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  1. I can't say about the consoles, but on the PCs, the main time I see a bunch of kids wineing and cursing at each other is on the Hero Assualt servers. I don't see many typing insualts back and forth on other maps.
  2. I don't think I'll be around much longer. School ends in 2 weeks and when I go home (I'm at college) I lose my nice university connection and get a limited free dial-up connection instead
  3. Nope, I've never seen a favorite map poll, a worst map poll, but not a favorite.
  4. What, I don't have E@W. A lot of the mod are 'in development'
  5. I like the idea too, but you couldn't do this with SWBF. The objects just aren't made well. As soon as you destroy a wall, you'll be able to walk into the wall next to it.
  6. What are your system specs? (processor, graphics card, sound card, Windows version, DVD or CD version of the game). You've patched the game right?
  7. Yes, its for Capture the Flag only. Go play some CTF and you'll see.
  8. How long have you waited for it to move on. Give it a good 30min at least once to see if the game recovers itself.
  9. An admin can just move it to the correct thread. DId you add any objects? Did you do anything to the CPs?
  10. THe game's manual should have the shortkeys.
  11. There aren't any level codes that I know of. At least not for the PC version.
  12. I don't remember if they randomly explode in SWBF1, but they do in SWBF2 and I also would like to know too.
  13. The only way to turn them off is by setting the AI bots to 0 per team.
  14. zerted

    Recon droids

    I do this on Jabba's Palace. People really get mad when I'm able to trigger the buch of mines sitting around an enemy CP and some poor guy gets blamed for TKing half his team.
  15. To fix that sound bug, you need to mess with the audio buffer command. Search around for in on the offical tech support. If will tell you how to use it. That area on the scoreboard is for flags. It should how many flags you've captured. You get 5 points for capturing a CP.
  16. Guided Missiles are the missiles you can drive. Some of the vehicles have them and they are also the award rockets.
  17. Disable sound and see if that works.
  18. Nice guide, though Rocket Troopers have high hitpoint, not low hitpoints.
  19. During the invasion, people where having way more than 6 posts a day. One person would complain 6 times within 2 hours about how no one answers his post... I think this is the easest forum to read out of all the SWBF2 forums.
  20. I'm only playing in clan practices and BFG tournment practices. The rest of the time I would have spent playing in public servers, I'm spending modding the game.
  21. Which is why its fun to win as them online.
  22. Rebels for me. I like the Bothan.
  23. It has died down. All the tech support questions have been asked at least once. The same arguments come up if talking about any part of the game. There isn't anything new except for custom maps, which are mostly on GameToast.
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