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  1. we got a match vs 506th and ORG very soon, are there any other clans out with enough members that are capable of fighting us? i would be a shame if only a handful of clans are capable of delivering enough members for a decent match
  2. do you got a gameserver? cus a lot of clans dont have a server so if you play a match, they cant even arrange one, so the opponent has to host. Its still a irritating thing with a lot of clans.
  3. The 422nd is interested, ill post something
  4. arent there any clans that want a match? so far i only got 3 replies on challenges with 1 match so far. If any clan wants a match, post something on our challenge forum and we could arrange something
  5. to add our clan to the list: 422nd infantry we're a fun based clan for the pc with members from around europe, we have no age restriction, but most of us are adults(we dont behave like adults, but still;)) .We have no try-outs since we dont believe in individual quality, after all if you play a match its all about teamwork! Atm we have 15 members playing BF so we got enough players for a match, although our opponents usually limit the number of players. We do not ask much of you, just be online a few hours a week, post some messages and attend some trainings and matches once in a while.
  6. we just had our first match and waiting for more! if you want a match post on our forum
  7. the 422nd infantry is looking for matches, 4 vs 4 or 10 vs 10 anyway you want, our usual start time is 20.00 GMT. we are also recruiting, visit www.422nd.com my msn is elmotheanimal@hotmail.com my icq number is 277-127-621
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