively. Did you set the sample rate to 44100 Hz in ScummVM? I'll see what can be done. Probably not all of them.
  16. Actually, the installer should convert both versions ready to use in ScummVM. Are there files missing for some reason? What does your MI1_Ultimate_Talkie_Edition folder exactly look like? That's a different matter altogether. Those noises are in a separate file. Unlike in CMI and EMI, the SE music files have no noises mixed in most of the time.
  17. I did. In fact, I implemented it like described in my analysis above. This works better than in the SE, which just used the wrong numbers in case there is no voice file. It will be in the next version. You can choose between keeping the original lines, for which some have no voice. Or you can play with voiced lines only, so you will get a 100% talkie. This switch will also affect the swordmaster insult, the ship's kitchen floor, and the stump joke.
  18. Some analysis for Stan's price ideas. The left half of the table has all cases which have a voice file, the right half has the cases which don't. From left to right, numbers decrease by 450, which is the price for each extra (except for the porthole defogger, which is for free). The first offer you make sets the value to 10000 (which includes all extras). Following offerings changes the price in the opposite direction by half of the difference to the first offer. Which results in possible steps of 500. Going away reduces the price 3 times. 1st by 1000, 2nd by 500 and finally by 100. Therefore going a way 2 times mostly results in prices already taken care of. The 3rd going away has less overlappings. You can see a pattern in most of the voiced files, but also some oddities. - 4800 is missing from a somewhat regular pattern, but let's ignore this detail for the moment. - Giving anything other than 2000 as the first offer isn't considered at all. - The follow up offer may be 5000, 4000 or 2000. - After going away once, the follow up offers may be 5000, 3000 or 2000. - After going away a second time, it is 4000 or 2000. - Going away a 3rd time results in many unvoiced prices in any case. For the impossible prices, the director apparently assumed that all 7 extras reduce the price by 450, since those would continue the existing rows. Now, for making sure that the price you get is voiced, what would I do? I have some ideas so far: - If the player offers 2000, then 4000, I have to disable the option to leave, since this would result in unavailable prices? - I have to prevent leaving a second time, unless the player offered 2000. - Leaving a 3rd time could be prevented completely. Or alternatively, I could just disable the price reducing effect. - All offers leading to unvoiced lines have to be disabled. So far, this might be slightly confusing, but still very playable. But there is still the ugly part about the missing 4800. I could just cheat a bit and let Stan say 5250 instead, since he won't hesitate to sell for that price anyway. Of course, those restrictions would be completely optional. Just you can do with Spiffy and the narrator, you could just choose between completeness and voice coverage mode. What do you think? Sea Monkey price voiced: Sea Monkey price silent: regular prices after any offers and after going away one or two times: 7000 6550 6100 5650 5200 4750 4300 7500 7050 6600 6150 5700 5250 4800 8000 7550 7100 6650 6200 5750 5300 8500 8050 7600 7150 6700 6250 5800 9000 8550 8100 7650 7200 6750 6300 9500 9050 8600 8150 7700 7250 6800 10000 9550 9100 8650 8200 7750 7300 10500 10050 9600 9150 8700 8250 7800 11000 10550 10100 9650 9200 8750 8300 11500 11050 10600 10150 9700 9250 8800 possible prices after going away three times: 6900 6450 6000 5550 5100 4650 4200 7400 6950 6500 6050 5600 5150 4700 7900 7450 8400 7950 8900 8450 9400 8950 9900 9450 impossible prices, but voiced nevertheless: 5350 5850 6850
  19. Of course, if they had any intention to remove that line, they'd probably just done that, instead of leaving it in a buggy script. I considered it, but I didn't. After all, it was removed for legal reasons indeed. I should add the script back without that line though. That would be at least useful for the German version, which had an unproblematic line here. And for playing with no voice, it is possible the same way it is in Fate of Atlantis, since it is the exact same SCUMM engine. However, the original game has some moving or flashing subtitles. Those effects had to be removed in order to make it work properly. Also several sound effects won't play with voice acting turned off. Sorry for those inconveniences. Maintaining silent playing really was not a priority, since adding voice was the whole point to begin with.
  20. The issue with low music volume in DOS is solved. No help needed anymore here. It will be in the next version. I don't intend to add much special edition content anyway. Voice and sound was my intention. The soundtrack even is optional. I didn't even add those ships at the Scumm Bar, as I already pointed out, they don't fit in this project. I like to see what other patches can do, though. The main thing I intend to do with it now is fixing the remaining bugs, if any. Then, I'll see if I can get an install wizard working, and I would call it final. Things still possible: adding a final Spiffy, once we decided on any. After that, it is open for debate, if we still need the EGA scan version. And animating the candles in the Scumm Bar and possibly in the church closeup.
  21. Just get the SE, download the patch: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0I4TKF6T Install it and enjoy. If you notice anything wrong, just report the issue right here. In case you (or anyone else) don't have the SE yet and wonder if it's worth buying it just for this patch, watch some actual gameplay here:
  22. Did you actually play this "Deluxe Edition"? It was among the first things I fixed.
  23. Well, does not really fit in with all those altered buildings. I would appreciate seeing your enhancing job finished and available as an English version too, though. I'm willing to help coding the ships object in, so that they only appear until all the pirates are gone. If I can have an appropriate animation. Each candle with one alternative frame should do. That would be the way it's done in the kitchen. The church closeup is probably much more work than this. And the correct clipping has to be implemented too, which is no issue in the Scumm Bar. No promises here.
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