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    not jail time.....yet.Knives,guns,knives,girls,....did i mention knives
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    Mastering both sides of the fo
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    Knives books video games
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  1. im stuck on nar shadaa after you kill the squidhead and you take conrtol of t3 to get into the hutts warehouse it syas you need to break this code and i need to know how to.Can anyone help me out here?
  2. *scales wall behind matt and slashes at other gaurds on top of the wall*"COME ON BOYS LETS TAKE IT FOR OURSELVES"
  3. 1.immortality 2.force lighting 3.mind toture 4.flight(or teleportation) 5.super speed
  4. OOC-krow's right your too godly if you're a ghost chains
  5. OOC-chains just because stingerhs does that doesn't mean you can,ok so where can we go with this from here guys
  6. "KEEP PRESSING THEM IN MEN THEY WILL GIVE EVENTUALLY"*slices more house soldiers while matt shoots flaming arrows at them*"FIX BAYONETTES AND CHARGE"*the batallion fixes bayonettes and charges the army reppelling them back farther in the courtyard*"KEEP GOING!!!"
  7. "hehe what can i say im an artist when it comes to mechanics"*puts away tools*"So shall we take chains ship?"
  8. "HAAAA"*calls to soldiers*"COME ON BOYS TO THE CASTLE,RAAAAAAA"*charges the castle with matt behind him*"Matt take this bow and give me some cover fire while i make swiss chesse out of these guys"
  9. "HAHAHA"8points at burning chains*"Sure thing cyborg"*starts to work on cyborgs arm*
  10. "MATT IM COMING"*rides to matts aid and slices surrounding enemies*"Sir we must pull back for the time being!Until we can get battalions here we are killing our own men.Lets pull back out of bow range and wait"
  11. "COME ON BOYS WE MUST HOLD THEM UNTIL THE CATAPAULTS GET HERE"*slices them two at a time until he is suddenly pulled from his horse"AAAA"*he hits the ground springing back to his feat in an instant sword drawn and begins lopping heads from house soldiers until he re-mounts his horse*"Ok sir im fine now lets get those battalions up here"
  12. "Yea hehehehehe"*reloads gun*"When do we leave?"
  13. "CHARGE"*rides to the front with matt leading the army to the gates*"RAAAAAAAAAAAA"
  14. my favorite worlds are... Dxun,Korriban,Dantooine, Worlds i hate... Peragus Citadel Station grrrrrrrrrrr
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