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  1. Here is what I used: Feel free to use it as a background. If possible, keep those colors in order, as SCUMM works more efficient that way. Just fixed.
  2. I think, picking up the whole root was the point. It belongs to the cannibals, and Guybrush brings it back. And the inventory is pretty clear on that, too. This was a pretty obvious bug, anyway. Guybrush did also say, that the crate is empty, while open.
  3. The Secret of Monkey Island - Ultimate Talkie Edition Project V0.9 beta: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0I4TKF6T - Ultimate Talkie Edition Project credits added. - Adlib Soundtrack added. - FLAC and Ogg Vorbis support for highest quality in ScummVM. - Removed the panning when talking to Spiffy in closeup modes, since it doesn't serve a purpose here. - Ram leak when interrupting playing sounds. (v0.6 beta) - "<ADVERTISEMENT>" broken when stump joke or death joke was presented first. (v0.8 beta) - Using alt-w causes a script error during the intro sequence. (v0.8 beta) - Scumm Bar does not scroll after going through all Spiffy dialog. (v0.5 beta) - Voodoo antiroot crate requires the tools when opening it again. (all versions) - Voodoo antiroot crate comment "I don't see anything special about it. Except that big glowing voodoo antiroot inside.", even if Guybrush already grabbed it. (all versions) - Improved cauldron colors in the voodoo shop. (all VGA versions) - Storekeeper's comment on Guybrush pretending to wait tables. (all versions). - Estevan's eye colors. Now it looks like a glas eye again. (enhanced CD) - Estevan's fear eye animation. (all VGA versions) - Candles at Stan's not animated. (all versions) - Candles in the Scumm Bar kitchen are now animated as they were in the demo. - Swordmaster invisible after showing the kidnapper's note. (v0.5 beta) - More sound tweaking: Jail doors and chests included. And it should run fine in DOS now. - Some more ambient tracks. - Punch sound added to Men of Low Moral Fiber.
  4. Nice work. You can easily define new SOUN resources for CD tracks. It is documented here: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/SCUMM/Technical_Reference/Sound_resources#Early_v5_-_CD_tracks Of course, you need to alter the scripts to play those you need too. Currently, sound 179 and up are free to use. Unless I decide to implement some more sounds. I probably won't though, unless it needs to be played while the screen is scrolling, which isn't possible with monster.sou I don't think that I'm going to fix every architectural issue. Believable connectivity was never their strength it seems. I mainly fix obvious bugs. Nice, but on second thought, not really in the scope of my intention. I always thought, that the dock felt too empty at the beginning. But including the ships has the opposite effect when all pirates are gone. Then it suddenly feels too cluttered. I would consider implementing it, if I could have a version without the ships too, but with the dock in the background still there. I would prefer to keep the original Scumm Bar, though. We could reuse the sunset object for the ships, which is still there, but not used. Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, another script bug present in every single version of the game. I already fixed a very similar issue in the circus. It's the kind, which only gets noticed when voiced. Btw. you don't have to make a video for bugs when they are reliable reproducible. Just note which line doesn't work properly would do.
  5. For leg alterations, please use this as a base and keep it full size: I can integrate it much smoother when resizing it from a highres image.
  6. Those particular graphic errors are all fixed in my v0.8 beta patch. And unfortunately, the LucasRipper misses frames on many costumes.
  7. Indeed, cutting the shoe any further looks silly. The Guybrush custom sprite is too small to cut out a higher part if his body, despite the HD nature. The alternative would be just using the dog without any part of Guybrush. How about this:
  8. I won't make stuff from other Monkey Island games a requirement. Of course, you could just replace the existing tracks with whatever you want. I know, that won't be much, but this is not in the scope of this project. The under water environment track will be probably in the next version too. Nice ships in the background of the Scumm Bar, though. Can I have that image? If I can figure out a way, I'd like to have them as objects, so they appear there at the beginning of the game, and later can be removed when all the customers are gone. Are there more altered graphics not seen in the video (other then changed texts)? What tools did you use to encode those images?
  9. No problem. You should wait with that for the final version, though. A German version is planned as well and will be likely available at http://la-patches.gandimann.de/ eventually. Some scripts were even altered to be more localization friendly. Also, toggling narrator support is there for "Deep in the Caribbean", "The Isle of Melee". It just needs a voice files.
  10. How about this one? Edit: This is what it will look in game:
  11. Probably possible. But I don't think this really fits for several reasons. - The story is told from Guybrush's point of view, which makes a closeup rather out of place here. - The style doesn't really fit. Other closeups are more photo realistic, while this one is an obvious drawing. - The colors don't match. The entire face is off and that bright coat looks more like Bob's then LeChuck's. What version of MI1SE do you have? What happens, if you run extract_classic.exe inside the tools folder?
  12. If I could have a PNG with transparent edges with the appropriate aspect ratio, I'll redo it just like this. Maybe, we should use a slightly different frame, so that we don't have the left edge of Guybrush's leg to bother with, and at the same time, the dog would be slightly less cut off.
  13. Like this? I thickened the leg here, though it still looks a bit thin with the proper aspect ratio. Doing it any thicker makes the shoe seem out of place somehow. Anyway, the transparent edges were very helpful indeed. Did you get any error message when running the patch? Well, you might missed it between all those texts. My next version checks some error levels and pauses the processing when errors are detected, so you can read the messages properly. What files are there in the folder? That list might give me an idea what's wrong.
  14. I managed to do that. 239 colors used. The background colors are copied from Mancomb and use the right dithering. Or should the gradient a bit stronger like this?
  15. That looks almost usable to me. The background gradient should use Bayer dithering to be consistent with the other closeups. (Very noticeable at the Loom guy) And Guybrush's leg seems odd. It could use a bit more diameter at the bottom end, I guess. And some dithering too. Any type which fits, as there really is no consistency to break with that. And of course, his pants and shoes should be dark gray instead of blue.
  16. Another idea popped up, for which I could need help: Are there any talented voice impersonators around here? Since we have some missing lines for Carla, Guybrush, the narrator and Stan. - Carly needs 3 lines added. Most important, the missing insult. - For Guybrush, it is the stump joke and the noises he makes when lying on the kitchen floor on the Sea Monkey. - The narrator should read "Deep in the Caribbean", "The Isle of Melee", to be consistent with other announced locations. - Stan is missing a bunch of price ideas. If a talented Stan is found, I would make a list of all price ideas possible and order it to the missing ones. As I use sox as a tool, I also could splice just the new numbers into the original recording, if it turns out right. We would need the voice acting in any case, though. One catch, though: While it is really just a command line parameter in ScummVM, it is not that simple to use in DOS. You have to enter debug mode in order to use it. Most SCUMM versions let you just enter a number on the command line, but the talkie enabled SCUMM V5 unfortunately doesn't. The alternative would be a keyboard shortcut. How is that? On the downside, you would have to activate this mode after you started the game rather than immediately. Just like the narrator mode. On the other hand, if you change your mind, you could toggle it any time.
  17. Good point. Indeed, the panning doesn't serve a purpose anymore. The animation should be easy to implement. In the SE graphics, we see Guybrush's feet. I think, both can work, if the perspective is right. I'm aware of this. I'll ask SimSaw if we can do this with the current tools. It's on my todo list. Should be possible. I'll consider it. You might just hit the "."-key to skip his text. Also, you really could just put everything in the pot. This is a foolproof recipe. I don't think that they exactly fit the mood. I'd rather not use any MI2:SE sounds, as this would make that game a requirement too, which would be overkill. I suppose, I could do this. I once heard it in some version which had a sound here (most don't). I think, I'll change it to 100_Ghost_Die.wav, though. I think, a separate version is a bit over the top. A boot param could be implemented to switch those scenes off. Would that serve your needs? There is a perfect system behind Stan's price ideas. There is no easy fix to cover all possible voice files. I could improve the coverage a lot by only allowing selecting 2000 as the first offer, though. This would eliminate any price ideas above 10000 at least (which all have no voice file), but also might seem strange to only have one option available at first. And some news: - I managed to convert MIDI to Adlib. Normally, I'd say, there is still room for tweaking, but unfortunately, I'd have to rewrite the tool to do so. I accidentally damaged some of them in progress. While they sound different to the floppy version, I think, they are quite listenable as I got them now. Due to a completely different sound engine in SCUMM V5, they probably never will sound exactly the same anyways. Hear for yourself in the upcoming version. - The other lost is my tool to calculate the voice file offsets and create the voices.tbl file used by the build_monster tool. In order to support flac, mp3 and ogg vorbis, and without resampling, I need native file offsets included in that file, so the current version does not work anymore. I have to rewrite that tool. - Anyway, a few more tweaks and bug fixes in the game are already done, and project credits will be added. The remaining sound problems in native DOS should be fixed too. A few sounds will remain only available in ScummVM, though, due to missing polyphony in native SCUMM V5.
  18. If anyone can provide a better one, please do so. Here are some guidelines: - It should stay true to the original intention, of course. - The image should include Guybrush. - The image must be in 256 color format. - The image may use any color palette, as long as it doesn't use the first 16 colors. - The image size must be either 320x144 or 320x200. (which is approximately 16:9 or 4:3, ie. pixels aren't square) Also very welcome would be MIDI versions of the cannibal music and of the hijack scene.
  19. Good idea. I think, I will use that name for the next version. Unless someone has an even better suggestion.
  20. New Version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i11854818pk355w/MI1_CD_Talkie_Version_Builder_0.8.zip v0.8 beta: - The narrator is now available on CTRL-a. - Talk color for the voodoo lady. (enhanced CD) - The codewheel query now works as intended. (v0.5 beta) - Mancomb's missing chair and blue scum. (all VGA versions) - Cyan pixels in spinning Scumm Bar pirates. (all VGA versions) - missing sign on the ghost ship deck. (all versions except EGA) - Various costume regressions. (enhanced CD) - Shaking animation of grog machine. (enhanced CD) - LeChuck removing his sheriff costume has a cyan beard for a brief moment. (all VGA versions) - downward flying LeChuck has flashing hands. (all VGA versions) - line with missing voice at the Loom guy. (v0.5 beta) - Lookout dialog. (v0.5 beta) - Firework colors and lightning effect. (all VGA versions) - Too bright costume palette in some rooms. (enhanced CD) - Torch colors in jail. (enhanced CD) - Lamp in mansion light color. (enhanced CD) - Colored corner at the sign on the banana tree. (enhanced CD) - Jolly Roger still visible on the mast after cooking. (all versions) - Added additional notices for restored jokes to prevent misunderstandings.
  21. Thanks. This made me find typos in no time. Very helpful improvement.
  22. Currently, I convert all samples to Soundblaster friendly 22050 Hz, 8 bit, mono. Which is what the other Talkies for DOS did, except Loom (which is CD audio) and Indy4 (which has needlessly low 11025 Hz only). Hence, besides those exceptions, it DOES match the classic talkies. Though, since I plan to support a ScummVM version without resampling at all, I have to implement support for multiple sample rates anyway, so a user selectable rate should be no problem to support in the final version.
  23. It would be exactly the same work. What the SE actually does has nothing to do with this project, or how ScummVM works.
  24. New version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bc2iijyktusr0c7/MI1_CD_Talkie_Version_Builder_0.7.zip - Converting CD audio and SE music tracks. (v0.6 beta) - "Thanks" at Stan with wrong voice. (v0.5 beta) - Picking up yellow flower not animated. (all versions) - Yellow petal is green at Stan's (enhanced CD) - Random swordfighting pirates have all the same colors (enhanced CD) - Firework colors and lightning effect. (all VGA versions) - Blue floor color in the kitchen door from the Scumm bar, despite the kitchen has a brown floor. (enhanced CD). - Beat the swordmaster cheat re-implemented. Cheats are only available in debug mode. - Safe sound not playing for every move. (ScummVM problem with the SE sound) - Added sounds for Scumm Bar chef crying, LeChuck punching Guybrush and Stan, grog machine crash and shaking, monkeys eating bananas, monkey head key and monkey bride. - Added ambient tracks for Melee Town and Monkey Island river. - Added accentuation differences of right and wrong insult's replies. - Debug keys on unfeasible combinations. (DOSbox defaults, ScummVM and even native SCUMM V5)
  25. They should, if I didn't miss anything. If you notice any errors, please report them right here. What I'm still doing is basically some tweaking with sounds, timing etc. to make it the perfect version. There were quite some obvious and also not so obvious goofs in the original scripts. See the readme for details.
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