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  1. i take it from recent posts that there are still some of you playing RC? i put it away a while back, then i lost my play disc... last time i played there were very very few people playing, has it improved any in the last few years?
  2. im sure many do, but for ppl like me, and others, i thought it would be nice
  3. i guess so.... i guess i just like the idea of specialties.... is that so bad?!?!!? im sure someone, somewhere, will come up with a good way to do it
  4. since it is so new i guarantee you won't have trouble ebaying it. I wish i had been able to find my video card on ebay, cause i didn't want to fork out $200US on a 6800GT AGP, i had to settle for a Radeon 9200, to hold me off until i can sell a kidney, or two...
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but i'd sure like to know if i'm playing against other LFNers, so i decided to make a thread that would tell me just that, so please, everyone, post whatever name(s) you use on Republic Commando, so i can' tell who i'm fighting ------------- My Names: LT_Kettch laeckcrov
  6. usually when carrying a sniper rifle, my secondary weapon is my belov'd concussion rifle. I don't see the point in switching weapon right when you see a close combat foe, in the time it takes to pull out the new one, you'll be hurting pretty badly, so, i just start hacking away with my sniper rifle, i mean sure, it has a slow ROF, and sure its a pain to aim, but i'd rather die fighting then die switching weapons. and if you manage to hit them with the sniper rifle, and they don't die, you can be sure a hard wish willl kill them, so thats when you whip out your fun weapon, you don't even have to aim well, you will kill them, i mean, i just grab my conc and start shooting, usually just the outskirts of the AE will finish them off... not to mention, it's FUN!!!!
  7. well, AA has limited ammo, only 4 shots, so the ammo boxes for aa wouldn't be as frequent as those for other weapons, basically, you would have to be very careful with your ammo, because it would be hard to find, whereas sniper or shotgun or somethign would havea lot of ammo available
  8. hmm, i voiced a similar idea to shok earlier, but, i must say i think its a good idea for an idea. you would have to change it so people could carry three weapon types tho, your class weapon (and i would hope you would only get to choose between the normal weapons, like: rifle, sniper, AA, and shotgun), then of course you wouldget your pistol, and the third weapon slot would carry a weapon you just picked off the ground, which could be any other weapon except for the class weapons. ammo would be in ammo boxes, not found on other guns or corpses. yes, it would have a battlefield/battlefront feel to it, but i think it may work...
  9. unless of course you are talking about me instead of shok, in which case, yeah, i saw it, yeah, i knew you were kidding, but i figured it would do the whiners some good to see someone chastised, and it ended up being a crappy add on to shoks review anyway:(
  10. a nerf badly?!?!?!?! are you serious?!?!?! it gets 5 shots in quick succession, then has to recharge, basically, you can fire like one shot/sec infinately, or 5 take a break, etc. Seriously, if you are halfway decent with any weapon, a pistol user is easy to take down.... a rifle is the best way to deal with them IMO (or ACP repeater, for you lizards out there) just spray at their head.... or torso, you have a much higher rate of fire than they do....
  11. I have nothing to contribute to this thread , so I shall go make lemonade.
  12. don't be worried about the draft, even if it does come, it isn't that big of a deal
  13. it won't kill it, they are two very different games, BF is like BF (front and field), but both are different enough from halo2 that they won't be affected, and yes, play both
  14. hehe, sawing-ff shotguns is funny, but yeah, ever since guns have been in use, people have been modding them, my favorite has to be the "slip-trigger", in which simply rubbing the trigger or hammer will set off the gun(many criminals accidentally hurt themselves with this) but i think it is cut and dried, we should uphold the constitution, otherwise, what validity does it hold?
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